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Martingale Baccarat Strategy – Advantages and Disadvantages


The game of Baccarat and the unique characteristics of the game has seen numerous betting strategies being developed. However, some strategies have become too complex for many to understand, while others too simplified. This has created challenges for players wanting a universal strategy that could help them strategize while playing different variants of the game, such as mini baccarat or live baccarat. And that’s why the Martingale Betting Strategy is considered one of the best strategies for online baccarat.

What is The Martingale Baccarat Strategy?

The Martingale strategy is simple for veteran players, yet at the same time, it can be complex for newcomers as it functions as a negative progression system. Essentially, using the Martingale baccarat strategy means that whenever you lose, you double the amount you bet, and when you win, you repeat your bet. The point of this is that profits are relative to the odds and accumulated over time, meaning that if used correctly, you’ll typically generate a profit.

How does The Martingale Baccarat Strategy Work?

As we mentioned, the Martingale strategy is all about betting in such a way then when the outcome results in a win, the amount is greater than the accumulated losses. This is best explained in the table below as it shows that even if you lose the first two hands, and win the third, the bet size differences will work in your favour, meaning you have accumulated a profit. This betting strategy is then repeated multiple times and over the long term, it will result in your bankroll having a profitable balance.

Based on the example above, it shows three losses and three wins, which is how the martingale system is designed to work. Despite the fact you lost and won the same number of hands, you ended up with a RM100 profit, and while this is a small gain, over time it can turn into significant profits. The theory is that using this betting strategy allows you to win back losses versus experiencing prolonged losses.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Martingale Baccarat System

The Martingale strategy has become incredibly popular with punters who bet at W88’s live casino, and, theoretically speaking, long-term profits are guaranteed. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to using the Martingale betting strategy that should be factored in before applying its principles. Fortunately, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, as you’ll see below.

• Easy to Use – Players aren’t required to be mathematically inclined in order to be successful with the Martingale betting Strategy. Almost anyone can learn this technique & it is perfect within an online or brick-and-mortar casino environment.

• Long Term Profit – The objective of earning profits over a prolonged period is obtained with the Martingale Baccarat Strategy. You are less affected by losses with this technique because of the Martingale Strategy Success Rate.

What are the Disadvantages of Using the Martingale Strategy

While the Martingale strategy is a great asset to helping bettors apply strategic-minded principles to their betting, novice and skilled bettors will find some disadvantages to using the Martingale strategy. Here are three to consider:

• Risky Wagers – Utilizing the Martingale Baccarat Strategy requires that participants have sizable bankrolls. Losing streaks are inevitable, and accounting for losses through the bankroll is needed.

• Huge Stakes – Consider the stake limits before joining a table and only use this strategy when punting of higher limit tables as low limit takes limit your bet sizes and potential for profits.

• House Edge – House edges never change as the edge is based on the rule of averages, regardless of the table limits or the betting system being used.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Martingale Strategy

Q: Can I use the Martingale strategy on W88 Casino?

A: Absolutely, W88 Casino doesn’t stop prevent you from using betting strategies as they are independent of the game itself and do not interfere with the game itself.

Q: Will a Martingale strategy calculator increase my success rate?

A: Yes, players can calculate the money they hope to win and the odds of success using a Martingale strategy calculator.

Q: What are the Martingale percentage player payouts?

A: Typically, the Martingale percentage player payouts will result in an equal number of wins and losses.

Q: What’s the house edge advantage?

A: The house edge advantage for the casino results in a 45% chance of winning and a 44% chance of losing. This means the house edge has a 1% advantage on average when applying the Martingale betting strategy


Remember, you will never find a betting strategy that can give you an advantage over the house edge. However, the Martingale baccarat strategy has proven itself to help increase your winning percentage over time, but like all betting strategies, there are drawbacks. Essentially, if you decide to use it, you need to manage your bankroll responsibly, and when you are up, it is time to cash in before the tides turn against you.