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QuickPay is an online payment solutions provider that allows for depositing and withdrawing at casinos such as W88. As a payment solution, it offers the ability to deposit and carry out transactions in a secure and safe environment. Similar to a bank transfer, QuickPay works in conjunction you’re your bank account to allow you to deposit into your casino account without having to wait days for the payment to be received by W88.

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How to Register a QuickPay Account

Unlike payment solutions such as Neteller or Skrill, registering an account with QuickPay is not required. This is due to it working in the same manner as a bank transfer with the main difference being payment are processed immediately, and therefore reflect in your casino account in less than 60 seconds.


Depositing to W88 via QuickPay

The process for depositing using QuickPay is identical to using Bank Transfer as a deposit method. If choosing to use QuickPay, there are several easy to follow steps that are required in order to successful deposit into your W88 Casino account. To assist you with this, we have outlined those steps below.

Step 1: Log into your account at W88 and select “Deposit.”

Step 2: From the list of available deposit options, click on “QuickPay”.

Step 3: Using the drop-down menu, select from the list of available banks for QuickPay deposits. Currently, this includes:

Alliance Bank
Hong Kong
Public Bank
RHB Bank

Step 4: Select which W88 wallet you wish to deposit into (Live casino “Club W”, Slots, e-Sports, etc.)

Step 5: If you have a bonus code, enter it in the bonus code field.

Step 6: Click on “Deposit” to proceed with your deposit.

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Step 7: Log into your online bank account to confirm and approve your QuickPay transaction.

Withdrawing from W88 via QuickPay

Unfortunately, QuickPay is not offered as a withdrawal option at W88 as it is a deposit option only.
However, as QuickPay operates in the same manner as a bank transfer, withdrawals are therefore processed in the same manner. As such, if you wish to withdrawal to your bank, you will have to use the bank transfer option in order to process with withdrawal. It allows you to withdrawal up to MYR 25,000 per transaction, and a daily maximum of MYR 300,000. On this guide, you will learn more about Bank Transfer for W88 players.


QuickPay Support Services

QuickPay support services are currently being offered for merchants only, and therefore direct support for QuickPay transactions will need to be addressed by the support team at W88 Casino.

However, should you have an inquiry relating to a QuickPay deposit, you can email support@quickpay.net to request assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions about QuickPay

Do I need to use two-step authentication when depositing via QuickPay?

No, you simply need to enter your banking information and log in as you normally would. However, your bank may offer two-step authentication as an added layer of security.


Are there any fees when using QuickPay to make a deposit?

No, W88 does not charge any fees when processing transactions using QuickPay.


How long does it take for QuickPay deposits to be processed?

QuickPay deposits are processed in under one minute and will reflect in your casino balance within seconds after confirmation of a successful deposit.


Is there a limit on how many QuickPay deposits I can make to my W88 account?

The maximum daily allowable deposits cannot exceed MYR 300,000.


Can I make deposits using QuickPay via my mobile smartphone?

Yes, QuickPay can be chosen as a deposit method when funding your account via W88 mobile site.