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How to Play Monopoly Big Baller at W88


Launching in the summer of 2022, Monopoly Big Baller is Evolution Gaming’s sequel to Monopoly Live. It’s become an iconic game since releasing, as regions like Malaysia and Indonesia continue to embrace the exciting payouts & gameplay mechanics. This has encouraged betting establishments like W88 Casino to add Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Big Baller to their game inventory.

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Punters who create an account at W88 are authorized to play Monopoly Big Baller. Unfortunately, these individuals cannot access a demo-based version of MBB. Instead, deposited wagers are required to participate in Evolution Gaming’s sequel to Monopoly Live. This means preemptive research is needed for players to maximize their potential on Monopoly Big Baller. Fortunately, an informative guide has been provided to readers. You’ll learn about the betting requirements for MBB while also learning about the promotional opportunities associated with this game.

Rules for Playing Monopoly Big Baller Online

Monopoly Big Baller is unique, meaning the gameplay mechanics & betting options require patience to understand. For example, players are required to wager on a 5×5 Cell Card that has one free space & four chance cards. After wagers have been placed, numbers ranging from one to sixty will be generated randomly. If those numbers correspond with the wagered spaces, punters are rewarded with payouts that are multiplied by the free space. The multiplier is determined by which numbers corresponded with the 5×5 Cell Card.

Players aren’t limited to the standard gameplay with Monopoly Big Baller, as there are two additional modes named the Monopoly Big Baller Bonus Game and the Monopoly Multiplier Board. Both of these modes can trigger substantial rewards under the right conditions. More information is provided below.

• Bonus Game: Triggering the bonus game requires that players land on random free spaces that have “Three Rolls” or “Five Rolls” on the Monopoly Dice. This will prompt the bonus game, where twenty numbers are drawn. Any numbers matching with your Monopoly Dice will prompt an additional payout. The dice will be rolled five times, meaning punters have the opportunity to trigger substantial prizes.

• Monopoly Multiplier Board: Triggering the Monopoly Multiplier Board requires that participants activate a payout within the standard bonus mode. If payouts are acquired, players will be sent to the Monopoly Multiplier Board after the initial bonus round has concluded. During the secondary bonus round, players are sent around a standard Monopoly Board that has houses and hotels on various properties. As punters land on these properties, multipliers are increased alongside your initial payout from the first bonus round.

The Monopoly Multiplier Board maintains an average of five rolls. Once these five rolls have concluded, punters are sent back towards the regular game mode. We must mention that punters can be placed in jail within the Monopoly Multiplier Board. If you’re placed in jail, the bonus round is immediately finished, and all multipliers rewarded during the secondary bonus round are lost. However, initial payouts from the first bonus round are paid out.

How to Access Monopoly Big Baller at W88

Creating an account with W88 Casino is necessary to participate in Monopoly Big Baller. As such, verifiable information regarding your citizenship in Malaysia is required. Players unable to provide these details won’t be authorized to deposit or withdraw at W88, as the Philippine Amusements & Gaming Corporation verifies all information provided during registration. Otherwise, two steps are involved with accessioning Monopoly Big Baller at W88. Read onwards to learn about these steps.

• Step 1: Visit W88 Casino and Select Monopoly Big Baller.

As previously mentioned, registration is required to experience Monopoly Big Baller at W88 Casino. Once an account is verified, punters can access Monopoly Big Baller from the W88 Live Casino. You want to select Club Evolution’s Game Shows category, as this will introduce punters to MBB.

• Step 2: Start Wagering from RM01 to RM1000.

After Monopoly Big Baller has loaded, players are required to select their preferred wager. We recommend betting anywhere from RM10 to RM25. However, consumers can implement wagers ranging anywhere from RM01 to RM1000. This allows punters with varying bankrolls to compete, including high-rollers that prefer large payouts.

FAQ About Monopoly Big Baller

Q: Is It Safe to Play Monopoly Big Baller at W88?

A: W88 Casino & Sportsbook is protected by an SSL Encrypted Network. Therefore, Monopoly Big Baller is secured by firewall protected servers, meaning punters needn’t worry about their account information being accessed by third-party providers.

Q: What is the Minimum Bet for Monopoly Big Baller at w88?

A: Players are authorized to wager the minimum amount of RM01 when playing Monopoly Big Baller at W88 Casino.

Q: What is the Maximum Bet for Monopoly Big Baller at w88?

A: Evolution Gaming and W88 Casino authorize players to wager the maximum amount of RM1000 when betting on Monopoly Big Baller.

Q: Can I play Monopoly Big Baller for Free at W88?

A: Unfortunately, demo modes aren’t supported with Monopoly Big Baller. You’ll be required to deposit funds into your account to compete in MBB.


Congratulations on completing our guide to Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Big Baller. You won’t be disappointed with the experience provided through this game, as innovative betting options & gameplay mechanics make for an adrenaline-filled playthrough. We recommend that anyone interested in playing Monopoly Big Baller register an account at W88.

Afterwards, the RM600 20% Live Casino Welcome Bonus will enable punters to receive RM600 in their accounts, meaning their wagering opportunities are substantially accelerated. Players that acquire this promotion could find themselves winning thousands of Malaysian Ringgits. So, what are you waiting for? Create an account at W88 Casino today and start playing Monopoly Big Baller from Evolution Gaming.

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