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How to Play Live Roulette at W88


W88 Casino has always focused on creating an entertaining environment that delivers popular games like Live Roulette. The popularity of roulette stems from its simplicity in so far as the goal is to place bets on the roulette board based on where you predict the ball will stop on the roulette wheel.

In order to understand how to play roulette, you will need to understand the wheel itself. It features a wheel with slots numbered 1 to 36, and depending on the variant being played, a single or double zero. The thirty-six numbers are coloured in black or red, and to win, the roulette ball must land on the correct number or colour when the wheel comes to a stop.

As W88 offers multiple variants of roulette, including live roulette, knowing how to play roulette requires you learn more about the rules of roulette and the different bet types you can wager on when playing W88 Live Roulette.

Five Basic Rules to Playing Live Roulette at W88

• Begin by wagering on inside or outside bets.
• Once the dealer announces “No more wagers”, bets will be closed until the next game.
• The dealer will then throw the roulette ball into the spinning roulette wheel
• The roulette ball will stop on one of the 36 slots to determine the result
• Payouts for betting on the correct number, sector or colour will be paid based on the wager.

Different Bet Types for Roulette at W88 Roulette

The payouts in roulette are determined by two betting groups, the first is inside bets, while the second is outside bets. Prior to playing roulette, it is imperative to become familiar with the two betting groups and their respective wagering options. This requires you to become knowledgeable with roulette betting terminology at W88 Roulette.

In a nutshell, inside and outside bets are relative to where bets are placed on the roulette board and are essentially easy to understand. An inside bet is betting on groups that are on the inside of the roulette board, while outside bets are those that are on the outer side of the roulette wheel.

Inside Bets

When playing roulette, the game roulette features a number of inside betting options that you can opt to bet on. Considering inside bets are one of the more popular bet types for incorporating betting strategies, they tend to produce consistent results.

• Straight Up: Select one number on the roulette board and wager.
• Split: Choose two numbers that are adjacent to each other and wager.
• Street: Select three numbers on the same line and place a bet.
• Six Line: Wagering on two number lines adjacent to each other.
• Corners: Wagering on corner bets that consist of four number.
• Trio: Wagering on the zero and two additional numbers, making for a total select of three.
• Basket: Wagering on combos consisting of five numbers.

Outside Bets

• Colour Betting: Wagering on either red or black.
• Even/Odd: Betting on the even or odd box.
• High/Low: Select the first or second half of the roulette board.
• Columns: Select any column on the roulette board and wager.
• Dozens: Wagering on the first, second, or third dozen bets.

Resultantly, creating an account at W88 will allow you to study roulette terminology and understand the associated odds inside and outside bets. Start by playing low limits and as you develop different betting strategies and become comfortable with inside and outside bets, you can increase your wagers and potential profit.

How to Begin Playing Live Roulette At W88

If you are new to playing live roulette at W88, our two step guide will explain the process of registration and how to place your first be on live roulette. You can start with Step One, then go onto Step Two before reading about a few of the betting options W88 offers for live roulette.

Step One – Register and Deposit at W88 Casino

• Select the signup option at W88 Casino and create an account.
• Enter the required information and banking details to finalize your account.
• Select a payment method and make a deposit of RM 30 or more.
• Navigate to W88 Casino’s Club Palazzo and search for Live Roulette.

Step Two – Place your first live roulette bet of at least RM 0.55

• Select from the list of available live roulette games in Club Palazzo.
• Open the version of live roulette you wish to play.
• Place a minimum bet of RM 0.55.

Live roulette betting options

W88 offers a variety of auto betting options that are designed to allow you to repeat your bet without the need to manually place your bets for each round of roulette. Additionally, there are options for speed betting, favourite bets, and various different call bet options.

Frequently asked questions about Live Roulette at W88 Malaysia

Q: Can I play W88 Live Roulette for free?

A: Unless you have received a no deposit bonus or comp from W88 Casino, you cannot play Live Roulette for free.

Q: Are there promotions for W88 Live Roulette?

A: W88 Casino offers numerous promotions each month, some of which target table games like Live Roulette.

Q: What are the best odds?

A: Single numbered wagers are considered the highest paying at W88 Live Roulette as they pay 35:1 the amount of your stake.

Q: Is W88 Live Roulette suitable for beginners?

A: Roulette is considered a fantastic game for beginners as few games are as simple & straightforward as W88 Live Roulette.

Q: Are there tournaments available for W88 Live Roulette?

A: No, at the moment, live roulette tournaments are not offered at W88.


Now that you have learned the basics on how to play roulette, you are ready to register, deposit and apply the teachings you have read. Remember, take your time, and focus on developing your own roulette betting strategy versus trying to score that big win. Over time, the wins will come, and your patience will be rewarded.