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How to Play Fish Prawn Crab Dice Game at W88


Dice games have dominated the gambling landscape in Malaysia, as betting establishments like W88 Casino have partnered with developers like Gameplay Interactive. This has allowed registered players to experience an assortment of unique titles, including Fish Prawn Crab.

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For players who want to try Fish Prawn, there are two variations from Gameplay Interactive at W88 Casino. The first offers a female virtual dealer, while the other is a scratchcard version that is less interactive.

As we move forward, this guide will focus on the betting options and gameplay mechanics within Fish Prawn Crab. Readers will learn how to access this game at W88 Casino while also receiving various suggestions on the promotional and betting opportunities within Fish Prawn Crab.

Basics Rules of the Fish Prawn Crab Game Rules

The gameplay mechanics and wagering options within Fish Prawn Crab aren’t complicated to understand. It’s straightforward, with players being required to select their preferred wager and position on the gameboard. This uncomplicated measure of betting has enabled Fish Prawn Crab to reach unexpected levels of popularity at W88 Casino.

When playing Fish Prawn Crab, players notice various symbols on the gameboard. It’s required that punters place their chips on these various symbols, which correlate to three dice. If the gameboard symbols you have selected appear on the three dice, payouts will be awarded.

Six symbols appear on the Fish Prawn Crab gameboard, with those including the Fish, Prawn, Crab, Gourd, Stag, and Chicken. But what are the value of these symbols? What returns do players receive when betting? More is explained below.

• Singles: 2x Payout Based on the Staked Wager.
• Doubles: 3.5x Payouts Based on the Staked Wager.
• Triples: 6x Payouts Based on the Staked Wager.
• Any Triple: 35.8x Payouts Based on the Staked Wager.

How to Access Fish Prawn Crab at W88 Casino

Accessing Fish Prawn Crab at W88 Casino is equally important to understand the betting requirements & gameplay mechanics, as punters cannot wager for real-money payouts without first knowing how Fish Prawn Crab is accessed. Fortunately, brief explanations have been provided below for interested readers.

• Step 1: Create an Account and Select Fish Prawn Crab at W88 Casino

Withdrawing any payouts from W88 Casino requires that players register an account with the brand. Fortunately, the procedures for registering an W88 isn’t difficult. All that’s required is for punters to complete the “W88 Registration Form” by providing their name, age, address, email, and phone number. That information is then verified through the Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation. After these account details are verified, punters are authorized to select Fish Prawn Crab from the “Games” category at W88 Malaysia. It’s the first game within this category, making accessibility easy for novice punters. We must mention that minimum deposits at RM30 are required from W88 Casino.

• Step 2: Create a Budget and Start Betting

Three betting tiers are supported within Gameplay Interactive’s Fish Prawn Crab. In total, punters can wager anywhere from RM01 to RM10,000. This variation in betting options is significant, as players have substantial control over their wagering capabilities. However, we recommend that punters create a budget that enables for continued betting at RM10 to RM50. These are minor wagers that won’t destroy a bankroll. Instead, payouts should be acquired regularly to expedite your bankroll.

Three Tips for Playing Fish Prawn Crab

Now that you understand the Fish Prawn Game, let’s look at three that can help you while playing Fish Prawn. By using the tips we have provided below, you will know how to claim a Fish Prawn promotion, know the minimum betting amounts and gain some insight into game play observation.

• Promotion Acquisition: Payouts can be elevated in Fish Prawn Crab as players acquire various bonuses offered at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. For instance, punters are authorized to access the RM600 Welcome Bonus from W88. This increased amount of money will enable players to maximize their wagers, leading to the possibility of increased payouts. We also recommend looking into the RM30 Free Credit and RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus at W88.

• Gameplay Observation: It’s recommended that modest punters utilize the gameplay observation tool within Fish Prawn Crab, as this tool enables you to watch other players. By watching their gameplay, various strategies & betting tips can be considered by novices. In turn, payout margins should be increased by small margins. It’s, for this reason, we recommend using the gameplay observation tool.

• Minimum Betting Amount: Implementing the minimum betting amount isn’t recommended for novice players, as payout margins will be inadequate. Therefore, it’s suggested that novice punters wager anywhere from RM10 to RM50. This amount will allow punters to receive payouts at the bare minimum of RM20 to RM100. Now, imagine triggering a “Triple Bet” when wagering RM50. That would result in an unexpected payout of RM175.

The necessary involvement of these suggestions is needed for players to maximize their payout potential. For instance, betting strategies are developed in rapid succession when utilizing the gameplay observation tool. Those players unwilling to use this tool will require an increased level of training to develop their betting strategies. Therefore, consider our suggestions as essential for the acquisition of payouts within Fish Prawn Crab.


Congratulations on completing our guide to Fish Prawn Crab at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. If you haven’t played this game before, we recommend that novice punters interact with the demo-based version of Fish Prawn Crab. This version will allow consumers to wager for free while they educate themselves on the betting options & gameplay mechanics within Fish Prawn Crab. However, withdrawals aren’t supported with demo-based games at W88 Casino. That means whatever amount you’ve won cannot be withdrawn. Despite that, Free-to-Play Fish Prawn Crab is highly educational for new players.

After you’ve mastered the betting techniques needed for this game, we recommend punters begin wagering for real-money payouts and withdrawals. Bet within the limit of RM01 to RM2500, and focus on the acquisition of promotions, like the RM600 Welcome Bonus. Otherwise, our readers now maintain the knowledge needed to approach Fish Prawn Crab with confidence.

W88 Malaysia
100% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600