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Seven Ways to Predict Numbers in Roulette at W88


There are numerous methods to improve your accuracy with roulette-based predictions at W88 Casino. By employing these tips & tricks, players can accelerate their chances of winning. Moreover, W88 Casino distributes an assortment of bonuses for their live casino. This allows for new players to receive an RM150 Welcome Bonus after they have registered an account.

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Online roulette has flourished at W88 Casino as the Malaysian iGaming market continues to grow. This has prompted hundreds of players to look for winning strategies. However, there aren’t any strategies that guarantee payouts to the punter. Instead, various suggestions are provided to improve the knowledge & concentration of players. We have identified those suggestions below for anyone wanting to accelerate their chances at triggering payouts.

W88 Malaysia has tailored an incredible experience for anyone that registers an account. You aren’t limited to playing online roulette, as thousands of games are available at W88 Casino, meaning you can experience everything from an online sportsbook to a virtual poker room. Moreover, hundreds of video slots are available from prominent developers like Microgaming and NetEnt.

However, this article focuses being tips & tricks for online roulette, therefore, keep on reading to find out the best seven ways to predict numbers in Roulette at W88 Casino.

  1. Analyze Previous Results

As previously mentioned, there are various methods to improve your likelihood of winning with online roulette. The most common method requires that players review the previous result to notice a winning pattern based on certain numbers. These numbers will fall into sub-types like the Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Columns, and Dozens.

It’s essential that punters learn these sub-types before wagering, as this will enable players to identify the winning pattern. We recommend that as gamblers become more accustomed to online roulette, they implement techniques like hedge betting. This should improve their chances at triggering payouts by a notable margin.

2. Know the Roulette Wheel

Understanding the sub-types of betting with online roulette is critical. However, it isn’t possible before players master the roulette board & wheel. It’s important for punters to understand the placement of every number. For instance, there are low numbers ranked from 1-18 and high numbers ranked from 19.36. These numbers are categorized by odd and even slots, with those positions being sequenced by red or black. If players don’t learn the differences between these numbers, their chances of triggering payouts will decrease.

3. Take Regular Breaks

Wagering at W88 Casino is thrilling & adventurous, which can prompt players into betting for hours on end without noticing. It’s recommended by W88 Malaysia that registered members take an extended break when needed, as losing track of their playtime and bankroll isn’t helpful. Therefore, it’s advised that punters create an alarm to remind themselves of the hour-long mark during their playthrough. This reminder will allow players to terminate their playthrough if they are sustaining losses.

4. Follow Your Instincts

When wagering with an online casino, there are circumstances that require punters to follow their instincts. This is sometimes the best advice possible, as betting strategies can sometimes create unexpected failures. You want to follow your instincts after collecting information & reviewing the previous results. As such, payouts could be generated when everything else suggests otherwise.

5. Pay Attention to the Dealer

Depending on the variation of online roulette you’re playing at W88 Casino, paying attention to the dealer is needed. This suggestion typically applies towards the W88 Live Casino, which has dealers streamed to players via browser or the application. You want to follow the dealer’s eye movement & body language, as noticeable changes could be identified. These changes could allow you to know when the dealer has picked up an unseen pattern. Afterwards, it’s the player’s job to identify that unseen pattern.

6. Use Gambler Fallacy

Gambling fallacy is something recommended to players, and other times it’s not. This suggestion depends on the betting circumstances. For example, punters should presume gambling fallacy will work when roulette wheels land on five consecutive red numbers. Everything suggests that the next number will land on red. This technique applies towards the Odd/Even, High/Low, and Red/Black betting options. It’s noted that gambling fallacy is dangerous & can prompt an unexpected loss. We recommend that players implement this wager as a last-ditch effort to win.

7. Place Outside Bets, Not Inside Bets

An exciting experience awaits players that participate in online roulette at W88 Casino. However, that experience can become dwindled when losses are sustained. It’s possible to eliminate those losses by focusing on the outside bets over the inside bets. Therefore, punters should focus on numbers ranging between 1-18 with an Odd/Even or Red/Black combination. It’s noted that outside bets have improved payouts, which means there’s a higher percentage of payouts won. This typically results in a profitable bankroll that can process withdrawals.

Tips & Tricks for Predicting Roulette Numbers

While there are multiple ways to predict numbers in roulette, a few tips and tricks can also be helpful when trying to forecast where the ball may land on the roulette wheel. Fortunately, players can utilize demo modes to familiarize themselves with the roulette wheel patterns & betting options. This is the best suggestion players can receive when wanting to improve their strategies for online roulette. Despite that, we recommend you don’t over-correct yourself with these demo modes. It’s impossible to create the perfect strategy with online roulette.

It’s noted that there are consequences to not understanding the roulette wheel. For instance, players unfamiliar with the gameplay could experience losses by wagering on the outside bet. Yes, the outside bets are paid out at 1:1 their value. But the chances of triggering those outside bets are slim to none in most circumstances. That’s why understanding the roulette wheel is important, as inside bets payout far more at 6:1 to 35:1 their value.

Anyone still concerned about wagering at W88 Casino should watch & analyze other players by watching their online matches. By reviewing these online matches of roulette, you’ll learn various strategies and betting methods that are unique to those individuals. This could cause you to have an improved knowledge over online roulette at W88 Malaysia.


Ultimately, players need to start the process of predicting numbers to master online roulette. The challenge could seem overwhelming at first, but W88 Casino has introduced various assets to help new players overcome those challenges. That includes an RM150 Welcome Bonus, which will assist punters in diverting their bankroll losses. We recommend you register an account today with W88 Casino to take advantage of this promotional bonus.

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