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How to Play Thai Hi Lo at W88


W88 Casino has partnered with Gameplay Interactive to bring players two variations of Thai Hi Low. This isn’t surprising when noticing that numerous games are themed towards the Malaysian clientele. As such, region-specific games like Thai Hi Lo are available for registered members at W88. Both variations are known to provide significant payouts for participating players.

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However, while the graphics for Thai Hi Lo are becoming outdated, the game continues to appeal to many players, and, as readers will see below, this game can return some generous profits when implementing the correct bets. For those interested in understanding Thai Hi Lo better and learning how to play Hi Lo, we recommend reading onwards.

How to Play Thai Hi Low at W88 Casino

Prior to playing Thai Hi Lo, the first step required by W88 Casino is the creation of player account. As such, W88 will request you provide detailed information regarding your address, name, and other details, such as your date of birth & preferred banking method. Then, there’ll be the additional requirement of depositing with banking institutions like HSBC, CIMB, Maybank, or Hong Leong.

Likewise, W88 requires new players to deposit a minimum of RM30 when funding their account, as this is a minimum requirement for activating the new player welcome bonus. However, after these steps are completed, punters can access Thai Hi Low by selecting the “Games” category with W88’s navigation menu.

How to Wager in Thai Hi Low at W88 Casino

Players that select to participate in Thai Hi Low will be presented with three options. Depending on the option selected, one of three betting tables will be selected. The table chosen will decide the betting limits of that player. Therefore, understanding the betting limits within W88’s Thai Hi Lo is essential to competing.

• Table One: Minimum Bet of RM1 – Maximum Bet of RM500 (Beginner)

• Table Two: Minimum Bet of RM10 – Maximum Bet of RM1000 (Intermediate)

• Table Three: Minimum Bet of RM50 – Maximum Bet of RM5000 (Professional)

Players should rank these tables based on their competitive level. Novice players should start with the beginner option, as losses will be minimal when wagering RM1 per hand. However, once your skillsets have been established, competing within the professional level is possible.

Gameplay Mechanics for W88’s Thai Hi Lo

It’s recommended that novice players educate themselves on the gameplay mechanics and betting options with Thai Hi Low. By maintaining this knowledge, there’s a superior likelihood of triggering payouts. As such, we have provided brief descriptions into the core gameplay elements of Thai Hi Lo.

• Gameplay: Players must estimate the total value of three numbers on x3 Dice. Players wagering high will place bets between 12 to 18, with players wagering low focusing on bets between 3 and 10.

• Betting Time: Players have twenty seconds to select their betting chip and implement a wager. Anyone incapable of confirming their wagers within this timeframe won’t have their bet recognized for the upcoming round.

• Betting Limit: Players must remain within the betting limit, which varies between RM1 to RM5000. It’s recommended that new players wager between RM10 to RM50.

Understanding the wagering limits & betting timeframe is essential to making precise wagers within Thai Hi Lo. Moreover, there are twelve betting options players have at their disposal, and by educating themselves on these twelve betting options before first wagering with real-money, they will be able to develop a betting strategy and avoid any unfortunate mistakes when placing wagers.

Thai Hi Lo Betting Options

Similar to Live Roulette at W88 Live Casino, Thai Hi Lo maintains numerous betting options to strengthen the opportunity of in-game strategies. It’s recommended that anyone unfamiliar with Thai Hi Lo learn about these betting options, as certain moments might require punters to implement wagers like the “Specific Three” or “11 Hi Lo”. Read onwards to find out more.

• Hi: Players wager for three dice to total the sum of 12 to 13.
• Lo: Punters bet that three dice will total the sum of 3 to 10.
• 6 Lo: Wager that three dice faces will each show the number six.
• 5 Lo: Bet that three dice faces will all maintain the number five.
• 1 Lo: Wager that one of three dice will have a one on its top-face.
• 3 Lo: Players wager that the total sum of three dice will be three.
• 6 Hi: Wager that one of three dice will maintain a six on its top face.
• 4 Hi: Bet that one of three dice will have a four on its top face.
• 11 Hi Lo: Wager that the total sum of three dice will be eleven.
• Specific One: Bet on any specific number to appear on the dice.
• Specific Two: Bet on any two paired numbers to appear on the dice.
• Specific Three: Bet on three paired numbers to appear on the dice.


W88 Casino and Gameplay Interactive have created an immersive yet exciting experience with Thai Hi Lo. We recommend that anyone who’s read this guide register an account with W88 Casino and claim their RM30 free credit bonus. Apply this free credit towards your first experience with Thai Hi Low, and flourish behind the potential payouts.

Moreover, anyone that registers an account today can also qualify for the RM600 W88 Slots Welcome Bonus. This means you can wager on your favourite video slots from Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and Gameplay Interactive, to name a few.

W88 Malaysia
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