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How to Play Three Card Poker at W88


W88 Casino maintains an extensive catalogue of gambling products to entertain its registered members. However, games like Three Card Poker have dominated the betting landscape at W88 Malaysia. This isn’t surprising, as the betting options and gameplay mechanics within Three Card Poker are straightforward. For example, three cards are drawn to both the dealer and play. Whoever maintains the higher hand will trigger a payout.

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Players must wager the minimum amount of RM01 to experience Three Card Poker at W88 Malaysia. Fortunately, new members can access an RM30 Free Credit after they’ve verified their account. This promotional bonus will allow novice players to maximize their betting potential within Three Card Poker. Moreover, unexpected payouts can be ascertained when using this promotion on Gameplay Interactive’s Three Card Poker.

Additional information on how to access Three Card Poker is available below. Five suggestions have also been provided to better assist our readers in their acquisition of payouts. To learn more, continue on with our beginner’s guide into Three Card Poker.

Five Rules for Playing Three Card Poker at W88

Understanding the betting requirements & gameplay mechanics to Three Card Poker is necessary for the acquisition of payouts. There are generalized rules punters must follow to maximize their potential at winning. For instance, an awareness of the hand-ranks is needed to compete against the virtual dealer.

There could be instances where punters are confused by the ranking of their hand. However, that confusion is avoided when doing preliminary research on the hand-ranks. Additional information on the remaining rules is provided below.

• Gameplay: Players are drawn three cards per betting round. Dealers are also provided three cards. The dealer and player compare their hands. Whoever maintains the higher hand will trigger a payout. This process is repeated throughout the entirety of Three Card Poker.

• Hand Ranks: Significant importance surrounds the ranking of hands. Certain combinations can overcome the dealer. As such, it’s recommended that players educate themselves on the hand ranks before playing Three Card Poker. You’ll be at a disadvantage otherwise.

• Betting Options: Players are provided with two betting options in Three Card Poker. Initially, they’ll need to wager on their respective cards. The amount of that wager is dependent on the player. Afterwards, betting rounds will begin with the dealer and player. If the player wants to Ante Up on their initial wager, the virtual dealer will accept that bet. This allows punters to double down under the circumstance that they’ve got strong cards.

• Betting Time: Three Card Poker maintains time limits within the betting rounds. As such, players have ten seconds to determine how many chips they’ll wager and at what cost. Punters unable to implement their wager within this timeframe are removed from that betting round.

• Betting Limit: Three tables are available in Three Card Poker. The difference between these tables is the betting limit. For instance, Table One allows punters to wager anywhere from RM01 to RM250. Table Two allows for wagers between RM2.50 to RM500, and Table Three allows for betting limits between RM05 to RM1250. It’s important that punters understand the difference between these betting limits. Moreover, select the table that will complement your bankroll.

How to Play Three Card Poker at W88

Accessing Three Card Poker at W88 Casino isn’t difficult. Our three step guide has been designed to allow punters to play Gameplay Interactive’s Three Card Poker within ten seconds. However, registering an account at W88 Casino is needed to complete these steps. Fortunately, explanations of the registration procedures at W88 are provided below. It’s emphasized that during registration, punters will be required to select their preferred banking provider. We recommend Maybank or CIMB for Malaysian Readers, with HSBC and Hong Leong also being reliable options for depositing.

• Registration: Creating an account at W88 Casino & Sportsbook is needed to experience Three Card Poker. As such, readers are required to visit this betting establishment’s homepage. From there, create an account by selecting the “Join” option within W88’s menu. You’ll need to enter personalized details like your name, age, address, email, and number to complete the registration process. Moreover, players must select their preferred banking method to make their initial deposit into W88.

• Betting Limits: As previously mentioned, three betting limits are available in Gameplay Interactive’s Three Card Poker. It’s recommended that players select the betting limit that best coincides with their bankroll. Therefore, punters with RM500 bankrolls are recommended to select the RM01 to RM250 betting limit. This option will ensure that punters can wager for longer periods without depleting their bankroll.

• Betting Rounds: After selecting your preferred betting limit, dealers will begin the betting round. This means wagers ranging anywhere from RM01 to RM250 must be made. We recommend that for the initial betting rounds, punters place wagers varying between RM10 and RM50. This will allow players to bet within their bankroll while potentially receiving payouts at RM20 to RM100. That’s right, payouts are typically doubled in Three Card Poker.

We recommend that players maximize their bankroll by accessing various promotions at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. New members can acquire the RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus while also receiving the RM30 Free Credit. This would allow punters to maintain RM210 in available funds by depositing the minimum into W88. However, review the Terms & Conditions of these promotions before accessing them. There could be regulations that exploit your bankroll. Fortunately, these regulations are rare to notice within the promotions at W88 Casino.


Congratulations on completing our beginner’s guide to Three Card Poker. As you’ve learned, this game isn’t hard to understand, and it is one that lets players cecome proficient at betting within a short timeframe while maintaining the opportunity to trigger numerous payouts.

While our guide lets you jump in and start betting, you can fine-tune your skills via the demo-based version of Three Card Poker. This Free-to-Player version will enable punters to experience Three Card Poker without having to wager their bankroll, whereupon you can then make a deposit, claim the welcome bonus and play real-money Three Card Poker.

W88 Malaysia
100% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600