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How to Play Xoc Dia at W88


The Malaysian iGaming Marketplace has grown exponentially throughout the last decade, with various online establishments gaining a significant share over that market. Despite the competition in Malaysia, nobody has dominated the market like W88 Casino, as this brand has gained itself an incredible reputation. This isn’t surprising when considering the games & promotions that are available with W88 Casino.

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While most of the games at W88 are video slots from well-known developers like Playtech, Play’n Go, and Microgaming, the casino also provides a generous number of gambling products, especially for the Malaysian region, and that includes Xoc Dia, an infamous game that was invented in Vietnam in 1909.

Registered members at W88 can play Live Xoc Dia by visiting the Club-W Live Casino. Considered an easy & straightforward game, players unfamiliar with Xoc Dia shouldn’t concern themselves as we have provided an explanation of how to play the game so that learning how to play Xoc Dia is not difficult.

For instance, Xoc Dia features six betting options, where the objective is to determine which of these six betting options is correct within each round of play. This is accomplished by predicting the number & colour of the Xoc Dia Chips within the allotted time allowance. Failure to make your prediction within the allotted time will result in your forfeiting your position within the betting round.

As such, understanding the betting options for Xoc Dia is essential for novice players, and the goal of this Xoc Dia guide is to educate players about avoiding those indecisive wagers. As such, read onward to learn about the Xoc Dia Bet Types.

Xoc Dia Bet Types

As previously mentioned, six betting options are supported with Live Xoc Dia. Fortunately, these betting options aren’t hard to understand. For instance, small wagers are available by selecting three of four white chips. If those chips appear after Xoc Dia dealers have placed the coins in the betting dish. For more information on the betting options within Live Xoc Dia, read below.

• Same Color: Players predict that four chips will maintain the same colour. Payouts are x15 the wagered bet.

• 3+1 Color: Punters estimate that four chops will appear, three chips will be red, and one chip will be white. Payouts are x3.8 the wagered bet.

• Small Bets: Players wager that three chips will be white in colour. Payouts are x1.98 the wagered bet.

• Big Bets: Punters bet that three chips will be red in colour. Payouts are x1.98 the wagered bet.

• Odds: Predictions are made that four coins will appear, with three coins being an identical colour & the additional coin being an opposite colour. Payouts are x1.95 the wagered bet.

• Evens: Players estimate that four coins will appear, two being red & two being white. Payouts are x1.95, the wagered bet.

How to Play Xoc Dia at W88

Navigating the available games within W88 Live Casino isn’t challenging as there are only three steps players must follow to play Live Xoc Dia. Those steps include the following:

• Step One: Create an Account and Login

Register an account with W88 Live Casino by providing basic information like your name and address. Afterwards, fund your account by depositing a minimum of RM30. This will allow players to login & look for Live Xoc Dia at W88 Casino.

• Step Two: Locate Live Xoc Dia & Set a Betting Limit

Select Club-W within W88 Live Casino to access Xoc Dia. Afterwards, create a betting limit within the game. We recommend wagering more then the minimum amount, meaning bets should be higher than RM10. These increased wagers should prioritize the value of payouts when earned.

• Step Three: Create a Budget

Once players have started wagering with Live Xoc Dia, it’s recommended that participants create a budget. This is secondary to creating a betting limit, as these budgets can enable punters to lengthen their playthrough while not overspending. It’s suggested that novice punters don’t exceed their budget once they’ve begun to wager. Otherwise, financial liberties outside of gambling could be negated.

Three Tips to Increase Payouts with Live Xoc Dia

Congratulations, you’ve learned about the betting options & budgeting requirements to Live Xoc Dia at W88 Casino. However, we have provided three additional suggestions that could make a difference towards earning payouts. For instance, W88 Casino features numerous promotions that can accelerate a player from Malaysia’s bankroll and enable them to earn additional payouts without having to deposit large figures of MYR. Therefore, these suggestions can be pivotal towards your upcoming experience.

• Deposit Promotions: Players that register an account with W88 Live Casino can receive an RM600 Welcome Bonus. However, it’s required that participants deposit the minimum of RM30 to qualify for this promotion. We recommend readers acquire this bonus & deposit the minimum to experience an accelerated version of Live Xoc Dia.

• Betting Patterns: Unfortunately, betting strategies are irrelevant when participating in Live Xoc Dia. But that doesn’t mean players can’t increase their opportunity of winning, as previous betting rounds can be tracked to locate winning patterns. By locating these winning patterns, punters can implement wagers that maintain a higher outcome of triggering payouts. However, prizes are never guaranteed.

• Free Bets: W88 Casino doesn’t limit players to deposit-based promotions, as free bets are offered to registered punters. These free bets aren’t worth more than RM100 to RM250.


As previously mentioned, W88 Live Casino has dominated the Malaysia iGaming Marketplace. They have surpassed expectations by creating an unbeatable experience with 1000+ Games. All readers focusing on Live Xoc Dia will become compelled to participate in additional games, like Live Blackjack or Live Roulette. Moreover, hundreds of video slots are supported to create an exponential level of entertainment. You won’t be disappointed when registering an account with W88 Casino. So, why wouldn’t you sign-up today and receive the RM600 Welcome Bonus? Use those funds today towards your first experience with Live Xoc Dia.

W88 Malaysia
20% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600