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How to Play Bac Bo at W88


Experience an unexpected merger between Baccarat & Sic Bo with Evolution Gaming’s Bac Bo. It’s a modified version of Baccarat that utilizes four dice instead of cards. As such, betting options are straightforward for punters. Moreover, there’s a 98.87% RTP with Bac Bo. This means players will generate more payouts with Live Bac Bo than with Evolution Gaming’s Live Baccarat.

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Thousands of Malaysian and Indonesian punters have become interested in Evolution Gaming’s Live Bac Bo, and it is not surprising that these individuals are fascinated with the straightforward betting options and payout potentials that is unique game has to offer. As such, an informative guide has been provided for readers. Below, you’ll locate information on the gameplay mechanics & betting options for Live Bac Bo. Additionally, we have identified the payout odds and accessibility options for Bac Bo at W88.

Promotionally speaking, the W88 LiveCasino has numerous bonuses for new members. For instance, recently registered members can access the RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus. This promotion will enable players to sustain greater funds in their bankroll. Thusly, an increased likelihood of triggering payouts is possible. We recommend that before accessing these promotions, punters examine our informative guide in Evolution Gaming’s Live Bac Bo. You’ll be better prepared to target your payouts by referencing this review.

Rules and Payouts for Live Bac Bo

Straightforward gameplay mechanics are developed into W88’s Bac Bo. For instance, players are required to select their preferred numbers on the dice board. After selections have been made by all competitors, dice will be rolled by live dealers. There are two blue dice for the player and two red dice for the dealer. Whoever maintains the closest roll to their selection will trigger a payout. If both the dealer & punter have correctly guessed their selected numbers, ties will be initiated at 4:1 to 88:1 odds.

On average, players have fifteen seconds to make their preferred selection and wager. In total, betting rounds shouldn’t take longer than one minute. This means that Live Bac Bo maintains fast-paced gameplay. Punters should consider this accelerated rate of betting when approaching the payouts, as seen below:

• Tie: Payouts at 4:1 to 88:1 Odds. The amount generated depends on how many numbers have been matched.
• Player: Payouts at 1:1 Odds. These are straightforward payouts that are generated frequently for punters.
• Banker: Payouts at 1:1 Odds. Bankers can trigger payouts regularly. The house has a 50% chance of winning the hand.

We recommend that before targeting these payouts, players first create a betting strategy for Evolution Gaming’s Live Bac Bo. For example, punters have access to the payout history in this game. As such, numbered positions frequently resulting in payouts can be identified by competitors.

This allows consumers to implement the Martingale Betting Strategy, a betting strategy that focuses on identifying numbered positions that regularly prompt payouts. You can review the last fifty results in Evolution Gaming’s Live Bac Bo, resulting in an increased likelihood of money being won. When you factor this strategy with the 98.87% RTP, prizemoney can be generated at substantial volumes.

How to Access Bac Bo at W88

Three steps are involved with accessing Live Bac Bo at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. Completing these steps won’t take longer than five minutes from beginning to finish. After new members have completed these steps, they will maintain the competitive capabilities needed to start triggering payout.

• Step One: Register: Evolution Gaming doesn’t allow players to experience Live Bac Bo for free. This means creating an account and depositing is needed to compete. Fortunately, the registration requirements involved with W88 Casino aren’t invasive. Players need to provide basic information regarding their identity, like name and address. These details allow W88 Casino to verify accounts through the Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation.

• Step Two: Deposit: After accounts have been verified, players are permitted to deposit. While you can select various payment providers like Neteller, we recommend funding an account via banking institutions like Maybank or CIMB, as transactions are recorded on secured databases. Any difficulties with deposits or withdrawals could be resolved thanks to this database. Moreover, making your first deposit qualifies you for the RM150 W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus.

• Step Three: The Menu: W88 Casino & Sportsbook maintains an interactive menu with several categories. Players want to select the W88 Live Casino – Club Evolution. From here, choose top games to access Live Bac Bo. You’ll be required to have funded your account at this point, as deposited wagers are required to compete for real money payouts.

In addition, it is suggested that anyone interested in the RM150 W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus first look into the Terms & Conditions beforehand. For instance, this bonus comes with a 20x rollover that must be completed prior to withdrawals being authorized. This could become unnoticed by some punters, causing for unnecessary confusion when they withdraw.

FAQ About Bac Bo

Q: Is It Safe to Play Bac Bo at W88?

A: W88 Live Casino is developed with SSL Encrypted Networks. As such, information regarding the identity and payments of players are protected. Third-party sources cannot access these details without the prior permission of W88 Casino.

Q: What is the Minimum Bet for Bac Bo at w88?

A: Players are authorized to wager the minimum amount of RM01 in Evolution Gaming’s Live Bac Bo. Anything lower won’t be allowed.

Q: What is the Maximum Bet for Bac Bo at w88?

A: The maximum wager tolerated for Evolution Gaming Live Bac Bo is RM1000. Anything higher won’t be permitted.

Q: Can I Play Bac Bo for Free at W88?

A: Unfortunately, there isn’t a demo mode supported for Live Bac Bo at W88 Casino. This means deposits are required to compete.


Congratulations on completing this informative guide to Evolution Gaming’s Live Bac Bo. With the knowledge you’ve been provided, readers should be capable of triggering payouts at a competitive level. With that said, register an account today with W88 Casino and access the RM150 Welcome Bonus. You’ll maintain the funds needed to immediately approach Live Bac Bo with confidence. So, are you ready to stand with the pros?

W88 Malaysia
100% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600