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How to play Dragon Tiger at W88 Casino


W88 Live Casino has an ample selection of table games registered players can look forward to enjoying, and one of those is Dragon Tiger. As a game, Dragon Tiger offers some great opportunities and moreso, it is highly entertaining, whether playing a traditional or live variant.

However, if you are new to Dragon Tiger and have limited knowledge on how to play the game, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if playing W88’s Live Dragon Tiger as live Dragon Tiger requires you act within a specified time.

Yet, by understanding the rules and wagering requirements and learning the history behind Dragon Tiger, you will find the game more enjoyable and likely more profitable as you perfect your betting strategies.

The Steps to Playing Dragon Tiger at W88 Casino

Accessing Live Dragon Tiger at W88 isn’t challenging for new players. Three simple & straightforward steps must be followed, as seen below.

• Step One: Visit W88 Casino via an online or mobile browser. For instance, Google Chrome.
• Step Two: Register an account and log in. Select the Live Casino and choose Dragon Tiger.
• Step Three: Select the initial wager you’ll place against the streaming dealer.

If creating an account at W88 Casino, the registration process doesn’t take more than a few minutes as it only requires you to provide information, such as name, email, postal address, telephone number, and date of birth.

After your account has been verified, players can deposit via their preferred payment method and make their starting wager. Remember, playing Dragon Tiger isn’t difficult, as long as you focus on the objective to determine which hand is higher. You wager on the hand that seems most suitable and hope for the best.

How to Understand the Cards for W88 Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger is hosted by an online dealer who is professionally trained on the rules of the game and licensed to accept wagers and deal out the cards on behalf of the casino. You’ll notice that in Dragon Tiger, two cards are dealt per betting round and that the value of each card is based on their poker suit.

Players must select the Dragon or Tiger card, which are both dealt face downwards. After the betting round has concluded, the online dealer will flip the cards to reveal their respective suits. Whichever player wagers on the higher-suited card will receive a payout. It’s possible that both cards could have the same suit, resulting in a tied position and payout.

W88 Dragon Tiger Bets & Payouts

Dragon Tiger at W88 Live Casino isn’t complicated. The experience is meant to be enjoyable & adventurous. However, those experiences cannot be maintained until understanding the bets and payouts for this Asia-Regional game.

There are main & side bets available in Live Dragon Tiger, as we’ve previously mentioned above. Those include the main betting options of Tiger or Dragon, with the additional option of tie hands. But most individuals don’t know that W88 Casino allows participants to wager side bets, including:

• Dragon Hand: Even Numbers
• Dragon Hand: Odd Numbers
• Tiger Hand: Even Numbers
• Tiger Hand: Odd Numbers

We recommend that readers interact with the side betting options. It allows the experience to feel more adventurous and thrilling. However, wagering additional bets will increase the risk of greater losses. There’s an unexpected mentality of risk-for-reward in W88’s Live Dragon Tiger. But the reward can be incredible for those that stand victorious. You can see a breakdown of the payouts for W88’s Live Dragon Tiger down below.

Dragon Tiger Hand Payout

Tie 10:1
Tiger 1:1
Dragon 1:1
Tiger Odd 1:1
Tiger Even 1:1
Dragon Odd 1:1
Dragon Even 1:1

As readers can see, tied payouts are considered the highest paying. You could trigger 10x the standard amount typically won when triggering the tied payout. It’s noted that the chances of this happening are minimal when compared to normal Dragon or Tiger payouts.

Frequently Asked Questions about W88 Dragon Tiger

Q: Can I play Dragon Tiger for Free at W88?

A: Unfortunately, W88 Casino doesn’t support a demo-based version of Dragon Tiger. You’ll be required to deposit and wager for real money before any payouts are won.

Q: What is the Minimum Bet for Dragon Tiger at W88?

A: Players are required to wager the minimum amount of RM50 for Dragon Tiger at W88 Live Casino.

Q: What is the Maximum Bet for Dragon Tiger at W88?

A: Registered members can wager the maximum amount of RM 44,535.


Experiencing and participating in W88’s Dragon Tiger isn’t difficult. The concept is straightforward, like an online slot, meaning anyone can undergo this game without challenge. Moreover, W88 Casino distributes various bonuses to assist with your wagering goals.

Register an account today, and you’ll receive an RM600 Welcome Bonus that can be dedicated towards Live Dragon Tiger. It’s noted that these funds can also be used across an assortment of other games, like Live Roulette or Live Blackjack. The opportunities are endless when joining W88 Casino.