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How to play Live Hold’em Poker at W88 Casino


Since the introduction of Live betting, playing live hold’em poker has grown in popularity as players become aware of the option to compete against dealers through live casino streaming platforms. There are numerous games to choose from when betting live against an online dealer.

However, Live Hold’em Poker has dominated the landscape, particularly at W88 Casino, as Live Hold’em Poker isn’t challenging to understand, nor are complicated calculations needed, and without other players, it is just you against the dealer.

Our readers can find an introduction to Live Hold’em Poker at the W88 Live Casino below. Continue reading to find out more.

• Part One: Dealers will hand out the cards after players have started the round by wagering. Two cards are placed face up for yourself, while two additional cards are placed face down for the dealer.

• Part Two: Three community cards are dealt afterwards, with these being facing up and providing players with two choices. Those options include doubling down or quitting the round altogether.

• Part Three: Doubling down will result in an additional two community cards being dealt, and whoever has the more profitable rank of cards will win the betting round.

This introduction doesn’t cover the multitude of strategies players need to consider when wagering against an online dealer. Moreover, there’s poker terminology that newcomers need to understand before betting. We’ve detailed that information below.

Three Easy Steps to Playing Live Hold’em Poker at W88 Casino

Players cannot experience W88 Casino’s Live Hold’em Poker without registering an account. As such, newcomers must follow a three-step process that takes ten minutes to complete. Afterwards, wagering against these online dealers will take seconds.

• Step One: Create an account at W88 Casino by completing the signup requirements. These requirements include your email, name, address, date of birth, and phone number.

• Step Two: Complete the registration process & select your preferred payment method. Afterwards, choose to enter the W88 Live Casino.

• Step Three: Visit Club Evolution within the W88 Live Casino and select Hold’em Poker. It’s noted that the minimum bet is listed at RM50. You must wager this amount before a dealer will appear.

After these initial steps have been completed, an assortment of wagering options become available to players. For instance, registered members can increase the ante of their bet for fifteen seconds after the round has started.

Midway through the betting round, players can fold their cards or double their wager. However, doubling your wager means going against the dealer. The dealer may have superior cards and win the betting round, meaning that all bets will be lost.

The Four Basic Rules of Live Hold’em Poker

Players wanting to experience Live Hold’em Poker must understand the essential rules before wagering for real money. Otherwise, financial losses could be maintained. Read onwards to learn the vital guidelines.

• Card Deck: Live Hold’em Poker is limited to one card deck.

• Hole Cards: Two cards are distributed to players face-up, and two cards dealt to the dealer face-down.

• Community Cards: Five cards are shared amongst the dealer and player to determine who has the superior hand. The higher ranking card will win the Live Hold’em Poker Round. It’s noted that this is your primary objective, to have the highest-ranking card.

• Final Showdown: The dealer will reveal their cards. This will allow the dealer and player to calculate who has the highest-ranking hand. Afterwards, payouts are distributed to either the player or the house.

Players unfamiliar with the terminology used in Live Hold’em Poker could struggle to gain an advantage against dealers. Moreover, understanding online strategies for this game will become challenging. We advise that newcomers review the poker terminology, as instructed below.

How to Understand Poker Terminology

Four betting choices are provided to players in W88’s Live Hold’em Poker. You need to understand this terminology before wagering for real money. Otherwise, incorrect wagers could be placed.

• Fold: Quit the betting round by choosing to fold. Another round will start immediately afterwards.

• Ante: This terminology is used to decipher the original bet placed by gamers. You can change this wager for upwards of fifteen seconds into the betting round.

• Bonus: This is considered a side wager. These bets cannot be placed independently. It’s exclusively allowed on the 1st to 5th cards or dual aces.

• 2X Play: This terminology is used to double up on previous wagers, as explained throughout this article.

Frequently Asked Questions about Live Hold’em Poker at W88 Casino

Q: Is Live Hold’em Poker Free at W88 Casino?

A: Unfortunately, this game isn’t available for free. Players are required to register an account and deposit via their preferred payment method before being able to play Live Hold’em Poker.

Q: What’s the Minimum Wager for Live Hold’em Poker?

A: W88 Casino stipulates that participants must wager a minimum amount of RM50 to compete in Live Hold’em Poker.

Q: Does W88 Casino have Promotions for Live Hold’em Poker?

A: There are numerous promotions offered at W88 Casino, and depending on the promotion selected, you can use those funds towards Live Hold’em Poker.


We hope this beginner’s guide on How to play Live Hold’em Poker at W88 Casino has been helpful and will assist you as future wagers are placed. However, don’t forget that W88 Casino supports a massive catalogue of games that you can experience. All that’s required is for you to create an account and get a welcome bonus. So, why not start today?