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How to Play W88 Casino’s Octopus Game at W88


With the Malaysian iGaming Industry experiencing substantial growth, it is not uncommon for many players to be unaware of the different gaming opportunities that exist at online betting sites like W88 Casino. One of the more exciting opportunities for players who enjoy playing casino games is Gameplay Interactive’s Octopus Game.

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A unique game that caters to a niche audience since its inception, its payout combinations are straightforward & easy to understand, which is ideal for bettors for prefer games that offer multiple winning opportunities. However, as this game is rather unique, playing Octopus Game without prior knowledge is risky.

Therefore, this article is designed to provide the information you need so that you can play the game correctly. This includes an explanation on how to access the Octopus Game at W88 Casino, while also explaining how the gameplay mechanics work, what betting options are available and what the odds are for each betting option.

How to Play Octopus in Two Steps

Anyone unfamiliar with W88 Casino shouldn’t have any complications getting used to the menu system. It’s pretty straightforward, meaning that most games can be accessed without much of an effort. However, punters cannot play Octopus without first creating an account at W88 Casino. As such, W88 requires the completion of the following steps.

• Step 1: Create an Account & Deposit at W88 Casino

Visit the W88 homepage by following the link connected to this guide. Afterwards, select to register an account by clicking on “Join Now”. This will launch an additional page where standard questions must be answered. For instance, the governing institution that licenses W88 Casino requires punters to provide their date of birth, address, telephone number, and various other personal details.

Afterwards, W88 will verify the personalized information that players provided when creating an account, and once verified, you will be free to proceed to the banking section, where you can select from the available funding options. Generally, the verification process is completed within five minutes, and once verified, you will have access to all the privileges available to W88 members.

After verification, the next step is to deposit RM30 into your account using one of the various banking options available to registered members. The most common for Malaysian bettors is via direct bank transfer, which allows them to upload funds to their account via local banking institutions like Maybank, Hong Leong, CIMB, or HSBC.

• Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Table

The Octopus Game caters to numerous punters with varying bankrolls, with the betting requirements & payout options reflecting that bankroll. For instance, novice players that haven’t competed before can select tables with minimum wagers at RM01. Then professional competitors can select tables with wagers at RM2500. This difference in betting options enables the Octopus Game to feel diverse & exciting for anyone that competes. However, we recommend that novice punters bet small, not big.

Three Important Rules You Need to Know To Play Octopus

As previously mentioned, audiences for the Octopus Game have typically remained low. But this doesn’t mean that payout opportunities aren’t profitable in Gameplay Interactive’s Octopus. In fact, the opposite typically applies. However, untrained players need to familiarize themselves with the rules before they can hope to maximize the game’s potential. Therefore, explanations about the betting requirements & gameplay mechanics of the Octopus Game have been provided below.

• Buttons & Betting Options: There are two coins that maintain different sides in the Octopus Game. These sides include the Green Star and Pink Diamond. It’s required that x2 or more Green Stars or Pink Diamonds appear within the betting round to trigger payouts. Additionally, players must determine how many Green Stars or Pink Diamonds will appear within any betting round. We recommend that players focus on patterns of x2 or x3, as dealers will place three coins onto the table with each betting round.

• Betting Time: Players have twenty seconds to decide how much they’ll be wagering within each betting round. Moreover, players must implement their bet within this timeframe. Anyone incapable of betting within the twenty-second allowance will forfeit their placement in that round.

• Betting Limit: As previously mentioned, players are authorized to wager anywhere from RM01 to RM2500. We recommend that punters unfamiliar with the Octopus Game wager RM25 to RM50, as bankrolls won’t be severely affected by these wagers. Once these punters have gained confidence in their skillsets within the Octopus Game, it’s recommended those wagers be increased to RM1000 or RM2500.

Octopus Betting Options & Odds

Four betting options are available within the Octopus Game. However, these betting options are complicated to understand for newcomers. Fortunately, explanations have been provided below to educate readers on these betting options & their payout odds. We recommend that after reading this guide, punters give the demo mode version a try as this will let you familiarize yourself with how the game works. Eventually, you’ll master this information and be capable of competing at the highest level for real money.


Congratulations on completing this guide, as you can see, the Octopus Game from Gameplay Interactive is similar to cards & dice. The combination of these betting mechanics has allowed for the Octopus Game to thrive within various regions, including Malaysia. As such, it isn’t surprising that W88 Casino has introduced this title to their registered members. We recommend that anyone interested in playing register an account today to activate the up to RM600 welcome bonus.

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