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How to Play Bai 3 Cay at W88


Since launching in 2013, Asian-themed gambling products have dominated the betting landscape in Malaysia. This has enabled online betting establishments like W88 Casino to provide a diverse catalogue of games. Within this catalogue, W88 includes many Malyasia-friendly titles, such as Xoc Dia and Pok Deng, and of course, Bài Cào, an infamous card game that originated from Vietnamese festivals.

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Players that register an account at W88 Casino can experience Gameplay Interactive’s Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac. This game is specific to W88 Casino, with punters being hard-pressed to locate this title at other betting establishments in Malaysia. This particular version requires players to compete against a virtual dealer for the hand closest to nine. Whoever obtains this hand will trigger a payout.

Unfortunately, most betting sites offering some variation of Bài Cào often have questionable reputations, but this is not the case with W88, as they are licensed by the Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation. Moreover, SSL Encrypted software used by W88 is certified and safeguarded to ensure game results are random and provably fair.

We recommend that anyone interested in playing Bài Cào at W88 Casino & Sportsbook register an account. Various promotions are available until the New Year, including:

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Additional information on Gameplay Interactive’s Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac is available below. This guide will educate readers on the betting requirements & gameplay mechanics involved with Bai 3 Cay. We also have a three-step guide into accessing this title from W88 Casino. Read on for more details.

Rules for Playing Bai 3 Cay Online

Straightforward & simplistic gameplay is offered through Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac. For instance, all that’s required is for participants to match their hand against the dealer. Whoever maintains the highest hand will trigger a payout. This direct approach to competing has allowed for Bài Cào to become an immensely popular game throughout Malaysia. However, some punters feel additional information is needed to understand the betting requirements & gameplay mechanics involved in Bai 3 Cay. As such, details on the core components of Bai 3 Cay are provided below.

• Gameplay: Players will wager their preferred amount. Afterwards, virtual dealers distribute three cards to the player and themselves. Both the dealer and player will match their cards. Whoever has the highest hand will trigger a payout.

• Card Value: Three cards are removed from the “Bai 3 Cay Card Deck”. Those include the Joker, King, and Queen. Moreover, Aces are valued at x1.

• Betting Time: Players have twenty-five seconds to determine their wager. Players unable to wager within this time limit will be forfeited from the betting round.

• Betting Limits: Three betting limits are supported within Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac. Each limit is considered a level. There’s a beginner, intermediate, and professional options. More details on these limits are provided below.

• Betting Odds: Payouts are rewarded at 2:1 in Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac. This means players double up on their wager whenever payouts are triggered.

How to Access Bai 3 Cay

Accessing Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac at W88 Casino & Sportsbook isn’t difficult as this game is straightforward & requires only three steps from players, with the initial step focusing on account registration. But readers needn’t worry, as promotional rewards are regularly offered to those who create a W88 account.

• Step 1: Visit W88 and Select Bai 3 Cay under Games

Players that register an account are required to provide standard details like their name, address, date of birth, number, and email. This information is used to verify your credentials with the governing authority of Malaysia & PAGC. It’s recommended that players don’t exaggerate the details regarding their credentials, as this could create complications with your account.

After an account is verified, punters are requested to deposit into their account via an assortment of banking options. We recommend selecting the “Direct Bank Transfer” option, as punters can utilize institutions like Maybank or HSBC for their depositing and withdrawing needs. Once the initial deposit of RM30 is finalized, punters can access Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac by accessing the “Games” category within W88’s Menu.

• Step 2: Select your Preferred Table and Set a Betting Limit

As previously mentioned, three betting limits are supported within Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac. These betting limits are designed as in-game tables with different wagering limits. For instance, table one maintains a limit of RM1 to RM250. It’s recommended that beginners focus on this table, as losses are substantial when wagering at the start level.

The intermediate level focuses on table two, which maintains the maximum betting limit of RM500. However, professional players focus on the third table, which sustains a wagering limit of RM5 to RM1250. It’s recommended that punters don’t select this table until they’ve mastered their skillsets within Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac.

• Step 3: Start Betting

After players have selected their preferred table and prioritized their betting limit, wagering can begin. Fortunately, wagering within Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac isn’t complicated. All that’s required is for punters to select an amount inside the designated betting limit. For beginners, we recommend wagering anywhere from RM10 to RM50. This will allow from substantial returns whenever payouts are obtained, particularly when wagering RM50, as this would result in prizes at RM100.


The straightforward approach to betting with Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac has enabled this game to become immensely popular at W88 Malaysia. This isn’t surprising, as W88 Casino has prioritized the Malaysian market since first launching in 2013. We recommend that anyone interested in playing Bài Cào consider W88 Casino, as their experiences won’t be disappointing.

Quite the opposite occurs, as promotional opportunities are never-ending with W88 Malaysia. Moreover, new games are provided every month to extend W88’s catalogue. As such, experiences are continuously improved when playing with W88 Casino & Sportsbook. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today, visit the W88 promos section, make a deposit and activate the RM600 Welcome Bonus.

W88 Malaysia
20% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600