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W88 Support – Email, Live Chat and FAQ


Established in 2013, W88 has become a pinnacle betting establishment throughout Malaysia by providing an expansive catalogue of video slots, table games, live casino games and sports betting platforms. While this provides a never-ending range of entertainment options to players, many overlook the customer support services that W88 Casino has to provide assistance and sustain the brand’s overall reputation. While most support enquiries are responded to quickly, response times can vary during peak time periods.

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Therefore, this article will explain more about the contact methods and member assistance options available to registered members at W88. Furthermore, we will explain more about the different options, provide an overview for each, and include a variety of other ways you can contact W88 support and questions often asked by other W88 players.

Contacting W88 Support Agents

Customer support representatives at W88 Casino can be reached through three contact methods. Those include 24/7 Live Chat, Skype, and Email. This provides a versatile selection of support options for registered members. It’s specified that through these contact methods, players can inquire about accounts & betting related issues.

•Live Chat

Using the 24/7 Live Chat option at W88 Casino is convenient & straightforward for contacting support representatives. In most cases, an immediate response is provided with support agents able to find a solution for your inquiry within three minutes, and in some cases, provide a comp based on the circumstances that have befallen you. This is the elevated experience you can expect from W88 Casino.

Accessing the 24/7 Live Chat isn’t difficult as you only need to select the “Contact Us” option on W88’s homepage. It’s located on the right-hand side, and upon clicking “contact us”, an additional window will open and list the different support options. You want to select the “24/7 Live Chat Member Service” to begin your inquiry.

Once opened, you will notice a secondary window appear on the right-hand side of their browser. Here, a messaging platform is launched so that players & support representatives can discuss the matter at hand. It’s emphasized that wait times could exceed five minutes when the W88 Support Service is overwhelmed.

• Skype

Launching in 2003, Skype has become an iconic messaging platform with 1.3 Million Users. This prompted W88 Casino to add Skype to its list of W88 support options. As such, consumers can contact support representatives via Skype Messenger or Call. Each option is straightforward, with calling providing a more thorough experience.

We recommend using the Skype Messenger option to avoid delays. Otherwise, reaching support representatives through Skype isn’t difficult. Click on the “Contact Us” option on W88’s Homepage and select “W88CS.Help” to enter your Skype ID. This will prompt a representative to contact you within the next hour. It’s recommended that players needing an immediate response contact the 24/7 Live Chat Agents.

• Email

Customer support at W88 Casino began with email, and this option has remained a consistent & reliable option for players. You are guaranteed to receive a response, but the timeframe associated to that return email could be 24 Hours. It depends on the circumstances surrounding your inquiry. As such, W88 Casino recommends that players use the email option when their inquiry is nonessential. We suggest that punters needing immediate attention using the 24/7 Customer Support or Skype Service.

Accessing the W88 Customer Support Email is straightforward & isn’t complicated. After players have selected the “Contact Us” option through the W88 Homepage, they’ll be able to select the email option. This enables players to describe their inquiry to W88 Malaysia, while also providing them with a return email address. After punters have submitted their request, a response will be provided within 24 Hours.

Other Ways to Contact W88 Support

As previously mentioned, W88 Casino has flourished throughout Malaysia. This prompted the owners to introduce additional forms of customer support for registered members, including a 1-800 Number and Telegram Account. These subsequent forms of contact have improved the satisfaction & care of customers and are worth considering when playing at W88NCP.

• W88 Telegram – Visit the W88 Homepage, select Contact Us, and choose to use the Telegram Messaging Service. Players will scan a QR Code to connect with support representatives.

• W88 Line – Connect with support representatives by selecting Line Messaging at W88 Casino. Similar to Telegram, users will need to scan a QR Code before being able to connect with a support representative.

• W88 Contact Number – Players can communicate with support representatives via their smartphone or landline phone. Call +60 167490888 to speak directly with these support agents. It’s specified that wait-times could vary anywhere from five minutes to one hour. It depends on the call volume of registered players.

What Can You Ask W88’s Customer Service?

As previously mentioned, W88 Casino allows players to make various inquiries through their 24/7 Customer Service Platform. There are some questions that support representatives cannot answer, but most inquires are tolerated. As such, we have highlighted four categories that support agents cover within the W88 Customer Service Platform.

• Deposit & Withdrawal Inquires – Questions regarding the payment options at W88 Casino, and the authorization of payouts are tolerated. Support agents are trained to solve an assortment of issues relating to the depositing & withdrawing options.

• Account Inquiries – Unexpected circumstances regarding your account can be resolved via the W88 Customer Support Team.

• Technical Issues – Unforeseen technical issues occurring with W88 Casino can be solved by W88 Support Staff. These individuals will require ten minutes or longer to solve these issues.

• Betting Inquires – Players wanting to limit their transactions with W88 Casino can contact support representatives under the betting inquiry category. It’s noted that this category also allows players to request promotions from support staff.


Players that register an account at W88 Casino will have a straightforward & accommodating experience. Any issues relating to that experience can be resolved by a 24/7 Customer Support Platform at W88 Casino. However, it’s rare that issues are sustained when participating at W88 Malaysia. Most players have agreed that the experience is safe & enjoyable, with new players receiving an RM600 Welcome Bonus. So, why not register an account today? Nothing is stopping you!

W88 Malaysia
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