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Playing P2P Games at W88

Anyone who is avid online casino enthusiasts will appreciate the uniqueness that W88 Malaysia has into its collection of P2P games. This is a segment of online gambling that is rarely found, and therefore a unique category to the W88 brand.

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With nine person-to-person (P2P) games at the ready, the P2P games at W88 are the perfect fit for anyone who loves playing heads up. The range of games includes traditional offerings such as Texas Hold’em and Indian Rummy, while at the same time featuring Asian themed games such as PokDeng, Gao Gae, Domino QQ and Super Bull.

Of course, several of the available P2P games stand out above the others. Known for their popularity, this includes Poker, Bai Cao and Tienlen. To give you a better understanding about these games, we have provided brief descriptions about each and included some basic rules to help you get started.


Poker has been and continues to be one of the worlds most popular card games. This is a game that is loved by millions for the excitement it delivers, and the skill involved to master the game. When it comes to person to person poker at W88, they put their own swing to the game by offering an All in or Fold style of the game.

Each session consists of eight hands, all being big blinds, where you either go all in or fold. This is exclusive to W88 and is available or both Omaha and Hold’em Poker. To increase the excitement of this unique variant of poker, when you go all in, there is the chance you could win a cash prize.

The cash prize is awarded as part of the All-in Jackpot. To the jackpot when playing Hold’em, a straight flush is needed using both hole cards, and to win the jackpot when playing Omaha, you need to hit a royal flush using your four hold cards.

Bai Cao

W88 p2p game

When it comes to card games, Bai Cao is one of the easiest as it only involves the dealing of three cards to each player. After the dealing of three cards to each player, the cards will be evaluated, and the winner will be determined.

To win at Bai Cao, the three cards are added together, and the highest sum total of the three cards is the winner. The process of counting the cards will see an ace counting as a one, all face cards as ten and the other cards by the number on the card. After all cards have been added together, the last number will determine the value of the hand. An example of this is being dealt a 10 of hearts, a 9 of spades and an 8 of clubs. The total would be 27 – therefore, the value of the hand would be 7.

In addition, there are three hands in the game of Bai Cao that have special consideration. This includes a hand with three of the same cards (3, 3, 3), a hand with three-figure cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks) and a hand that has three of the same card with all cards being figure cards ( King of spades, King of Hearts and King of Clubs). Getting either of these will secure a win and pay accordingly.

To get started, set your profile, then if new to playing Bai Cao, select the free table, and if experienced, jump right into the action by selecting the cash table.


Another of the popular person to person games offered at W88, Tienlen is an entertaining card game whereby the goal is to defeat your opponents by defeating the combination of cards that have been played by your opponents.

At the beginning of the game, the player with the lowest card, or the three of spades will start the game. As cards are dealt, the goal is to be dealt a card that is higher than your opponents. To win at Tienlen, you must be dealt a card or combination of cards that no other player has been dealt.