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How to Access and Play Stud Poker at W88


Throughout the last decade, W88 Casino has developed an innovative & adventurous experience by combining numerous developers into one gaming catalogue, with hundreds of games being at the player’s disposal. This includes an assortment of Virtual & Live Poker Games, like Live Stud Poker at W88 Club Palazzo, and while Malaysian players can register an account to play Live Stud Poker at W88, understanding the gameplay & betting requirements needed to compete at the highest level will need a little help.

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Fortunately, the explanations we have been provided throughout this review about Stud Poker are designed exactly for that purpose. For instance, W88 requires a minimum betting requirement of RM5 and a maximum of RM5000 when playing Stud Poker. Ultimately, the amount wagered depends on the player. W88 Casino also recommends that players take advantage of the RM600 W88 20% Live Casino Welcome Bonus, as this promotion will maximize the payout opportunities of competing players.

Moreover, wagers can be increased without consequence to the bankroll. Therefore, this promotion is advantageous for novice players learning how to wager & compete in Live Stud Poker. If you’re one of those players, continue reading as more information is provided on how to facilitate payouts in Stud Poker.

Betting Limits & Hand Combinations in W88 Stud Poker

The experience maintained between Texas Hold’em and Stud Poker is identical, with the core difference being that players receive five cards as opposed to two. This doesn’t make the game more complicated, as anyone familiar with poker will maintain the knowledge & skillsets to compete. It shouldn’t take longer than 24 Hours to adapt your skillsets within Texas Hold’em and transition them to Live Stud Poker. However, punters needing additional information can locate details about the betting options & hand combinations below.

Dealers: Live Stud Poker doesn’t focus on multiple players competing against each other. Instead, punters will compete against the dealer. This makes winning payouts more straightforward & direct. Despite that, both the dealer and player maintain equal opportunity at winning. This means challenges await when wagering against the dealer.

Betting Limit: As previously mentioned, betting limits are applied within W88’s Live Stud Poker. Players are authorized to wager the minimum amount of RM5. However, those individuals can maximize their wagers to the highest amount of RM500. It all depends on what the situation calls for at that moment.

Betting Time: Unfortunately, players are limited in the available timeframe for wagering. You will need to select your preferred wager within fourteen seconds to compete. Players that don’t wager within that timeframe will opt out of the betting round.

Betting Options: Ten winning combinations are supported within Live Stud Poker. However, bluffing isn’t part of Stud Poker. Instead, the dealer & player both showcase their card to reveal the higher hand. Whoever maintains the higher hand will trigger one of these ten winning combinations.

Card Combinations: As previously mentioned, there are ten winning combinations within Live Stud Poker. However, those combinations can be awarded in numerous ways, as 160+ Card Combinations are supported within W88 Stud Poker.

Hand Rankings in Live Stud Poker

Understanding the hand rankings within Live Stud Poker is essential for novice players. You’ll be at a competitive disadvantage by refusing to learn about these hand rankings. As such, dealers will typically overcome players unless the cards aren’t in their favour. Therefore, strengthening your knowledge of Live Stud Poker is needed to progress onwards towards payouts. For more information, read below.

Royal Flush: Five consecutive cards with high-ranking suits are needed to trigger the Royal Flush. An example would be the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten cards.

Straight Flush: Five consecutive cards with an identical suit are needed to trigger the Straight Flush. There could be instances where both the dealer & player have Straight Flushes. If that happens, the individual maintaining the higher-ranking suit will trigger a payout.

Four of a Kind: Four consecutive cards of the same value are needed to trigger Four of a Kind. Poker suits are irrelevant to this hand.

Full House: Three cards maintaining the same value are needed to trigger this hand. An additional two cards with the same value are needed to complete the five-card hand. Poker suits are irrelevant for the Full House.

Flush: Five consecutive cards maintaining an identical poker suit are needed to trigger this winning combination.

Straight: Five consecutive cards maintaining a sequenced value are needed to activate this winning combination.

Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same value are needed to trigger the Three of a Kind winning combination. Poker suits are irrelevant to this hand.

Two Pair: Four cards that create two different pairs of any suit.

One Pair: Two cards matching into a single pair are needed to trigger this winning combination.

High Card: Any High Card like the King, Queen, Jack, or Ace is needed to activate this winning combination.

Playing Live Stud Poker at W88

Experiencing Live Stud Poker is straightforward & simple at the W88 Live Casino, as the navigation menu isn’t complicated. However, registering an account is needed to access this game without complication. Fortunately, explanations on how to create an account at W88 is provided below.

Step 1: Visit W88 Live Casino and Select Club Palazzo

Enter the W88 Homepage to interact with the navigation menu. From here, various options will be available to new players, including Join and Login. You want to select the “Join Now” option to begin the registration process. It’s required that participants provide their name, address, number, email, and age when creating an account at W88. This information will be verified with various institutions across Malaysia.

After an account is registered, players can access the W88 Live Casino. There will be five betting clubs available for players to choose from software companies like Evolution & Ezugi. But our readers want to access Club Palazzo, as this is where Live Stud Poker from Playtech Gaming is available.

Step 2: Select Live Stud Poker

You’ll be redirected to another page after selecting to play Live Stud Poker at Club Palazzo. Once the game has loaded, punters are required to enter their initial wager. It’s stipulated that punters must wager a minimum of RM5 to begin competing, with the maximum wager allowed being RM500. We recommend that most players wager RM25 to earn reasonable returns from the dealer.


Congratulations on learning the essentials of Live Stud Poker at W88 Casino. With this knowledge, our readers should maintain the initial skillsets needed to compete against the dealer. However, we recommend novice punters maximize their opportunity by claiming the Live Casino Welcome Bonus. This promotion will provide additional funds to wager and deliver you everything needed to play Live Stud Poker.

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