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Non-Agent W88 VS Agents

Like in many Asian countries, Malaysian bettors have gotten used to bet with agents long before more online casino sites came about. The rise of betting agents was due to various reasons:
faster deposits, big credits, lacking localized online casinos, insufficient information of the betting companies, and such.
However, it is not the case anymore.

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Nowadays in the year 2020, online betting is much more common in Malaysia. The legitimate online casino like W88 is fully catered to Malaysian bettors and being extremely transparent and flexible with their operations. Bettors no longer have to take the risk and

We are going to take a closer look at the agents, and explain why betting with W88 is a better choice.

Who are the betting agents?

The agents are the ones who find and manage sports bettors for the bookmakers. They are paid commissions based on headcount or players’ losses.
Agents manage players on a middle platform where they can create new members, configure their credit limits, max parlay ticket, and many other betting and payout options.
In Asia, most of the agents adopt the credit system – a larger credit line being offered to players to significantly leverage their bets.

Why you should bet at W88 instead of betting agents?

Over the years, there are countless complaints filed by agents’ players.
In contrast to the rising number of agents, the average quality of agents has deteriorated remarkably. More players claimed that they are being scammed by agents – by closing accounts, or refusing to pay.
There are sound reasons that we should always go for legitimate betting sites, like W88, rather than the agents. Let’s go through them one by one :


1. Lower Betting Cost

If you bet with an agent, a portion of the deposit or withdrawal will be deducted as a service charge. The deducted amount might not always be clear to you as no official record or statement will be shown.

With W88, you are able to directly register for an account, deposit to the online casino, and start betting. There are no middleman charges being taken from your deposit. In other words, you will enjoy a lower cost of betting.


2. A Higher Degree of Fund and Information Security

One of the main reasons for people bet with an agent is that agent promises faster and easier deposits. Most of the time the money will be transferred directly to the agent by ATM or in cash. However, this kind of transaction is based solely on mutual trust. There might be no payment proof with sufficient information to follow up.
In an unfortunate circumstance that the agent runs off with your money, the bookie company will not bear responsibility but see it as a private transaction between you and the agent. Or, when an illegal betting agent gets busted, all their assets get confiscated, meaning you will lose all deposits and winnings that you let the agent handled.
On top of all, the information you provided to the agent for account opening or fund management is prone to unauthorized disclosure.

On the other hand, W88, as a brand that is dedicated to Malaysians, provides a variety of highly secured deposit and withdrawal methods, including bank transfer and international payment gateways. These methods are efficient, safe, and accurate. Any personal information provided during the process is encrypted and secured by high-tech operational and payment systems.
More importantly, W88 is regulated and licensed by an offshore recognized authority, according to present Gambling Law in Malaysia, it is technically legal to bet with. As a player, you do not have to watch over your back for cops or dishonest agents.
W88 has been regarded as one of the most trusted online betting partners in Asian also due to its business partnerships and sponsorships built with world-class football clubs over the years. There is no need to worry about their credibility as you do with betting agents.


3. Fair Betting Environment

The agents are not operated under or licensed by any authority. They operate independently outside the betting sites and usually run in multi-tiers.
Furthermore, the odds and promotions provided by the agents are not publicized. As some agents share the responsibility with the book when it comes to handling the winning players, the bet accepted by these agents is often well calculated, meaning you might receive unfavorable odds or less attractive offers in order to secure the profit of the agent.

W88 has terms and conditions and rules in black-and-white, and odds displayed on their website with public access, meeting international industry standards.
Powered by well established third-party service providers, the operating environment promises fairness to all fellow players.
You can enjoy the same set of welcome bonuses, promotion offers, odds, and services just like other W88 players in the world.


4. Higher Autonomy on Betting

The agent will be the one in charge of the process of deposit, wager, and payout. They also have full control over the players’ credit limits, wager restrictions, max parlay payout, max teams allowed, juice, etc.
You can’t guarantee the agent you partnered with is an experienced or a better player than yourself. You might risk losing a lot of control over the bets and money if you have an incapable agent.

Playing on W88 provides you 100% autonomy of your every betting decision. You will be in control of how much or how little to deposit (Their minimum deposit amount is as low as RM 30), which betting bonus to claim, which platforms or which matches to bet on, and which betting option works the best for you. All winnings are tied with your own skills, experiences, and luck.


5. Ethical and Responsible Marketing

Another factor that separates bookie agents from a legitimate betting site like W88 is that agents encourage you to bet on credit. They offer to extend bettors’ credit to double up the wager amounts (after calculations), making sure the company’s winning ends up positive before the payment due date.
As bettors bet with money that they don’t have, under most circumstances they cannot afford to lose either. Eventually, it will lead to a massive gambling debt.

W88 commits to safe and responsible gaming terms. They follow the strict guidelines of the regulatory advertising codes of practice, provide a self-exclusion facility to protect vulnerable customers, and enforce ID verification protocol as well as parental filters to exclude the underage bettors.

betting agent

Conclusion: Betting with agents is another gambling

Online gambling should be fun and rewarding.
To ensure the balance between entertainment and risk, choosing a trustworthy betting partner like W88 is critical. You should always keep check of the points mentioned above to ensure you are playing in a fair and secure online betting site.
Pick the right game to bet on.

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