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How to Play Punto Banco at W88


Punto Banco is described as an innovative game by professional gamblers, as punters have numerous opportunities to trigger payouts. Most newcomers won’t know, but Punto Banco is based on Baccarat. There are inherent similarities between the two games, meaning anyone with prior experience in Virtual Baccarat will be capable of playing Punto Banco.

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However, players unfamiliar with Baccarat or Punto Banco can locate an informative guide down below that includes explanations about the betting options & payouts. Moreover, information on the gameplay requirements is also highlighted down below. Anyone interested in playing Punto Banco at W88 Casino & Sportsbook should continue reading to maximize their potential at triggering payouts.

Rules and Guidelines for Playing Punto Banco

Participating in W88’s Punto Banco isn’t complicated for experienced bettors, as the rules and guidelines are identical to other card games at W88. For instance, you’ll go through multiple rounds of betting before reaching the payout phase. More information on the payouts and how they’re acquired are provided below.

• Gameplay: Players (Punto) compete against the banker (Banco) in hopes of acquiring payouts. You’ll go through two rounds of betting against the banker, as random cards are distributed to both the Punto and Banco. These betting rounds typically take anywhere from 20 to 30 Seconds. After the betting round has concluded, whoever maintains the higher valued hand will trigger a winning combination. There are sixteen payouts that can be obtained in Punto Banco.

Betting Limits for Punto Banco

Payouts cannot be withdrawn unless players deposit into W88 Casino to place real-money wagers. Therefore, punters must take into consideration their bankroll when playing Punto Banco. That’s because Punto Banco has three supported betting limits. Each limit is larger than the last, meaning wagers can range anywhere from RM01 to RM100 or RM10 to RM1000. It’s recommended that punters choose the lowest tier of betting to maximize the potential of their bankrolls.

• Tier One: Minimum wager of RM01, Maximum wager of RM100
• Tier Two: Minimum wager of RM1, Maximum wager of RM500
• Tier Three: Minimum wager of RM10, Maximum wager of RM1000

Wagering any amount between the minimum and maximum is tolerated with Punto Banco. As such, we suggest readers wager anywhere from RM5 to RM10. This will enable punters to prolong their bankroll while searching for winning combinations.

Betting Options and Payouts for Punto Banco

Understanding the betting options & payouts for Punto Banco isn’t difficult. There could be minor confusion at first, but punters should quickly realize what betting options are available to them. The implementation of these payouts are identical to Online Baccarat. However, the namesakes of these winning combinations are different than normal. This is what could prompt initial confusion amongst new players.

Fortunately, explanations have been provided below for the Punto Banco terminology. We have also detailed the valuation of payouts, allowing readers to know how much they’ll win when playing W88’s Punto Banco.

• Punto: Players wager that they will have a higher card than the banker. If triggered, players will receive an RM1 payout

• Banco: Players wager that bankers will have a higher card than themselves. If correct, players will receive an RM1 payout

• Egalite: Players wager that both themselves and the dealer will maintain the same valued hand. If correct, punters will trigger an RM8 payout

• 3 Giving 8: Players estimate that the banker’s hand maintains a total of three, meaning punters are provided a third card. That third card must be an eight of any suit. If players are correct, they will receive an RM200 Payout. This is considered the highest-paying hand in Punto Banco.

How to Access Punto Banco

W88 Casino & Sportsbook maintains a straightforward dashboard that anyone can understand. There are numerous categories available for consumers to choose from, including slots and the live casino. But how can you access Punto Banco at W88? In this next section, we’ll explain how players can create an account to experience Punto Banco. After reviewing this section, readers will be ready to deposit and wager for real money payouts.

• Step 1: Register and Deposit at W88

Creating an account is required to play Punto Banco for real money at W88 Casino. By following the link we’ve provided, players can begin the registration process by providing details about their character. This includes name, address, email, number, and date of birth. Punters unable to provide this information won’t be authorized to create an account. After an account is verified by W88, punters can deposit via verified payment providers like Maybank or CIMB. Make your initial deposit and begin the next step.

• Step 2: Select a Betting Limit and Start Wagering

Select Punto Banco from the games category at W88 Casino. From there, choose which betting limit you’d prefer to compete with for that round. We recommend choosing tier one at RM01 to RM100. This amount is affordable for most punters within a budget. After you’ve selected your preferred betting limit, players can begin wagering for the first time in Punto Banco. Remember, you’ll be competing against a virtual dealer. You won’t have to worry about playing against other punters. This game is meant for you alone.


Congratulations on completing our guide into Punto Banco at W88 Casino. By completing this guide, players maintain the knowledge needed to approach Punto Banco with confidence. We recommend that upon creating an account at W88, players inquire about the RM600 20% Welcome Bonus. This promotion will allow consumers to accelerate the value of their bankroll.

In turn, substantial payouts can be earned over a prolonged betting session. However, anyone needing additional preparation before playing can experience the demo version of Punto Banco. This version is entirely free, meaning deposits aren’t required. As such, players can refine their skills without depositing significant portions of money. Otherwise, you’ve learned everything needed to play Punto Banco today!

W88 Malaysia
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