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Eight Tips for Baccarat at W88


Launching in 2013, W88 Casino has become an iconic betting establishment in Malaysia. They have developed an impressive catalogue of games, which consist of hundreds of slots and numerous table games. Moreover, W88 Malaysia maintains a Live Casino that registered members can enjoy.

With games like Baccarat and Blackjack available for play at W88 Live Casino, this article is going to focus on Live Baccarat. Along with learning how to play Baccarat, you’ll learn about the odds, how to budget a bankroll, and how to wager against the dealer.

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1. Learning the Rules

Knowing how the cards are dealt is essential to playing Live Baccarat. Dealers will utilize a “Shoe” to distribute cards. Within this shoe, there are eight decks of cards that become intermixed with each other. This creates an unexpected level of randomness that nobody can predict. As such, each bettor will choose the “Dealers Hand” or “Players Hand” when making a wager. Whichever hand lands closest to nine will stand victorious.

Once the game begins, all cards are dealt clockwise & each player will become the dealer when it is their turn. After each hand, the shoe is given to another player, meaning that eventually, you will act as the dealer, and the remaining players will place their bets accordingly.

2. Learn How the Cards are Scored

Typically, this isn’t challenging for players to understand, as card values are added together to create a total, meaning that cards ranging from 2-9 are face valued cards, while face cards are worth ten & aces are worth one. Resultantly, it is essential that players also learn when its best to wager & when it best to hit for a third card.

Due to how cards are scored, it is recommended that punters select a third card when their hand is worth less than five. Failure to do so could result in a point value that is higher than ten. This could create challenges when opposing other punters, who might stand closer to the total of nine. In most circumstances, it’s favourable for players to stand & hold firm whenever they have a hand totalling in 7 to 9.

3. The Third Card

Bankers will request that extra cards be dealt when certain conditions have unfolded within the betting round. This is similar to Roulette, as the exclusive decision players must make it to wager again or stand firm in their selection. We recommend that participants interact with demo-based versions of Baccarat to understand how dealers & table bankers control the hands.

It’s not essential that players know these hand movements, but understanding these rules will improve the gameplay associated to Live Baccarat. In most circumstances, we recommend that players avoid selecting the third card and that they remain firm with their selection. Increasing the total is typically unfavourable in Live Baccarat.

4. Understand the Odds

Live Baccarat isn’t complicated to understand when reviewing the odds. There are two hands available to players, as previously mentioned. Those hands include the Banker and Player, which both maintain different odds. The Banker’s Hand is listed at 1.06%, with the Player’s Hand jumping to 1.24%. However, punters could find themselves experiencing far greater odds when triggering a Tied Hand. The odds will then increase to 14.4%, meaning punters want to avoid Tied Hands at all costs.

5. Keep Track of Your Wins

Most punters want to maximize their payout potential by creating an immersive betting strategy. However, betting strategies aren’t needed to compete in Live Baccarat. Instead, punters are better purposed to keep track of their payouts. Why’s that? Because winning patterns can be located within these tracked payouts. You could notice that Banker Hands are performing better, meaning that increased wagers could be placed with confidence. However, losses are inevitable, and when that happens, switch over to betting on the Player’s Hand. This should jump-start another series of payouts for participants. But this is easier said than done.

6. When in Doubt, Bet on the Banker.

As previously mentioned, registered members at W88 Casino are better suited to wager on the Bankers’ Hand. This hand has a winning margin greater than 55%, meaning that compared to the Player’s Hand, it’s superior in payouts. However, strategies aren’t needed in your selection. Winning hands are randomly won without players ever being capable of predicting the outcome. Therefore, don’t go into a betting round with expectations. Anything can happen at any time.

7. Stick to Your Budget

Budgeting is essential to competing at Live Baccarat. There are players that create unrealistic budgets, resulting in them being unable to afford their financial obligations. This is a horrible feeling that can create lasting impacts on someone’s life. As such, implementing a reasonable budget that doesn’t affect the payment of your financial obligations is recommended. It’s our belief that online gambling is more fun when knowing there isn’t a personal cost to the entertainment. Therefore, our greatest suggestion to readers is to CREATE A BUDGET!!! Don’t gamble more than you can afford.

8. Go with Your Gut

There’s one final method to playing Live Baccarat, and some readers might not like it. But going with your gut is sometimes the best option. Superstition has always been associated to gambling & sometimes that superstition can prove correct. It’s not guaranteed to always happen. However, there are moments when the wager feels right. In those moments, we recommend you go with your gut. Permitting that it’s within the financial budget, you have created for yourself.


We hope this article has provided some semblance of understanding towards Live Baccarat. It’s an incredibly entertaining game that at first seems straightforward, but over-time can become rather complex. Despite that, we believe readers should give this game a chance. It offers an incredible experience & valuable opportunities to earn payouts. Moreover, there’s an RM600 Welcome Bonus available for Live Baccarat at W88 Malaysia. What else could you ask for? Nothing. So, create an account today!

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