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Four Sic Bo Strategies at W88 – Learn How to Win at Sic Bo


Since 2013, W88 Casino has introduced thousands of games to their registered members. There are hundreds of video slots & numerous table games available, including Sic Bo. This isn’t surprising, considering that Sic Bo has dominated the betting landscape for hundreds of years. However, this game’s popularity flourished in the early 20th century when Chinese American immigrants introduced the game to foreigners. Now, Sic Bo is available with numerous online casinos, including W88 Malaysia.

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Players that register an account at W88 Casino will find that Sic Bo is entertaining & straightforward, with multiple betting options available to the consumer. However, it’s emphasized that Sic Bo relies on circumstances and luck, but these attributes haven’t reduced the number of players participating in the game. This shows how enjoyable & exciting Sic Bo can be under the right conditions. Therefore, we have provided various suggestions on how players can improve their betting conditions and overall payout structure with Online Sic Bo at W88 Casino.

There are four betting strategies players can employ when punting on Sic Bo at W88 Malaysia. For instance, managing the bankroll over a prolonged period is recommended. This will accentuate the funds that are deposited and increase the opportunity punters have at triggering payouts. However, there isn’t any betting strategy that will guarantee a payout. As such, players should always prepare for potential losses by managing their bankroll or limiting their wagers.

Manage your Bankroll

As previously mentioned, players must manage their bankrolls to preserve the funds needed for an extended playthrough. By extending the bankroll, wagering opportunities are increased for players. There’s an improved chance at triggering payouts when betting RM50 over RM100. However, profit margins aren’t remotely as high when wagering RM50 over RM100.

Bankroll management is factored by how much players want to win. If you are hoping for a significant payout, then wagering low amounts isn’t recommended. If you are wanting to extend your betting session, then betting a smaller amount per hand is recommended. Remember, setting a budget and pacing yourself isn’t a bad thing.

Bet on Single Numbers

Professional gamblers have recommended that punters wager on single numbers to create a slow-paced experience where additional payouts can be won. Ultimately, there isn’t any betting method that guarantees a payout. All players can do is extend their playthrough to generate additional opportunities at winning. By betting on single numbers in Sic Bo, that playthrough can be dramatically extended.

It’s noted that participants should select “Safe Numbers” when betting on the single options like four, five, or six on the dice pattern. There are three dice utilized throughout Online Sic Bo. This means if those dice were to land on any of those patterns, players would trigger a payout. It’s emphasized that the 4, 5, and 6 dice patterns are commonplace in Sic Bo.

Be Consistent with your wagers

Players cannot practice the previous two suggestions without being consistent with their wagers. Bankroll management isn’t possible without consistent betting. For instance, punters wagering RM50 should remain without that betting figure. This means players shouldn’t increase or decrease their wagers by anything more than RM10. Anyone with this discipline will be rewarded tenfold.

It’s noted that the likelihood of players triggering a jackpot with Online Sic Bo at W88 Casino is unlikely. This game focuses on small but frequent payouts, which allows punters to build their bankroll over a prolonged period. Therefore, increasing your wagers in hopes of triggering the jackpot isn’t recommended. Always focus on the management of your bankroll!

Use W88 Bonuses to Win in Sic Bo

Our final suggestion focuses on the promotional opportunities at W88 Casino. It’s recommended that registered members acquire the Welcome Bonus for W88 Malaysia, as RM30 is rewarded into their accounts. These funds can be targeted towards an assortment of table games like Sic Bo. However, review the Terms & Conditions of this promotion before you start wagering.

There could be various regulations that don’t appeal to our readers, even though the chances of that are unlikely. It’s noted that W88 Casino has numerous other promotions for new members, like the RM600 Video Slot Welcome Bonus. You can acquire both these bonuses today by registering an account at W88 Casino.

Tips for Playing Sic Bo

Understanding the requirements for betting with Online Sic Bo at W88 Casino is beneficial to our readers. However, there are additional tips & tricks that can be used to accentuate your winning opportunities. Theoretically speaking, these additional suggestions can influence the outcome of payouts.

But again, we want to emphasize that Sic Bo is a game of circumstances and luck. You cannot force the system to trigger payouts. Regardless of that, use these additional tips & tricks to increase your winning opportunities.

  • Don’t wager foolishly against a high house edge, as the chance of winning becomes lower.
  • Place combination bets to profit from the low house edge & high odds.
  • Avoid triple bets, as there’s a 0.55% chance of winning.
  • Place small wagers to lower your risk of losses.

Sic Bo FAQ and Conclusion

We hope this guide has been informative and has provided you with the information needed to target Online Sic Bo at W88 Casino. This information has been tested & verified by our staff to ensure it’s reliability. We are confident that most readers can create a profitable experience with our tips and strategies, yet the FAQ on W88’s Sic Bo below should clear up any additional confusion you might have regarding this online game.

Q: Which Sic Bo Strategy is Best?

A: There isn’t any betting strategy that’s defined as best for Online Sic Bo. Ultimately, the perfect strategy comes down to preference & experience. You’ll create a strategy that’s personal to you upon gaining more experience.

Q: Should I Implement These Sic Bo Strategies?

A: You aren’t required to implement a betting strategy when playing Sic Bo. Instead, players can focus on having an entertaining experience that doesn’t require bankroll management or consistent wagering. Therefore, implementing an online strategy comes down to the player’s choice.

Q: Can I Eliminate the House Edge with Online Sic Bo

A: Unfortunately, players cannot eliminate the house edge with Online Sic Bo. Fortunately, the house edge doesn’t affect the overall outcome of payouts with this game. You needn’t worry about it most of the time.

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