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Top 8 Fan Tan Tips & Tricks


Experiencing the entertainment of online gambling has become easier than ever, as numerous betting establishments are supported within the iGaming marketplace. However, W88 Casino has dominated the landscape within Malaysia. Their reputation has continually grown as 1000+ Titles have become available within their gaming catalogue. Included in this catalogue is Live Fan Tan, an infamous game throughout Malaysia that first became popular during the Qing Dynasty in China.

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Despite its undisputed popularity, some players aren’t familiar with the gameplay & betting requirements. Fortunately, explanations have been provided for novice punters needing some assistance. Below, you’ll locate eight tips & tricks that will help kick-start your journey into Live Fan Tan. For more information, continue reading.

1. Live Fan Tan

W88 Casino and Evolution Gaming have partnered together to bring Live Fan Tan to thousands of registered members. Players that participate will notice dealers distributing 50-70 Beads into numerous groups. Within these groups players will locate 1 to 4 Beads, and this is where the betting requirements come into effect. Punters must determine how many beads are located within one grouping. If the estimate is guessed correctly, payouts are rewarded.

2. Watch Other Players

It’s recommended that novice players enter spectator mode when experiencing Live Fan Tan for the first time. By entering spectator mode, you’re able to watch other players compete from the first-person perspective. This allows spectating participants to learn updated methods of betting. Moreover, players will learn hidden secrets to identifying winning patterns within Live Fan Tan. This can become severely beneficial for novice players that require additional education for betting purposes.

3. Tracking the Results of Previous Betting Rounds

As previously mentioned, the spectator mode allows players to review various methods of identifying winning patterns. But there’ll come a time when these methods must be implemented in real-world scenarios. Fortunately, locating winning patterns isn’t difficult. All that’s required in most circumstances is for players to review the previous betting rounds. This will showcase an assortment of patterns that prompted payouts within the grouped beads. Therefore, counting the remaining beads & recording the payouts is encourages onto players. It can make a significant difference towards the profit margins.

4. Reviewing the Statistics

An extension of reviewing the betting rounds is identifying the statistics of the last match. At first, this appears like the same thing. It isn’t, as the statistics identify the winning patterns of everyone that was competing. Therefore, participants that suffered unexpected losses in their last match can still locate winning patterns for their upcoming game of Live Fan Tan. We recommend that novice punters master statistics to maximize their opportunity at triggering payouts.

5. Locating a Winning Betting Pattern

Implementing the betting patterns you have found is challenging, as players are looking to replicate previous gameplay rounds. Considering that Live Fan Tan is a game of chance, replicating prior payouts isn’t easy. Fortunately, watching the dealer distribute 50-70 Beads can assist in the replication of prizes. You want to identify where these beads have gone, and roughly determine if the same number of beads have appeared within a series of groups. If that has happened, replicating the previous betting round could be possible. However, it’s emphasized this is rare.

6. Introduction to Side Bets

In most circumstances, side wagers aren’t required to compete within Live Fan Tan. Players should focus on the primary wagering opportunities of Fan and Kwok. These wagers are considered the most important, as the payouts maintain higher margins & the likelihood of triggering those payouts is greater. Despite that, side wagers can have their benefits as seen within the next suggestion. Before that, we want novice players to review the primary wagers within Live Fan Tan.

• Fan: Estimate which grouping has a single-numbered bead. Correctly guessing the single-numbered bead inside that group will prompt a payout at 3:1 Odds. However, there’s a 3.75% House Edge to consider.

• Kwok: Players wager on two numbers within a grouping. Correctly guessing those numbers will prompt payouts listed at 2:1 Odds. However, there’s a 1.25% House Edge to consider with the Kwok bet.

We recommend that novice players become familiar with these wagers before they interact with the side wagers. Once the Fan and Kwok bets have been mastered, punters can begin to implement additional wagers like the Nga Tan or Sheh-Sam-Hong.

7. The Three Best Side Bets

W88’s Live Fan Tan supports three side wagers, including the Nim and Nga Tan. These wagers can reward significant payouts, but the likelihood of triggering these winning combinations is more challenging than the Fan or Kwok. Therefore, punters must maintain confidence that their winning pattern will extend towards these side wagers. If that confidence isn’t there, we recommend novice punters don’t implement these secondary bets.

• Sheh-Sam-Hong: Wager that there’ll be three numbers within a certain grouping. If those numbers are correctly guessed, payouts at 1:3 Odds will be awarded.
• Nga Tan: Wager on three numbers within a certain grouping, including one push number. If these numbers are correctly estimated, payouts at 2:1 Odds are earned.
• Nim: Bet that there’ll be two numbers within a certain grouping, with one of those numbers being a push. If players correctly guess these numbers, payouts at 2:1 Odds are triggered.

Regardless of which wager is selected, players will be competing against a 1.25% House Edge when interacting with the side bets. Fortunately, this isn’t a challenging House Edge to overcome when playing Live Fan Tan at W88 Malaysia.

8. Budgeting to Play

Finally, we suggest that novice players create a budget when playing Live Fan Tan. This game is ranked amongst the games of chance, meaning that luck is involved to trigger payouts. As such, losses are inevitable when participating in Live Fan Tan. We recommend that readers create themselves a budget that accounts for these potential losses. However, that budget must also account for daily costs of living. You don’t want the entertainment of Live Fan Tan to overwhelm the cost of living. Therefore, creating an online budget for gambling is essential to playing without stress.


Exciting gameplay & riveting payouts await players that participate in Live Fan Tan. We recommend that readers create an account with W88 Casino today to experience Evolution Gaming’s rendition of Live Fan Tan. The gameplay is realistic, meaning the betting environment is immersive. Moreso, dealers are typically attractive dealers from Asian countries like Indonesia or Malaysia.

Each dealer is trained extensively to host Live Fan Tan Events, and they’ll always have an aura to them that is entertaining. As such, everything about this game’s experience is addictive in the best ways possible. We couldn’t recommend Live Fan Tan anymore, so register an account today and receive a 20%  up to RM600 Live Casino Welcome Bonus at W88.

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