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How to Play Fan Tan Online at W88


Since 2013, W88 Casino has cultivated an incredible experience based around popular games in the Malaysian Region. As such, players can experience an immersive and thrilling version of Live Fan Tan at W88. This isn’t surprising considering that Fan Tan has been an iconic game throughout Asia since the Qing Dynasty in China.

However, advancements in technology have allowed this gambling product to reach new heights. That’s evident by the experience generated by Live Fan Tan at W88. For anyone unfamiliar with Fan Tan, we have provided an introductory guide into the game. You can find out everything you need to know about W88 Live Fan Tan down below.

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Introduction to Fan Tan

Understanding the gameplay & betting requirements to Live Fan Tan can require patience from novice punters. It’s a complex system that requires time to understand. However, after learning how Fan Tan is played, you’ll quickly master the wagering options. Initially the game starts with the dealer lifting a plastic dome that reveals anywhere from 50 to 70 Beads. These beads are dispersed into groups of one to four. Afterwards, there’s a process of elimination by players wagering on the various groupings and how many beads will be located in one of those groupings.

Depending on the wager made, players can trigger payouts at 3:1 Odds. However, punters must payout a 5% Commission towards the casino. This allows W88 Malaysia to retain a minor margin of their losses. Otherwise, the additional payout odds are listed as follows:

• Fan: Players bet on a single number. Estimating the correct number within that grouping will result in payouts listed at 3:1 Odds. Fans have a 3.75% House Edge.

• Kwok: Wager on two numbers. Correct estimates payout 1:1 Odds. Kwok has a 2.50% House Edge.

• Nga Tan: Punters wager on three numbers, with one being a push number. Payouts are listed at 2:1 Odds, with Nga Tan’s having a 1.25% House Edge.

• Nim: Bet on two numbers, with one being a push number. Payouts are listed at 2:1 Odds, and the House Edge is 1.25%.

• Sheh-Sam-Hong: Wager on three numbers. Winning numbers will payout 1:3 Odds, with the Sheh-Sam-Hong having a 1.25% House Edge.

Live Fan Tan is considered a game of chance. Therefore, everything is based on estimates and luck. There isn’t any guarantee that punters will correctly identify the right numbers. As such, punters should prepare their bankrolls for potential losses. This means that Live Fan Tan can require greater funds that Live Roulette or Live Blackjack. But the earnings gained in return are incredible. It’s this offset that makes Fan Tan such an enticing & exciting game.

How to Access Live Fan Tan at W88

Players interested in experiencing Fan Tan at the W88 Live Casino will need to follow a three-step process, as seen below. This tutorial isn’t difficult to understand. Moreover, it’ll lead you towards the 20% RM600 Welcome Bonus that’s available for W88 Live Casino. Continue reading to find out more.

• Step 1: Create an Account at W88 Casino

Visit W88 Casino to prompt the registration form. Filling out the required information won’t take longer than five minutes. You’ll be required to provide your Name, Age, Address, Email, Number, and Banking Provider to ensure that the account verification process is completed without fail.

• Step 2: Login to Visit W88 Live Casino

After completing the registration form, players can login to their accounts. From there, visit an assortment of “Clubs” within the W88 Live Casino. You’ll need to locate Club Evolution to participate in Live Fan Tan. Unfortunately, there is only one variation of this game available with W88 Malaysia.

• Step 3: Start Betting on Fan Tan

After you have located Live Fan Tan at Club Evolution, players are primed to begin wagering. Follow the wagering options mentioned above & start your journey towards triggering payouts. As previously mentioned, you’ll need to guess the number of beads located within any grouping. There could be anywhere from one to four beads. As such, players need to be confident in their wagering capabilities, as this is a game of chance after all.

How to Place Bet on Fan Tan

Understanding the wagering options available to you starts the betting procedures within Live Fan Tan. However, it doesn’t complete them. You’ll still need to know when the wagers are allowed, as certain moments within the betting rounds don’t allow for immediate wagers. Patience is needed to participate in Live Fan Tan. However, for those remaining resilient, payouts can be significant.


• Round One: Place Bets on the Groupings

As previously mentioned, 50 to 70 Beads are dispersed into groupings. The dealer/croupier will allow players 15 seconds to determine which grouping is best for their estimate. After you have decided which grouping you would like to select, drag your chips towards that grouping. This will finalize the bet while the croupier/dealer continues to manage the remaining beads.

• Round Two: Anticipate the Remaining Beans in the Final Batch

After the croupier/dealer has separated the 50-70 Beads, there will remain a final grouping. This is considered the tensest moment within Live Fan Tan. All the remaining players will guess how many beads are located within this final grouping. For those who guess correctly, payouts will be awarded from the table jackpot. If one individual guesses correctly, significant prizes can be won, as the table jackpot isn’t dispersed amongst multiple players.


W88 Live Casino has revolutionized how players can experience Fan Tan from their households & mobile devices with the assistance of Evolution Gaming. Anyone that registers an account with W88 Malaysia to experience Live Fan Tan won’t be disappointed. Moreover, an incredible RM600 Welcome Bonus awaits anyone that creates an account for the W88 Live Casino. These additional funds should propel players towards unexpected payouts, as anything is possible when playing Live Fan Tan at W88-My.

W88 Malaysia
20% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600