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How to Play Teen Patti at W88


Thousands of people have noticed W88 Casino & Sportsbook, as this brand continues to gain a reputation for excellence and growth through notable sponsorships with Leicester FC and Fulham FC. Players have flocked towards W88 Casino, hoping to experience some incredible gameplay. Those individuals haven’t been let down, as thousands of gambling products are supported by W88. For instance, numerous punters have taken interest in Teen Patti.

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Throughout this guide, we’ll explore how Teen Patti is played. Information regarding the gameplay mechanics and betting options is provided. Moreover, readers will be informed about the promotional bonuses at W88 Casino. After reading this guide, punters should maintain all the knowledge needed to compete at the highest level within Teen Patti.

Important Rules for Playing Teen Patti

Don’t get worried, understanding the betting requirements and gameplay mechanics for Teen Patti isn’t difficult. This game is straightforward & direct in its approach to wagering. For instance, both the punter and dealer are provided with three cards. Whoever maintains the highest ranking hand will trigger a payout. Moreover, Teen Patti is played with two betting rounds. This means triggering payouts comes considerably faster than in Online Poker. As such, bankrolls can be maximized at superior rates of speed.

Wagering in Teen Patti starts with punters placing an Ante Bet. This initial wager won’t allow players to review their cards, meaning that wagers are made blindly. After the first bet is placed, players can view their hand. But the first card will become visible to the live dealer, with the remaining two cards being visible exclusively to yourself. In this moment, punters can determine if they’ll Check or Fold.

• Fold: Surrender your cards to the dealer. Further wagers aren’t allowed until the betting round is completed. Players terminate their placement in the betting round when folding.

• Check: Punters place another wager on their hand, with the value matching the Ante Bet. This wager initiates the showdown where the player and dealer determine who has the highest ranked hand.

Teen Patti Winning Hands & Card Ranks

Six payouts are possible in Teen Patti. However, triggering these payouts means that punters must maintain a superior hand to the dealer. Fortunately, this isn’t challenging under the right conditions. But understanding the winning combinations in Teen Patti is needed to trigger these payouts. As such, explanations have been provided below to our readers.

• Trio: Considered the highest-ranking hand in Teen Patti, players must maintain three high cards with the same suit. In Teen Patti, Hearts are the highest-ranking suit players can acquire.

• Pair: Players must hand two cards with similar ranks. For instance, x2 Aces would allow punters to trigger the pair winning combination. Under the condition that dealers don’t have a higher hand.

• Color: This hand doesn’t factor in the ranking of cards. Instead, this hand focuses on the suit of your cards. Players want to have x3 Hearts, x3 Diamonds, x3 Clovers, or x3 Spades. The best option would be x3 Hearts.

• High Card: This is the most straightforward winning combination in Teen Patti. All that’s required for players is having the highest card against the dealer. Having an Ace, King, and Queen would allow punters to trigger the high card winning combination.

• Sequence: The Sequence hand is similar to the High Card, as players must maintain three cards following the ranking sequence. The Joker, Ten, and Nine cards would allow punters to activate the Sequence. This hand doesn’t specify the suit of these cards.

• Pure Sequence: Identical to the Sequence Hand, a Pure Sequence factors the suit of cards. Players want to maintain an Ace of Hearts, King of Hearts, and Queen of Hearts for this hand.

Two Step Guide for Accessing Teen Patti at W88

Accessing Teen Patti at W88 Live Casino isn’t complicated, with punters typically needing five minutes to register an account and start playing. Detailed explanations on creating an account, depositing into W88 Casino, and accessing Teen Patti has been provided below. Additional information has also been provided on the promotional options at W88 Casino, with the Welcome Bonus being explained below. Continue reading to find out more.

• Step One: Visit W88 Casino to Create an Account

Readers interested in playing Teen Patti at W88 Casino will need to submit their account registration. This means providing detailed information regarding your person. For instance, name and address are required. After players have provided the correct information and PAGCOR has verified all details, punters will be authorized to login to their accounts. From there, deposits are permitted via banking providers like MayBank and CIMB. Once deposits have been made, players can begin their experience by selecting Teen Patti from the “Games Category” at W88.

• Step Two: Start Betting on Teen Patti at W88

Players are authorized to wager anywhere from RM1 to RM250 in W88’s Teen Patti. We recommend that readers place bets at RM10 to RM25 to maximize the value of their bankroll. Moreover, these wagers can produce significant payouts under the right conditions. We recommend that players wanting to maximize their bankroll acquire W88’s RM600 Welcome Promotion. This promotion will enable punters to wager for prolonged periods, meaning that increased opportunities are provided to trigger payouts. In most cases, newcomers have withdrawn funds from their accounts after acquiring this bonus.


Congratulation on completing our guide to Teen Patti at W88 Casino. The information we’ve provided should enable readers to maximize their potential when betting and competing for payouts. However, players requiring additional research about this game are recommended to select the Teen Patti Demo. It’s free to access and allows punters to compete in Teen Patti without depositing, meaning that the gameplay mechanics & betting requirements can be researched without cost. After punters feel confident in their capabilities for Teen Patti, Real-money wagers can be made at W88 Casino. So, create an account at W88 Casino today!

W88 Malaysia
100% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600