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How to Play W88 Poker After Downloading the App


Are you interested in experiencing online Poker from your iOS or Android smartphone? Then look no further than the W88 Mobile App, which supports hundreds of different gambling products, like Poker and blackjack. We are going to focus on how to access W88 Poker from your smartphone in the following article.

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Malaysians opting to play online Poker at W88 will notice as they read this article that there are various steps involved in playing this game. This extends towards the betting options available with online Poker, which we have also defined throughout this article. By reading onwards, you should gain all the knowledge needed to flourish at W88 Poker.

Step One: Enter the Username & Password and Click Login

Visit the W88 Casino homepage and select to download the mobile application. Afterwards, create an account by following the registration procedure. This will enable players to login to their accounts and select from an assortment of games, including online Poker. It’s noted that every account registered will have a prefix that lists W88 Casino.

This will allow other players from different casinos to identify where their competitors are playing from, as some versions of online Poker at W88 are interconnected with other casinos. This created a networked experience where pot sizes can increase dramatically. In return, profit margins are considerably higher for winners. However, you cannot acquire these payouts without registering an account first & logging into that said account.

Step Two: Know the Rules and Poker Hand Rankings

It’s recommended that players educate themselves on the rules, regulations, and rankings that are involved with online Poker. By learning this information, they will be better prepared to compete against like-minded players. There could be a moment when competitors make an unexpected mistake, and by understanding the rules, players can capitalize on that mistake. As such, we have provided a description of the poker hand rankings & regulations that are available with W88 Casino.

Dealer: Cards are dealt by the dealer in Texas Hold’em. These cards can be dealt via a random number generator or by a trained professional. Either way, betting rounds always begin with the dealer.

Small Blind: Players located to the left of their deal are required to place the bet. This wager has to be the smallest amount available with the selected poker table.

Big Blind: This rule prioritizes the player that’s next to the small blind. This individual must wager double the amount that the small blind wagered.

Hole Cards: Everyone at the poker table is provided with two cards. These cards aren’t supposed to be known to other players.

Community Cards: Five cards are distributed on the poker table. These cards create winning hands for one or more players. The payout percentage depends on how much players wagered throughout the betting rounds.

Now that you know the rules on how to play to poker, there are six actions you can make when playing Texas Hold’em at W88:

Check: This action allows punters to continue playing without placing a bet. Some players consider the “Check” action as a sign of hand weakness. However, punters can disguise their cards and defeat their opponents by out-strategizing them.

Bet: Wager the same amount as the previous round and continue playing if your cards are favourable.

Raise: This action enables players to increase their wager if they have strong cards. Raising bets can continue multiple times before punters place their cards face-up on the table.

Call: Wager the same amount as the previous player and continue to the next betting round.

All-In: Players wager the remaining amount of funds in their bankroll and showdown against another competitor for the pot prize.

Fold: This action allows players to quit the current betting round under the impression their cards aren’t strong.

Showdown: Punters show their cards in a face-up position when the last betting round has finished. Whoever has the highest-ranked cards will win the pot prize.

Now you have learned about the rules & betting actions with Texas Hold’em at W88 Casino, it’s important that newcomers also learn about the strongest to weakest cards in online poker. This allows punters to understand when they have a valuable hand and to bet appropriately.

W88 Malaysia
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Royal Flush: Consecutive sequence of high-valued cards that are the same suit and colour.

Straight Flush: Consecutive sequence of middle-ranked cards that have the same suit and colour.

Four of a Kind: 4 identical cards that have the same value in a hand of five cards.

Full House: Three of a kind and two of a kind in the same hand.

Flush: Five cards have the same suit & colour.

Straight: Consecutive sequence of any valued cards.

Three of a Kind: Three cards that have the same value in a hand of five cards.

Two Pair: Two different pairs with similar valued cards.

One Pair: One pair of two identical cards in the same hand.

High Card: High-valued cards in a non-consecutive sequence.

Step Three: Explore the Tables & Join to Play W88 Poker Online

W88 Malaysia has introduced a multitude of poker variants for their online user base. In the interest of popularity, Texas Hold’em has dominated this betting landscape. It’s allowed players to access numerous versions of this poker variant, as most of these games have different stakes based on the minimum & maximum amount allowed for wagering.

It’s recommended that punters explore the available tables to determine their preferences. This will ensure the best experience possible for anyone that registers an account at W88 Casino. It’s noted that after players have selected their preferred table, they will need to opt into joining by wagering the minimum or maximum amount. Anywhere in between those amounts are also tolerated.

Step Four: Set the Minimum Betting Limit & Start Playing

As previously mentioned, players are requested to wager anywhere between the minimum or maximum amount tolerated for stake betting. At W88 Casino, beginners are recommended to select the lower-stake variants for Texas Hold’em. This will ensure that bankrolls aren’t depleted quickly, as wagering amounts tolerated for the lower-staked versions of this game ranges from $0.50 to $2. It’s noted that after players have selected their preferred wager, they will need to select “Ok” to continue onwards. Betting rounds will commence after this process is completed.

W88 Poker FAQ

Q: Can I Play Poker for Free at W88?

A: There are demo modes available for online Poker at W88 Casino. However, these demos are limited to a virtual experience. That’s because you can’t access any demos for Texas Hold’em at the Live Casino.

Q: What’s the Minimum Tournament Buy-In at W88?

A: The funds required to enter a tournament will depend on the game selected. However, in most circumstances, the lowest buy-in is RM5 at W88 Casino.

Q: What is the Lowest Cash Table Denomination?

A: Punters can wager the lowest amount of RM0.50 when experiencing Texas Hold’em at W88 Malaysia.

W88 Malaysia
100% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 30