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7 Roulette Tips and Tricks for 2022 at W88 – Increase your RTP


In the 18th Century, France invented the game of Roulette. Since then, the game has become an international success with millions of people playing per year. This has caused for numerous betting establishments to offer different variations of Online and Live Roulette, including W88 Malaysia. But what makes the experience at W88 better than anywhere else in Malaysia? The monthly promotions & game availability.

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W88 Casino has introduced fifteen variations of Live Roulette to registered players in Malaysia. The most notable of which include:

• OTT Roulette
• Super Roulette
• Roulette Quantum
• Automatic Roulette
• Roulette Spread Bet

Experiencing these variants of Live Roulette could be challenging for the untrained player. Inexperienced bettors without prior training could make incorrect wagers when betting against other players. As such, several suggestions have been provided below to advance these novice punters. By reading the tips & tricks we have prepared, punters should maintain the skillsets needed to compete at the highest level.

Punters that register an account at W88 Malaysia can receive the 20% RM600 Live Casino Welcome Bonus. It’s stipulated that punters must deposit a minimum of RM30 to qualify for this promotion. Moreover, the terms & conditions state that this promotion has a 15x rollover, but before moving forward with your registration at W88NCP, we recommend you review the tips & tricks we have provided below. These suggestions should make a significant impact on your payout probabilities.

1. Know the Different Types of Roulette

The first trick to playing Roulette at W88 is knowing about the different variants of roulette that W88 offers. W88 has wisely opted to offer the most common variants, European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette. While most bettors have heard of these variants, each is slightly different from the other, so knowing the subtle differences is crucial when betting. The main difference is that European and French Roulette feature single zeros, while American Roulette has a single and double zero.

2. Know the Basics

Understanding the gameplay fundamentals to Live Roulette is essential towards the acquisition of payouts. For instance, punters should understand that Roulette Wheels have thirty-seven numbered positions. These positions correlate to the game board, or “Inside Section”. If the numbered position you have selected matches with the Roulette Wheel, you win. Initially, this seems straightforward, but with alternate betting options, such as Red/Black, High/Low, or Odd/Even numbers, there is a greater depth of betting to Live Roulette than most punters realize.

3. Consider Outside Bets vs Inside bets

Superior payouts can be awarded when selecting outside bets, as this allows punters to group their wagers on numerous numbers ranging from 1-18 to 19-46. We recommend selecting grouped wagers with Odd/Evens, Columns, or Red/Blacks. This will increase the likelihood of punters earning payouts. However, rewards earned from these grouped wagers are less than what’s seen with single bets.

4. Try Your Luck at Multiplayer Roulette

After punters have mastered the fundamentals of Live Roulette, it’s recommended they participate in Multiplayer Roulette. This variant allows participants to maximize their payout opportunities while also constructing a reliable strategy for betting. But superior skill sets are required to compete in Multiplayer Roulette. As such, confidence is needed when approaching the gameplay. This should be remembered when playing for the first time.

5. Practice Your Technique

As previously mentioned, punters need to improve their betting strategy & gameplay techniques when participating in Live Roulette at W88NCP. However, depositing to improve your skillsets isn’t recommended. Instead, participants should interact with demo-based versions of Roulette at W88 Casino. It’s suggested that readers interact with Gameplay Interactive’s Virtual Roulette, as demos are supported for novice punters. You will maximize your strategy by practising betting techniques on this game. It’s emphasized that whatever payouts are won cannot be withdrawn in a demo-based version of Roulette.

6. Analyze Previous Results

When participating in Live Roulette at W88 Malaysia, players should analyze the results of previous betting rounds. This will educate punters on any winning patterns occurring within this game. For instance, the roulette ball landing on red positions more than black.  However, players cannot know about this winning pattern without reviewing the results from previous betting rounds. Therefore, punters want to ensure that this feature is supported when selecting their preferred version of Live Roulette at W88NCP. It’s emphasized that before reviewing these results, players educate themselves on the sub-type numbers in Live Roulette. You could become confused otherwise.

7. Stick to a Budget

Our final suggestion focuses on responsible betting & financial safety. It’s recommended that novice players don’t exceed their monthly budget for online gambling, as complications could occur with their finances. Therefore, participants should create a monthly budget for betting that enables them to pay for essential items like groceries & rent. It’s drastically important that registered members stick with this budget, with W88 Malaysia creating a program that enables punters to create a monthly budget that’s locked to their account. As such, punters couldn’t deposit beyond the amount they have enlisted to W88.


We hope these suggestions have helped in your journey towards payouts. W88 Malaysia is an incredible betting establishment that won’t disappoint, as monthly promotions are offered to registered members. For instance, interested players can register an account to receive the 20% RM600 Live Casino Welcome Bonus at W88 Casino. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have an extra RM600 in playable funds when experiencing Live Roulette for the first time at W88.

W88 Malaysia
100% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600