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Five Betting Suggestions for Hi-Lo Dice Game at W88


Since the invention of gambling, dice games have dominated the betting landscape. These games have been around for centuries, with most historians estimating that dice games originate from Asia. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that betting establishments like W88 Live Casino would introduce their own version of Hi-Lo Dice. But what’s offered throughout this game?

How easily can punters learn to play Hi-lo Dice? What are the betting requirements? These are questions that every player has before competing, and those questions will be answered below in our extensive guide that covers off the essential components of Hi-Lo Dice, including its gameplay mechanics and betting options.

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What You Need to Know for Hi-Lo Dice

Five strategies are typically offered through Hi-Lo Dice. In most settings, these strategies are legitimate suggestions that can maximize the payout opportunity of players. However, it’s essential that consumers educate themselves on these five suggestions. Otherwise, challenges could arrive when competing against other players for payouts. As such, novice punters unfamiliar with Hi-Lo Dice at W88 Casino should:

• Select W88 Live Casino: Visit the W88 Homepage to register an account. You’ll be required to provide your government identification, date of birth, address, email, and number. After you’ve created an account, depositing into W88 Casino & Sportsbook is required. The minimum deposit is RM30.

• Betting Range: Reasonable betting limits are implemented within Hi-Lo Dice at W88 Casino. These limits enable punters to create wagers within their preferences & available bankroll. As such, novice players with small bankrolls aren’t put into a comprising position. Anyone can trigger payouts within Hi-Lo Dice, as bankrolls and betting limits don’t matter.

• Bankroll Management: Continuing onwards from the wagering limits, bankroll management is significantly important to competing within Hi-Lo Dice. Punters want to make sure they don’t exceed their bankroll, as financial hindrances could become a reality for those that wager beyond their limits.

• Use Bonuses at W88: Promotionally speaking, W88 Casino & Sportsbook is one of Malaysia’s best betting establishments. They offer numerous bonuses meant to maximize the player’s potential to win. For instance, an RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus is available at W88 Casino. Punters can acquire this promotion until January 31st, 2023.

• Odds & Payouts: Understanding the available wagers within Hi-Lo Dice is essential to trigger payouts. Players unable to implement these wagers won’t be capable of defending themselves against other opponents or the dealer. For instance, it’s estimated that players win 47.5% of the time in Hi-Lo Dice. The remaining percentage is awarded to the house.

The Main Objective in Hi Lo

The main objective of Hi Lo is to have a hand that is superior to the hand of other players. Whoever has the highest number of dice will be deemed the winner and the amount they win will be based on the amount the type of bet they made and the amount they staked. Fortunately, this isn’t overly difficult to do as the gameplay mechanics of Hi-Lo Dice aren’t complicated, meaning anyone experienced at playing Hi-Lo Poker shouldn’t have any difficulties being successful at the game.

How to Access Hi-Lo Dice at W88 Casino

Three steps are involved in playing Hi-Lo Dice at W88 Casino. Players unable to follow these steps won’t be authorized to compete. Initially, the first step focuses on punters creating an account and making their initial deposit.

Since that subject has been covered, our focus switches over to which payment options are best at W88. We recommend selecting a “Direct Bank Transfer” option like Maybank, CIMB, HSBC, or Hong Leong. This straightforward & connected option will enable players to maintain a paper trail of their depositing and withdrawals. Otherwise, the additional steps include:

• Step One: Register an account at W88 Casino and make your first deposit. Afterwards, select Club Palazzo at W88 Live Casino. This is where punters will locate Hi-Lo Dice, with each dealer being professionally trained to host the Hi-Lo Dice Game with undisputed experience.

• Step Two: Select the betting limit you’d prefer in correlation with your bankroll. We recommend that punters unfamiliar with W88 Live Casino wager anywhere from RM20 to RM50. This range should enable players to trigger regular payouts while maintaining minimal losses. Unfortunately, there isn’t any guarantee that winning combinations will be generated.

Promotions at W88 Casino

As previously mentioned, W88 Casino & Sportsbook rewards its registered members with various promotions to accelerate their chances at winning. Currently, six promotions are being offered to newly registered players. Those bonuses are available until February 2023, and include:

• 20% Welcome Bonus at RM600

• 10% Sports Daily Reload Bonus

• W88 RM600 Slots Welcome Bonus

• RM30 Free Credit – All Games Apply

• 20x RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus

• Samsung Galaxy S22+ Giveaway for New Players

We should mention that before claiming any of these promotions that players first review the terms & conditions. These will include a variety of topics, such as the wagering requirements, possible betting limits and the type of games you may play while using the bonus. For instance, the RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus has a 20x wagering requirement that must be completed for anyone to withdraw, while the slots welcome bonus has a 25x wagering requirement.


Congratulations on learning about W88’s Hi-Lo Dice Game, as you now maintain the knowledge needed to approach this game with confidence. We have confidence that readers will maximize their payout opportunities by remembering our core suggestions, including the utilization of bankroll management. Anyone capable of applying these while wagering responsibly will be able to play with confidence and have fun at the same time.

W88 Malaysia
20% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600