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How to Play and Win at Baccarat at W88


For the last decade, W88 Malaysia has provided an intriguing & adventurous experience to registered members. They have thousands of gambling products intermixed together into one catalogue. For instance, Live Baccarat is one of the featured live casino games at W88 that you can experience from your smartphone or desktop, with dealers being streamed directly your personal device.

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Fortunately, playing Live Baccarat is easy and one that is not overly complicated to master. This is due to there only being three outcomes that can happen within a betting round (Player Win, Banker Win, and Tie”). Resultant from the limited betting options, understanding the gameplay & rules associated to Live Baccarat isn’t complicated.

Novice players will comprehend what’s required within a short period, as they only need to bet on the banker or the player. Whichever hand is closer to the value of nine will be the hand to win. However, each hand can end if a tie if both the player and bankers point totals are the same.

Considering the differences, it makes learning how to play Baccarat all the more important, especially if you are new to the game as you will face more experienced players. Therefore, anyone interested in playing live baccarat at W88 will be pleased to learn they qualify for a 20% RM600 Welcome Bonus at W88 when making their first deposit as a newly registered player.

How to Play Baccarat – Four Simple Steps

Below you’ll locate several steps associated to playing Live Baccarat. By mastering these several steps, players should maintain the knowledge needed to approach their wagers with confidence. Additional information is provided below regarding the best outcomes when betting in Live Baccarat. Continue reading to find out more.

• Bankers & Players Hand: Understand that two hands can be played within Live Baccarat. As previously mentioned, those include the Banker’s Hand and Player’s Hand. Wagers must be made on one of these two options. Whoever stands closer to the total of nine will stand victorious.

• Card Dealing: Dealers will utilize shoe slides to distribute one card to players. This card is placed face-up in the Player’s Box for everyone to season. Afterwards, another card is dealt in the same manner. This card is placed within the Banker’s Box. These cards will act as the first round of betting. Additional cards can be released with secondary rounds of betting.

• Points Total: Understanding how points are accumulated in Live Baccarat is essential to competing. Players should know that 10’s and Face-Cards are worth zero points. Moreover, Aces are worth one point. As such, punters betting on a hand showing 8’s or 9’s could be at jeopardy of losing. You want to select hands with 5’s or 6’s to maximize the potential of landing on the total of nine.

• Winning Hand: Natural wins are defined as players that have reached an 8 or 9 within the Bankers or Players hand. It’s recommended that players educate themselves on the rules & regulations associated to Live Baccarat. This will enable them to better understand which hands good & which hands are bad.

5 Tips for Playing Baccarat at W88

When comparing the available games at W88 Live Casino, Baccarat maintains one of the lowest house edges. It’s estimated that the house edge when betting on the banker is 1.06%. However, that percentage increases when betting on the player’s hand. This wager will maintain a house edge of 1.24%. It should be mentioned that whenever a tied hand is triggered, the house edge jumps to 14.4%. This is considerably high when compared to other Live Casino games at W88. Therefore, tied hands are to be avoided. Otherwise, five additional suggestions have been provided below to maximize your opportunity at winning with Live Baccarat.

• The Banker is Your Best Bet

When selecting Live Baccarat for the first time, players are recommended to wager on the banker. It’s estimated that payouts are earned 50% of the time or higher when selecting the banker. Moreover, there isn’t a 5% Commission when selecting the banker. There will be a 5% Commission when triggering a payout with the player’s hand. Therefore, punters increase their profit margins when betting on the banker.

• Stick with the Banker Till it Loses

Focus on acquiring a winning streak when playing Live Baccarat. The best method of earning a winning streak is by selecting the banker. It’s recommended that punters continue to wager on the banker until a loss is sustained. Afterwards, start selecting the player’s hand over the bankers. This should help maximize the availability of winning streaks. Unfortunately, winning streaks will inevitably end & minor losses will be sustained. Nobody can win forever.

• Avoid Mini-Baccarat

Mini-Baccarat is considerably different to Live Baccarat. The most notable difference for Mini-Baccarat is that the game is tenfold faster, as 150-200 Decisions can be made within minutes. This pace can be off-putting for certain players. Moreover, it can result in unnecessary losses for punters not professed in Mini-Baccarat. Therefore, we recommend that novice punters avoid Mini-Baccarat at all costs, as it’s estimated that initial losses for new players will be 50% higher than what’s sustained with Live Baccarat.

• Tie Bets Do Not Count

Players shouldn’t consider tied bets are technical losses. Instead, count them as temporary pauses of action in the betting round. Both the banker & player will sustain losses when having a tied bet. As such, these tied wagers cancel each other out. We recommend that when tied wagers are sustained, players don’t give up. Instead, continue to wager on the banker for future payouts.

W88 Baccarat Promotions – Get up to RM30

Players that sign-up an account with W88 Malaysia can receive numerous promotions upon registration. For instance, an RM600 Welcome Bonus is supported at the W88 Live Casino. You’ll need to deposit RM30 to receive this promotion. However, the funds returned to punters are substantial. It will enable bankrolls to last 10x longer than previously expected. Moreover, additional promotions exist exclusively for Live Baccarat. You can receive an RM30 Free Credit that can be utilized towards Live Baccarat. However, contacting customer support is required to earn this bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baccarat

Q: Can I Play Baccarat for Free at W88?

A: Virtual Baccarat is supported with demo modes, meaning punters can compete for free. However, Live Baccarat isn’t supported in a free-to-play setting. It’s required that players deposit RM30 at the minimum to compete with Live Baccarat.

Q: Can I Play Baccarat on my Mobile at W88?

A: Absolutely, W88 Malaysia has a mobile app that can be installed on iOS and Android Smartphones.

Q: What is the House Edge for Baccarat at W88?

A: The House Edge with Live Baccarat varies between 1.06% to 1.24% based on which hand has been selected.

Q: Does W88 Offer Baccarat tournaments?

A: W88 Malaysia doesn’t have any Live Baccarat Tournaments for players to experience. Instead, this game has been broken down into various tables at W88-My. Just because there isn’t any tournaments doesn’t mean that valuable payouts can’t be won at a regular table. Quite the opposite is true.


W88 Casino has continued to flourish & it seems, there is nothing that can slow is growth, not even the recent pandemic. The contribution they provide bettors has allowed W88 Malaysia to become an influential brand within Malaysia and Indonesia, and Taiwan. You can register an account today & receive an incredible welcome bonus. Regardless of the promotions & games available at W88, we hope this article was informative and educational for our readers. Follow the link we have provided to claim your W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus.

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