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How to Play the Ladder Game at W88


Considered one the highest-rated games in Malaysia and Indonesia, The Ladder from Gameplay Interactive is an immersive & entertaining product that’s available at W88 Casino. Registered members at W88 can experience The Ladder from their smartphones or desktops, as participants target payouts by determining the movement of this stepladder. By correctly estimating the position of these stepladders, players will be provided with financial rewards.

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Understanding the gameplay mechanics & payout options for The Ladder Game is challenging. As such, it’s recommended that readers look into our guide on The Ladder from Gameplay Interactive. You’ll learn about the wagering requirements and winning combinations while also being educated on the accessibility of this game.

After reviewing our guide to Gameplay Interactive’s The Ladder, Punters will be prepared to compete at the highest level possible. At that moment, we recommend players look into the available promotions they can avail at W88 Casino. For instance, you can receive the 100% RM600 Welcome Bonus after registering an account. This will substantially increase the value of your bankroll, meaning significant wagers can be made without concern of the bankroll being squandered.

The Fundamentals of W88’s The Ladder

Read and acknowledge these 5 basic yet important rules to play the ladder game online at W88 Malaysia for fun and for earning real money instantly. Join and claim W88 free credit of RM30 before playing the game ladder game online, don’t forget to learn the ladder game rules.

Gameplay: Predefined patterns are developed into The Ladder Game. It’s required that players estimate the movement of this stepladder, with two options being available. Punters can select from the right & left movements. Moreover, punters will estimate how many steps the ladder will create.

There are two options, with this stepladder being able to create three or four steps. After punters have selected their preferred movement and steps, they’ll need to select their preferred goal, with two options being available. These goals are defined by the letters “O and E”. After these selections have been made, The Ladder Game will begin. If punters have correctly estimated their wager, payouts are awarded.

Understanding the gameplay and betting mechanics with W88’s The Ladder is crucial to competing. However, newcomers could find the gameplay complicated. Under these conditions, punters can experience a free-to-play version of The Ladder. This version enables players to test out their betting strategies without having to deposit.

As such, competitors can formulate their skill sets without the concern of losing money. It’s recommended that once punters compete for real-money payouts, they take into consideration the promotions available at W88 Casino. In turn, winning combinations can be generated with greater confidence.

• Payout Odds: Gameplay Interactive’s The Ladder maintains 1:95 payout odds. This means substantial returns are provided to punters that correctly estimate the movement, steps, and goal of each round. RM10 wagers would result in RM19.50 winning combinations. Could you imagine building a bankroll with such returns? It’s possible in The Ladder.

• Betting Options: Players are provided one minute to make their preferred selections in The Ladder. This timeframe is considerably longer than most games available at W88 Casino. But that additional time enables punters to correlate prior results with their upcoming wager. As such, greater confidence is maintained when betting.

Practising is recommended for anyone that hasn’t played Gameplay Interactive’s The Ladder. There’s a minor learning curve associated to The Ladder. However, once players have surpassed this learning curve, substantial payouts can be earned. Under those conditions, why wouldn’t you want to access this formidable game?

How to Access the Ladder game at W88

There are two steps involved with accessing The Ladder Game at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. Players won’t need more than five minutes to complete these steps from start to finish. Moreover, W88’s complete catalogue becomes accessible once punters have finalized these steps. For more information regarding this two-step program, read below.

• Step 1: Register with W88 Casino & Sportsbook

Register an account via the W88 Casino homepage. Once players have selected to “Join Now”, they’ll have to provide informative details regarding their identification. This includes their name, address, age, and email. Anyone that isn’t capable of providing this information won’t be authorized to register an account with W88.

After accounts are verified via the Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation, players are authorized to deposit. You can select between various payment providers, like Neteller and Help2Pay. However, we recommend punters utilize “Direct Bank Transfers” with W88 Casino. You can deposit via banking institutions like CIMB, Alliance, and Maybank by selecting this option. In turn, transactions are recorded for an indefinite period.

• Step 2: Select the Preferred Wager

After depositing into an account, punters can access The Ladder Game by navigating W88’s Menu. There are several categories constructed into this menu, with punters wanting to select the “Games” option. From here, you’ll notice The Ladder from Gameplay Interactive. Load into the next betting round and select one of the three tiers of betting. We recommend selecting the first tier of betting that varies between RM1 and RM500. However, punters can choose the second & third tiers, which range between RM50 to RM1000 and RM100 to RM10000.

Once players have selected their favoured tier of betting, they’ll need to choose their preferred chip size. There are six options available to consumers that have selected the first tier of betting. Those chip-sizes vary between RM1, RM5, RM25, RM50, RM100, and RM500. We recommend players wager anywhere between RM5 and RM25 to maximize the potential of their bankroll.


Congratulations on completing our guide into Gameplay Interactive’s The Ladder, as readers now maintain the knowledge needed to compete against the house and trigger payouts. We recommend that before playing The Ladder, you claim the RM600 Welcome Bonus at W88 Casino. The welcome bonus is a great opportunity to maximise your time spent playing the Ladder as it will increase the size of your bankroll. Moreover, the experience becomes heightened when playing with a promotion. With that in mind, what are you waiting for? Create an account at W88 Casino today.

W88 Malaysia
100% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600