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How to Play Real Money Sic Bo at W88


An innovative & exciting experience is available to players who sign-up with W88 Casino. For instance, hundreds of games are compounded into one catalogue at W88 Casino. Within this gaming catalogue, players can participate in numerous video slots from recognizable developers like Microgaming and Gameplay Interactive. Moreover, Live Sic Bo is available at W88 Casino.

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W88 Live Casino has dominated the iGaming landscape in Malaysia. As such, fundamental games like Live Sic Bo have been introduced to punters. Despite that, some players are unfamiliar with the betting requirements & gameplay principles. As such, an introduction to Live Sic Bo has been provided to help you learn about the gameplay fundamentals and betting opportunities in Sic Bo.

W88 Live Casino – How to Play Sic Bo

Registered members at W88 Casino needn’t concern themselves with this section. However, players that haven’t created an account are recommended to read onward. These three steps will educate novice punters on how Live Sic Bo is accessed at W88 Casino. Fortunately, this guide isn’t hard to follow. Anyone that’s previously wagered with an online betting establishment shouldn’t have any concerns.

Step 1 – Create an Account: Access the W88 Homepage by following the link we have provided. Afterwards, select the option that reads join now. Fill out the required information needed to create an account, with basic information like name and address being required.

Step 2 – Find Club Palazzo at W88: Players wanting to experience Live Sic Bo must access Club Palazzo via the W88 Live Casino. You can locate Club Palazzo within the W88 Live Casino. Once players have accessed Club Palazzo, they will need to bet the minimum amount of RM8.

Step 3 – Begin Betting: Players aren’t required to bet the minimum amount to initially complete, as wagers worth more than RM8 are allowed. You could begin betting by selecting a wager at RM100. However, RM8 is the minimum requirement to start competing.

Punters wanting to maintain a budget are recommended to select Virtual Sic Bo at W88 Casino, as this version of the game requires participants to wager RM1 as the minimum bet. This is considerably cheaper than Live Sic Bo’s RM8 minimum bet. However, experiences are dampened when playing Virtual Sic Bo. We recommend our readers select Live Sic Bo to maximize their entertainment value.

5 Tips & Tricks for W88 Live Sic Bo

Unfortunately, betting strategies are nonessential to Live Sic Bo, as this gambling product is prioritized around randomized payouts. This means everyone retains an equal opportunity to trigger payouts. But understanding how those payouts are acquired is pertinent towards a player maximizing their payouts. Fortunately, five suggestions have been provided to improve the skillsets of novice punters. Read below for more information.

The Objective of Sic Bo: W88 Dealers will introduce three dice into Live Sic Bo. It’s the players’ role to estimate what the value of those three dice will be when the betting round has completed. Those who guess correctly will be awarded a payout that’s worth 1:1 to 87:1 Odds.

The Dealer: Three dice are positioned inside a glass dome that’s shaken with vibration. This causes the randomized rolling of three dice. Once the vibration has ended, the dice will stop rolling to reveal a total of 3 to 18. Payouts are provided to whichever player has estimated the correct value.

Betting Time Limits: Novice players should understand that when participating in Live Sic Bo, they’ll have fifteen seconds to select their chips & place a bet. Anyone incapable of betting within that timeframe will be expelled from that betting round. As such, time limits should be taken seriously.

Minimum Bet: As previously mentioned, players are required to wager the minimum amount of RM8 to participate in Live Sic Bo. Cheaper options exist for those maintaining a budget, as minimum bets at RM1 are allowed with Virtual Sic Bo.

Betting Selection: Understanding the betting options isn’t challenging with Live Sic Bo. Unlike other games that maintain numerous wagers, Live Sic Bo has several options for players to choose from, including the Big Bet & Small Bet. More information on the betting selection is provided below.

Betting Options & Pay-Outs at Sic Bo Casino Game

As previously mentioned, novice players shouldn’t be overwhelmed when playing Live Sic Bo. The betting options available aren’t challenging to understand, with several wagers being available to consumers. You’ll have a heightened opportunity to trigger payouts when mastering the betting options available within W88’s Live Sic Bo.

Big Bet: Players estimate the total sum of three dice, ranging between 11/18. Payouts are 1:1 odds.

Small Bet: Punters estimate the total sum of three dice, ranging between 4/10. Payouts are 1:1 Odds.

Paired Bets: Players select from fifteen sub-bets that payout 24:1 Odds on triggered combinations.

Double Bet: Receive 87:1 odds on your payouts when wagering that two dice will maintain the same value. Players will need to estimate that value correctly.

Triple Bet: Receive 150-999 odds on your payouts when wagering that three dice will maintain identical values. Players will need to guess the value of those x3 Dice correctly.

Any Triple: Payouts at 87:1 odds are obtained whenever players correctly estimate the value of any three dice.

Understanding & mastering the wagering options in Live Sic Bo could become costly. Therefore, we recommend our readers try out the demo-based version of Virtual Sic Bo. This will enable novice punters to determine how these betting options work.

How to Play Sic Bo at W88

Interacting with Live Sic Bo could be overwhelming for novice players. As such, you’ll want to follow the guidelines we have mentioned throughout this examination. For instance, demo-based variations of Virtual Sic Bo can educate players on the wagering options & gameplay requirements. However, additional means of education are available to novice punters. These individuals could spectate other players competing at W88’s Live Sic Bo. By spectating these trained competitors, beginners will learn additional tips & tricks to benefit their betting ventures.

After players have trained themselves on the essentials of Live Sic Bo, it’s recommended that they access the W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus. You’ll receive RM600 in playable funds by accessing this promotion. However, participants cannot qualify for this promotion without depositing RM30 into their accounts. We suggest that new members at W88 Casino use trustworthy payment options like the “Direct Bank Transfer”. This will allow them to deposit with banking institutions like CIMB, RHB, PBB, or Hong Leong.


Memorable experiences wait for players that participate in Live Sic Bo at W88 Casino. The gameplay is identical to something you’d expect from a brick & mortar betting establishment. However, punters aren’t required to leave their homes to participate in these gameplay sessions. Instead, desktops and smartphones are supported for Live Sic Bo at W88 Casino. That’s correct, you can take the knowledge & suggestions we have provided and apply them to Live Sic Bo on your iPhone or Android. Doesn’t that sound incredible? Absolutely. So, what’s stopping you from signing up today?

W88 Malaysia
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