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How to Play Casino War at W88


Casino War is celebrated globally for providing straightforward & simplistic gameplay that anyone can contend against. As such, the demand for Casino War has skyrocketed in numerous countries, including Malaysia. This has prompted betting establishments like W88 Casino to collaborate with various developers, including Gameplay Interactive.

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Gameplay Interactive’s Casino War is developed for the purpose of real-money wagers. However, free-play options are supported for untrained players that need additional preparation for their betting strategy. We recommend that punters practice their betting routine with the free-play version of Casino War before depositing and wagering for real-money. This will create a positive trajectory that leads towards payouts.

Players can strengthen their betting strategies for Casino War by utilizing the promotions available at W88 Malaysia. For example, an RM600 20% Welcome Bonus is accessible for new members at W88. This promotion will accelerate the funds that players have for wagering, meaning that payouts can be pursued without concern of the bankroll.

Additional information into Gameplay Interactive’s Casino War is identified below. This brief but thorough guide should provide readers the information needed to approach W88’s Casino War with confidence.

Rules and Guidelines to Playing Casino War

Participating in Gameplay Interactive’s Casino War requires preemptive training from uninitiated players. It’s essential that competitors understand the gameplay mechanics, betting requirements, and card valuations to Casino War. As such, explanations have been identified down below for interested readers.

• Gameplay: Casino War begins with players placing a bet with their preferred chip size. After the initial betting round is completed, face-up cards are dealt to the player and dealer. Four additional face-down cards will be distributed after the next round of betting. Then the fifth card is revealed to determine who had the highest hand. Whoever has the highest hand receives the pot-prize.

• Card Value: Casino War is played with a 52-Card Deck. These cards are ranked lowest to highest in the following order – Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Joker, Queen, King, and Ace.

• Betting Time: Players are given fifteen seconds to select their chip-size and place a wager in Casino War. Automatic selections will be made if players don’t make their selection in that timeframe.

• Betting Limit: Three betting limits are supported in Casino War. The minimum amount that can be wagered is RM2, with the maximum amount being RM2500.

Players requiring additional training in Casino War are recommended to select the demo-based version of this game on W88. This will enable punters to test their skillsets within an identical environment to the real-money version of Casino War. As such, betting strategies can be formed without the concern of losses being sustained. Anyone interested in playing the Casino War Demo are recommended to continue reading, as information on how to access this game is provided below.

How to Access Casino War

Navigating the W88 Dashboard is undemanding for new members, as distinct categories are outlined for players to track their preferred game. This dashboard’s uncomplicated nature means punters will locate Gameplay Interactive’s Casino War in minutes. As you’ll see below, two steps are involved with accessing Casino War.

• Step 1: Visit W88 and Select Casino War

Registering an account is mandatory at W88 Casino. Players won’t be authorized to deposit or withdraw at W88 without an account being registered and verified. Fortunately, registry isn’t complicated, with players having to simply provide details on their citizenship & geographic location in Malaysia.

Anyone refusing to highlight this information will be barred from registering an account. It’s important to know that anyone creating an account will be capable of freely navigating the W88 Dashboard and selecting from the hundreds of games available, including Casino War.

• Step 2: Select a Betting Limit and Start Wagering

Three betting limits are supported in Gameplay Interactive’s Casino War. Players are required to select their preferred betting limit to move forward with wagering. Therefore, we recommend that untrained players choose the RM2 to RM500 limit.

Higher bankrolls are possible by selecting from the RM5 to RM1000 Limit or RM10 to RM2500 Limit. It isn’t required that players wager the full amount they’ve selected. You can withdraw any funds that have been deposited without penalization.

After selecting the preferred betting limit, wagering options become available in the form of chips. Players choosing to wager within the RM2 to RM500 limit will be authorized to wager chip sizes of RM2, RM5, RM25, RM100, and RM500. We recommend punters wager anywhere from RM5 to RM25 to maximize the potential of their bankroll.


Congratulations on completing our guide to Gameplay Interactive’s Casino War. The information you’ve been provided in this guide gives the initial preparation needed to trigger substantial payouts in Casino War. Additional preparation is possible by interacting with the free-play version of Casino War.

We recommend punters consider this option to maximize their potential in triggering payouts. It’s also suggested that newly-registered players inquire about the RM600 20% Welcome Bonus at W88, as this promotion should accelerate your winning capacity with Casino War.

W88 Malaysia
20% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600