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How to Play Auto Roulette at W88


Entertaining and lucrative experiences await players that register an account at W88 Live Casino. For instance, punters can access an 20% Welcome Bonus and apply those promotional funds towards various games like Automatic Roulette. Moreover, those funds can prompt numerous payouts for novice punters. This could result in an entertaining and lucrative experience for new members.

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Inexperienced players requiring additional information on W88’s Auto Roulette needn’t look any further. An extensive guide has been provided below to educate you on the gameplay mechanics and betting requirements with Auto Roulette. Moreover, explanations are provided below on the registration guidelines for new players.

How to Play Auto Roulette at W88’s Club Palazzo

Understanding the requirements involved with playing Automatic Roulette isn’t complicated. All newcomers need to understand is the Roulette Wheel and betting options. For example, thirty-six numbers are placed onto the Roulette Wheel. These numbers are coloured in red or black, with single to double digits. It’s the requirement of punters to determine which number will appear next when the Roulette Wheel spins. Players that estimate this position correctly will be rewarded with a payout. However, betting requirements within Automatic Roulette can become more complex than simply guessing the upcoming number. Fortunately, further explanations are provided below.

Before punters can play Automatic Roulette at W88 Live Casino, registering an account is needed. The procedures involved with registering an account isn’t complicated, with punters being required to provide their banking details & personal information. This information will be verified by PAGCOR (The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation). Any account with false information won’t be verified and will be terminated by W88 Casino.

Players interested in experiencing Automatic Roulette at W88 Casino are required to follow these five steps. Fortunately, these guidelines aren’t hard to understand. Novice punters with minimal experience at W88 Live Casino won’t have any difficulties in navigating these steps.

• Visit W88 Casino & Sportsbook. Select to register an account by clicking sign up on the menu.
• Provide the required banking details & personalized information needed to create an account.
• Choose your preferred payment method with W88 Casino. For instance, Maybank or CIMB.
• Navigate the menu at to locate W88 Live Casino. Select Club Massimo for Automatic Roulette.
• Choose your wager for Automatic Roulette. It’s required that players bet the minimum of RM5.

Betting Options and Payouts for Auto Roulette

Straightforward betting options are constructed into Automatic Roulette. Moreover, that simply translates to the payouts in Auto Roulette. For more information, continue reading.

• Straight: Maximum Bet of RM10 – Payouts at 35:1 odds.
• Split: Maximum Bet of RM100 – Payouts at 17:1 odds.
• Street: Maximum Bet of RM150 – Payouts at 11:1 odds.
• Corner: Maximum Bet of RM200 – Payouts at 8:1 odds.
• Line: Maximum Bet of RM300 – Payouts at 5:1 odds.
• Columns/Dozens: Maximum Bet of RM500 – Payouts at 2:1 odds.
• Red/Black: Maximum Bet of RM1000 – Payouts at 1:1 odds.
• Odd/Even: Maximum Bet of RM1000 – Payouts at 1:1 odds.
• Singles: Maximum Bet of RM1000 – Payouts at 1:1 odds.

Novice players unfamiliar with Automatic Roulette could require additional information on the betting options. Fortunately, explanations have been provided below for the Inside Bets and Outside Bets within Automatic Roulette. We recommend that unfamiliar players educate themselves on these betting options. Otherwise, you’ll maintain a competitive disadvantage compared to other punters. Remember, the goal within Automatic Roulette is to maximize your payouts to withdraw profits.

Inside Bets

As previously mentioned, Automatic Roulette has two variations of betting, as defined by the Inside Bets and Outside Bets. It’s crucial that novice punters understand the difference, particularly when Inside Bets are considered the favourite. For instance, payout margins are considerably higher when wagering the Split or Corner. Both of these wagers are considered Inside Bets, making them favourites amongst the betting community. Detailed explanations of the Outside Bets are also provided below.

• Straight: Select One Number on the Roulette Board.
• Corners: Select Four Numbers that corner the Roulette Board.
• Trio: Select the Zero and Two Numbers to wager the Trio Bet.
• Basket: Select the first x4 Numbers on the Roulette Board.
• Split: Select Two Numbers on the Roulette Board, must be adjacent.
• Street: Select Three Numbers on the Roulette Board, must be adjacent.
• Six Line: Select Two Numbered Lines on the Roulette Board, must be adjacent.

Outside Bets

• Colors: Bet on Numbered Positions with Red or Black.
• Columns: Wager on Any Column within the Roulette Board.
• Dozens: Wager on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Half of the Roulette Board.
• Even/Odds: Bet on Numbered Positions with Even or Odds.
• High/Lows: Bet on the First or Second Half of the Roulette Board.

We suggest that novice players unfamiliar with Automatic Roulette interact with the demo-based version of this game. Unfortunately, you won’t locate the demo at W88 Live Casino or the W88 Mobile Casino. However, numerous third-party websites allow visitors to interact with a Free-to-Play version of Automatic Roulette. By playing these demo-based variants, punters can train themselves with the betting options. Eventually, you’ll become proficient in implementing wagers like the Six Line or Columns.

Three Suggestions for W88 Auto Roulette

Most players aren’t provided betting guidelines when registering an account at W88 Casino. As such, serious punters are required to locate suggestions from third-party sources. This has prompted us into providing readers with five suggestions that can maximize their winning potential. However, success isn’t guaranteed for anyone. It’s possible that losses can be sustained without consideration of the betting options, gameplay mechanics, and deposited bankroll. Therefore, these suggestions look to avoid any potential losses by accounting for strategies & bankrolls.

• Rules: Automatic Roulette isn’t complicated to understand at W88 Live Casino. Despite that, understanding the regulations associated to betting is essential for new players. These rules define how payouts are won, and how bankrolls are withdrawn. It’s recommended that when learning these rules, punters wager the minimum amount of RM5. This will assist in negating any losses.

• Strategy: It’s recommended that novice players educate themselves on various strategies to maximize their payouts. However, Automatic Roulette is constructed around a random number generator. It’s impossible for any betting strategies to dominate over an RNG. Therefore, these strategies are questionable unless having previously been proven by a professional gambler.

• Bankroll: We suggest that new players implement a bankroll when playing Automatic Roulette at W88 Casino. This bankroll shouldn’t exceed the funds players have for entertainment purposes. As such, any money meant for utilities shouldn’t be utilized within this bankroll.


Congratulations on finishing our guide to Automatic Roulette at W88 Live Casino. You maintain the knowledge needed to approach any betting situation with confidence. Moreover, readers are now prepared to trigger payouts by utilizing the suggestions we have provided. It’s recommended that novice punters consider accessing the 20% W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus, as those funds will assist in the acquisition of payouts. Follow the link we have provided throughout this article, and you’ll be capable of accessing the initial promotion at W88.

W88 Malaysia
20% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600