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How to Download the W88 Poker App on PC and MacOS


Since 2013, W88 Casino has provided thousands of players with an immersive experience that’s built around an online sportsbook and live casino. Moreover, registered members can interact with an online & mobile poker room that’s available for iOS and Android Devices. These players can download the W88 Poker Application on their Windows and MacOS computers.

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However, newcomers could find the installation process confusing. Don’t worry, we have provided new players with a three-step guide that describes how the W88 Poker App is downloaded. Read onwards to find out more.

Step One: Access W88 Casino & Select Poker Under P2P

Visit W88 Casino to access the downloadable application. It’s noted that there are numerous websites that have illegally duplicated W88 Casino. As such, we recommend selecting the link we have provided above to ensure safe & direct access to W88 Malaysia.

After you have clicked on our secured link to W88 Casino, players can begin the registration process by filling out the required information. This will include your name, home address, email address, phone number, and date of birth. It’s noted that W88 Malaysia may verify this information by requiring ID.

Finalize the registration process by selecting your preferred payment method and depositing into your account. Afterwards, select the P2P Network at W88 Casino. This will enable players to select from an assortment of games, including poker. Once you have selected the poker option, players are redirected to another link where the W88 Poker Application can be downloaded onto PC, macOS, Android, or iOS.

Unfortunately, Linux-based devices aren’t supported by the redirected link. As such, players with Linux desktops will be required to unpack the APK File to download the W88 Poker App in a step-by-step process.

Step Two: Click PC Download to Install W88 Poker

Begin the download by following the installation requirements as shown on the redirected link. The APK File will identify which system you are using to eliminate any complications. After the W88 Poker App has been installed onto your macOS or PC device, you’ll be able to start competing for real money. It’s noted that bettors using a MacBook will be required to scan a QR Code to begin the installation process. This additional requirement ensures that the macOS safety requirements are met within the APK File.

Step Three: Follow the Installation Process for W88 Mobile

Start the installation process by clicking the redirectable link at W88 Casino. This will enable the website to identify which platform you are using, iOS or Android. The application will begin downloading, with completion times estimated at a maximum of three minutes.

  • Once the installation process has been completed, players will be requested to choose from fourteen languages,  English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Bahasa for Malaysian residents.
  • After you have selected your preferred language for the W88 Poker App, players will be requested to choose from a multitude of payment methods. We recommend selecting the direct banking option, as punters can choose from Malaysian banks like CIMB or HSBC.
  • Players that have deposited into their account can access the RM30 bonus credit to begin wagering with the W88 Poker App.

Keep in mind internet connectivity can affect the download times for iOS and Android devices. We recommend players download the W88 Poker App in high-connectivity regions like Subang Jaya. Players located in remote regions like Kemaman could experience slower connectivity speeds and, therefore, slower download times.

Best Features of W88 Poker on Windows and MacOS

Thousands of players continue to wager on traditional online poker websites. However, an improved experience is generated when downloading an application directly to your computer or mobile device. In terms of Windows and macOS, additional security is provided to those who download the W88 Poker Application.

However, there are additional benefits awarded to players that install this app, including the app being legal, safe and regulated, plus SSL-encrypted programs are utilized throughout W88 Casino to maximize the security for players. As such, personal information and banking credentials aren’t comprised at W88 Malaysia. Moreover, W88 is licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.

Huge Tournaments: The W88 Poker Application has numerous tournaments that are offered per week. These tournaments are supported for high-to-low bankrolls, meaning every player has an opportunity to compete. There are even instances where players can join a W88 Poker Tournament for free.

High Quantity Poker Tables: Players that register an account at W88 Casino to download the W88 Poker App will notice there’s a high quantity of tables available. These poker tables aren’t limited to Texas Hold’em, as additional games like No-Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are provided to players. There are even Open Face Chinese variants of poker at W88.

Spectator Mode: The W88 Poker Application has an impressive feature that allows players to spectate other competitors. By using this feature, additional information could be learned by newcomers. In most circumstances, spectators will learn new betting strategies to maximize their payout opportunities.

Demo Mode: After new players have spectated another competitor, it’s recommended that these novice punters test out their strategies on a demo mode variant of online poker. There are numerous versions of online poker that support demo modes at W88 Casino. As such, testing out these techniques doesn’t cost players any money, and as you can imagine, they are great for practising these strategies until mastered. Afterwards, apply these strategies to real-world circumstances.

W88 Poker FAQ

Q: Is the W88 Poker App Secure?

A: As previously mentioned, the W88 Poker Application is secured by SSL Encrypted Programs. This encryption protects all sensitive information relating to your account.

Q: Can I Install the W88 Poker App for Free?

A: There isn’t any charge associated with downloading the W88 Poker Application. All downloads are free of charge.

Q: What is the Lowest Table Limit at W88 Poker?

A: Players can participate in Texas Hold’em tables that have limits at 0.50 RM. It’s recommended that punters wager a higher denomination to maximize their payout opportunities with the pot prize.

Q: Can I Enter Tournaments via the W88 Poker app?

A: Securing placement within a W88 Poker Tournament isn’t difficult as there isn’t any requirement other than paying the mminimum entry fee, meaning no one is prevented from accessing a tournament via the W88 Poker App.

Q: Is the W88 Poker App Legal in Malaysia?

A: The W88 Casino, Sportsbook, and Poker App is licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. This means all betting is legal at W88.

W88 Malaysia
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