Fibonacci Roulette Betting Strategy – Beginners Guide


The Fibonacci betting system was first created in 1202 and has been in circulation for more than 850 years. It’s considered one of roulette’s most reliable strategies, as sequenced numbers are used to create endless outcomes. Most players start with the 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987 sequences. As you can see, each additional number equals the previous two, and this establishes an endless amount of betting sequences for roulette players.

While the Fibonacci betting system doesn’t require that players start at one, it is recommended that newcomers start at the lowest sequence when testing out this strategy. This should help in understanding the betting strategy and perfecting it as you follow its strategic principles. Players considering the Fibonacci betting system will discover that the system will see them focusing on even-money wagers with Odd/Even numbers. There is a 50% chance of winning when betting on the Odd/Even, Black/Red numbers, but that percentage drops when using the Fibonacci betting system with inside wagers.

With that said, bettors opting to use the Fibonacci betting system will need to set aside an appropriate bankroll, as success is based on following the sequenced numbers. This means wagers will start at RM1.00 and increase for every positive outcome. However, we have Leonardo Pisano “Fibonacci” Bigollo to thank for this betting system, as Leonardo of Pisa designed this betting system in 1202 and is considered amongst the greatest of Western mathematicians due to his creating hundreds of mathematical theories. This included the Liber Abaci and Hindu-Arabic Numeral System, although Pisano is best known for creating the Fibonacci betting method. We will examine that betting system in great detail below.

What is the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy?

As previously mentioned, the Fibonacci betting strategy calculates the previous two wagers & adds them into another bet when sustaining a loss. This means RM89 + RM144 = RM233. You continue to repeat this pattern until the losing streak is finished. Afterwards, take your profits & revert back to the original sequence of RM1, as this will ensure that bankrolls are increased over time.

It’s noted that most players who stay true to the sequence when sustaining losses generally do not revert back to the original stake of RM1. This is typically smarter than doubling down on previous wagers, as higher bankrolls are sequenced. For instance, doubling down on an RM144.00 wager would mean spending RM288 instead of RM233, meaning the Fibonacci betting method is cost-effective.

How Does the Fibonacci Strategy Work for Roulette?

The Fibonacci betting method seems confusing at first, but it’s not difficult to learn, especially when playing online roueltte. We have simplified this strategy for you, as seen below. Essentially, you want to raise your wagers when losing by combining the previous two wagers and adding them into one bet. When you’ve won, there are two options – lower your bet by two places or begin the sequences again.

If you follow this system, you may average six losses for every ten bets, but those consecutive losses can be turned into profit when using the Fibonacci betting method as your wins will balance out the losses due to the bet amounts Either way, the Fibonacci betting system is designed for long-term gains, and that is why it is valued.

Advantages of The Fibonacci Roulette System

• Simple to Understand – The Fibonacci Roulette Betting Method isn’t difficult to understand. This is the perfect strategy for beginners.

• Profitable Payouts: As seen with the preceding example, profits can still be yielded even with ten losses and three wins.

• Small Bankroll: In comparison to the Martingale Roulette Betting Method, Fibonacci doesn’t require such an extensive bankroll.

Disadvantages of The Fibonacci Roulette System

• Risk of Losses – With any betting strategy, there’s the possibility to sustain losses. This is an unfortunate disadvantage with a negative progression betting system, as seen with the Fibonacci method.

• Even Money Bets – The Fibonacci betting method requires even-money bets. For instance, this strategy won’t work when doing straight-up bets that payout 35:1.

How To Start Betting Using the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

• Betting Type – Choose to wager on an Odd, Even, Red, or Black Number. 19 to 36, and 1 to 18 are preferred numbers.

• Select a Bet – After you’ve decided which wager is best suited for your experience, select the amount you would like to wager. We recommend starting at the lowest sequence of RM1 + RM1 to equal RM2.

• Losses – Increase the sequence whenever losses are sustained. If you’ve lost RM2, you’ll need to combine RM1 + RM2 to equal RM3. This process continues until wins are sustained.

• Payouts – Upon receiving a payout, go backwards by two sequences and continue betting. This will restart the Fibonacci betting method from your last loss before the payout.

Things to Remember with the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

There are three things’ players must remember when implementing the Fibonacci betting strategy. For instance, Live Roulette has a house edge that favors the casino. You want to analyze the house edge to ensure the lowest percentage possible, as this generates higher payouts.

Players should also consider their budget before playing as the Fibonacci betting method can result on multiple back-to-back losses. Therefore, you must have the funds needed to manage those losses while waiting for the higher stake bets to payout.


Unfortunately, there isn’t any betting strategy that’s 100% Guaranteed. However, the Fibonacci betting system works well with online roulette and is considered one of the best. While there is no sure-win strategy, many who practise the Fibonacci betting system have found their profits to increase over time, but this is dependent on following the strategy and not deterring to making rash decisions when losses are occurring.

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