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How to Play Rooster Fight at W88


Developed exclusively for W88 Casino, Rooster Fight is an interactive game that’s favoured in Southeast Asia. Players can access with this proprietary game with their mobile devices and desktop computers, as W88 Casino hosts the online servers needed to run Rooster Fight. This means an account is needed to participate in W88’s Rooster Teeth. But readers needn’t worry, explanations are provided below on the registration requirements for W88. Additional information is also provided on the gameplay mechanics & betting options.

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Anyone interested in W88’s Rooster Teeth are recommended to inquire about the RM30 Free Credit. Moreover, registered members can access the RM600 100% Welcome Bonus at W88 Casino. These two promotions will enable punters to garner substantial funds, meaning that monumental wagers can be made at certain moments.

Rules and Payouts in Rooster Fight

Understanding the gameplay mechanics with W88’s Rooster Teeth isn’t complicated. If anything, this title is straightforward & simplistic to understand. For instance, two Roosters are randomly selected to fight against each other. There are five roosters available, with each being ranked differently by a five-star system. After the RNG has selected two roosters, players are allowed to make their wager.

After the Rooster Fight has ended, the winner will be revealed. There are two options available when reaching the draw, as either the player or house wins. If the house wins, punters will forfeit their wager. This is why we recommend punters wager anywhere from RM5 to RM25, as these coin sizes aren’t unreasonable to bet.

As previously mentioned, Rooster Teeth maintains a five-star system. Roosters with five stars will stand as the strongest, with one star being the weakest. In most cases, punters will acquire roosters with three stars. This means there’s a 50/50 chance that players will trigger a payout or maintain a loss on their wager.

Resultantly, there are five different roosters that are featured in W88’s Rooster Fight, and each offers different payouts. They include as seen below:

• Red Crown: Payouts range between RM1 and RM2.50
• Pink Coco: Payouts range between RM0.90 to RM1.75
• Purple Blaze: Payouts vary between RM0.60 to RM1.50
• Green Bob: Payouts vary between RM0.50 to RM1.
• Golden Pecker: Payouts range between RM0.30 to RM0.90

It’s possible for the player and house to maintain ties. Under those conditions, payouts can range anywhere from RM2 to RM20. This means triggering tied payouts will reward punters the highest payouts. Fortunately, if payouts aren’t won, players will maintain another chance in twenty seconds. That’s because the draw frequency ranges between twenty seconds.

Betting Limits in W88’s Rooster Fight

Three tiers of betting are supported in W88’s Rooster Fight. This enables punters with lower limits to compete alongside high-rollers while maintaining the same chances at winning. However, it’s recommended that most punters select the first tier of betting. The financial amount required for betting within this tier isn’t extensive, meaning most punters can approach Rooster Teeth without concern about their bankroll being consumed. For more information on the betting tiers, look below:

• Tier 1: RM2 to RM1000
• Tier 2: RM5 to RM2000
• Tier 3: RM10 to RM3500

Remember that you aren’t required to wager the maximum amount to receive substantial payouts. Players can wager RM5 to RM25 and receive significant financial compensation.

How to Access Rooster Fight at W88

Players receive 24/7 access to W88’s Rooster Fight after they’ve registered an account and deposited. Locating the game isn’t difficult, as the navigation menu developed into W88 is straightforward. There are several categories available to players, with our readers wanting to focus on the “Games” category.

From here, you’ll see numerous games, including Rooster Fight. Once you’ve loaded Rooster Fight, you’ll need to select from one of the betting tiers. We recommend selecting the first tier to maximize the potential of your bankroll. From there, punters can start competing in hopes of acquiring multiple payouts.

• Step 1: Visit W88 and select Rooster Fight under P2P Games
• Step 2: Select your preferred wager at RM01 to RM1000
• Step 3: Start betting by selecting your preferred coin size

Players are authorized to wager on their smartphones and desktops. However, we recommend playing via desktop to acquire the full potential of Rooster Fight. Otherwise, punters can access W88’s Rooster Fight through an iOS or Android Device.

FAQ About Rooster Fight

Q: Is Rooster Fight Safe to Play?

A: Yes, players are safeguarded by SSL Encrypted Programs at W88 Casino and details regarding identification and banking are protected.

Q: What’s the Minimum Bet for Rooster Fight?

A: Punters are authorized to wager the minimum amount of RM01 when playing W88’s Rooster Fight.

Q: What’s the Maximum Bet for Rooster Fight?

A: Punters can implement wagers at the maximum amount of RM1000.

Q: Is Rooster Fight Free to Play?

A: W88 Casino & Sportsbook has developed a demo mode into Rooster Fight. As such, punters can experience this game for free. However, payouts awarded through the demo cannot be withdrawn as cash payments. You’ll need to deposit to acquire genuine payouts.


Entertainment becomes the priority in Rooster Fight, as this game doesn’t require strategic betting. The main focus should be the enjoyability & entertainment of players. Therefore, anyone interested in playing Rooster Fight shouldn’t be concerned about winning with betting strategies. Everything is random, meaning everyone has an equal opportunity to win.

Despite that, having knowledge of the betting requirements and gameplay mechanics can give punters an informative advantage. Regardless, we recommend that readers inquire about the W88 Welcome Bonuses and start playing today. The overall experience at W88 Casino & Sportsbook is incredible, with more than 1000+ games available to registered members. This includes video slots from prominent developers like Microgaming and Pragmatic Play.

So, what are you waiting for? Create an account today by following our link.

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