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Betting Strategies for Three Card Poker at W88


Registered players at W88 who are interested in increasing their Three Card Poker skills can vastly improve their payouts by implementing betting strategies at W88 Casino. However, an understanding of the gameplay requirements and betting mechanics is needed to highlight these strategies. Fortunately, explanations have been provided below for unfamiliar players.

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Three Card Poker is developed by Gameplay Interactive. Players can access TCP by locating the games category at W88 Casino. From here, punters will notice three betting levels. It’s recommended that new players select the lowest betting level of RM2 to RM500.

Anyone wanting to wager at higher amounts should select the 20% W88 Welcome Bonus, as this will allow punters to wager within the second and third betting levels. This would require wagers ranging between RM5 to RM1000 and RM10 to RM2500.

For now, let’s focus on the development of betting strategies for Three Card Poker, as five suggestions have been provided to assist punters in their acquisition of payouts. Continue reading to find out how those payouts are won in Gameplay Interactive’s Three Card Poker.

1. Select the Betting Limit & Room

As we’ve mentioned before, Gameplay Interactive have added three betting limits into Three Card Poker. Players cannot begin competing for payouts without selecting one of the betting limits. As such, untrained punters are recommended to select the lowest betting limit of RM2 to RM500. By wagering the lowest amount of RM2, betting sessions are prolonged & payout opportunities are extended.

Three Card Poker isn’t played against a Live Dealer at W88 Casino. Instead, punters compete against an RNG. Therefore, selecting the correct betting limit is needed for players to earn the payouts they desire. For instance, payouts are smaller when selecting the RM2 to RM500 betting limit. However, payouts can become considerably larger by choosing the betting limit of RM10 to RM2500. It’s important that punters factor the amount they’d like to win by selecting the correct betting limit.

2. Memorize the Winning Combinations

Memorizing the payout combinations & winning hands within Three Card Poker is needed for players to maximize their profit margins. Fortunately, Three Card Poker is considered one of the easiest variants to learn. Therefore, unfamiliar players shouldn’t have any problems memorizing the winning hands. Despite that, some punters learn better in-game with actual practice. For those players, we recommend participating in the demo version of Three Card Poker. W88 Casino and Gameplay Interactive allow players to experience a free-to-play version of Three Card Poker. As such, advancements in your training can be free of cost.

Players will train themselves to memorize the following hands in Three Card Poker:

• Pair
• Flush
• Straight
• High Card
• Straight Flush
• Three of a Kind
• Mini Royal Flush

After these winning hands have been memorized, wagering becomes less complicated for novice players. You will know when to increase or decrease your wagers based on the likelihood of payouts being earned. For interested players, additional information on the increasing & decreasing of your betting limits has been provided below.

3. Daily Betting Limits & Safe Betting

Implementing limits on the amount that’ll be deposited into W88 Casino is recommended for new players. This will guarantee that untrained players won’t exceed the amount their income requires for utilities, insurance, and other necessities like rent. Therefore, it’s suggested that players deposit the maximum of 30% their income. This will allow punters to retain an additional 70% of their income for financial purposes.

Players feeling compelled to deposit more are recommended to contact regulatory institutions like GamCare. They’ll provide players the tools needed to beat their compulsion to deposit more into W88 Casino & Sportsbook.

4. Minimum Wager Ante Bets

Implementing Ante Bets is recommended in Three Card Poker. However, most punters choose to wager high amounts when selecting an Ante Bet. This isn’t recommended by professional gamblers with considerable experience in TCP. Instead, they suggest that new players wager the lowest amount possible when placing an Ante Bet. Yes, lower payouts are won when betting a smaller amount. However, losses aren’t significant if that Ante Bet isn’t rewarded back to players. Therefore, financial offsets aren’t substantial for your Ante Bet. This provides additional funds needed to continue wagering for standard hands like the Mini Royal Flush or High Card.

5. Side Bets in Three Card Poker

Additional wagers beyond the Ante Bet can be implemented in Three Card Poker. Players want to combine their Side & Ante Bets to maximize the potential of payouts. Anyone that manages to trigger payouts with their Side and Ante Bet will trigger a substantial prize. However, training is required to master this combination. For instance, players should learn which moments are best to implement a Side and Ante Bet. There are certain occasions where this wager isn’t required and other moments where it’s needed. As such, participating in the demo-based version of Three Card Poker is beneficial to punters that require training but don’t want to spend their deposited funds.

Common Mistakes Players Make in Three Card Poker

There are three mistakes that untrained players make when participating in Three Card Poker. It’s almost guaranteed that rookies will make this mistake at some moment. However, we want our readers to start their journey into Three Card Poker with confidence. Therefore, explanations into these three mistakes have been provided below. Punters that avoid these mistakes while implementing our betting suggestions shouldn’t have any complications in acquiring a payout.

• Betting Systems: Rookie punters will switch their betting systems mid-game in hopes they will trigger additional payouts. However, professional gamblers have advised new punters to remain with one betting system per game. It’s been statistically proven that one betting system per game is better than multiple.

•Side Bets: Untrained players will implement an unrelenting amount of side bets. It’s presumed that additional wagers will increase the likelihood of payouts being earned. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with every betting round. There are moments where Ante Bets are preferred by the RNG.

• Wagers: Rookie gamblers believe that wagering higher amounts will increase their likelihood at earning significant payouts. This has been a long-time rumour within the iGaming industry. Unfortunately, there isn’t any proof behind this rumour. Wagering higher amounts will only deplete the bankroll of new players. As previously mentioned, we recommend wagering the lowest amount possible until you’ve mastered your skills in Three Card Poker.


Congratulations on completing our guide into Three Card Poker. The betting strategies we’ve provided should assist new players in their acquisition of payouts. The information that readers have gained should provide them with the knowledge to compete against other players with confidence. As such, we recommend our readers register an account with W88 Casino today. Receive the W88 RM600 Bonus!

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