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W88 Rewards Club – Collect and Redeem Points


Improving the player experience is essential to an online casino’s growth. Therefore, W88 Malaysia introduced the W88 Rewards Club in 2013. This program launched alongside the casino to provide consumers with amazing incentives & a superior points exchange.

Moreover, exclusive benefits are provided to players for brand loyalty, meaning there isn’t even the need to sign-up for the W88 Rewards Club as players are enrolled in the program after they have registered an account at W88 Malaysia.

W88 Malaysia is owned & operated by Cube Ltd, an online company that’s known to accelerate the player experience. Right now, that’s accomplished with the W88 RM600 Welcome Bonus and Monthly Reload Promotion. There are additional bonuses provided to consumers that join the VIP Club, which is separate from the W88 Rewards Club. It’s emphasized that the VIP Club is exclusive to W88’s most loyal members.

Collecting & redeeming points with W88 Casino isn’t difficult. Registered players will receive one point for every RM200 that’s wagered. These points can be collected throughout the year, whereby players can target those funds to an assortment of betting products at W88 Malaysia. Those betting products include the Live Casino, Sportsbook, Online Lottery, and Online Slots.

Exclusive VIP Member Rewards at W88 Malaysia

Merchandise & collective items are distributed with the W88 Rewards Club. However, it’s required that players receive a significant number of points to acquire these merchandised products. This seems overwhelming at first, but punters will accumulate their points quickly as wagers are made within the W88 Sportsbook or Live Casino. It’s also stipulated that points can be earned via the W88 Poker App. To find out which products are available within the W88 Rewards Club, look below.

• Smartphones & Tablets
• Sports Merchandise
• Online Sales
• Free Bets

Considering the rewards available, players can start earning reward points by selecting the 100% Reload Bonus for Spin the Wheel. This promotion can allow punters to maximize the points earned within one playthrough, as 158+ Points are obtainable. Moreover, this promotion is listed as a Reload Bonus. This means 50 Points are guaranteed to players, regardless of the outcome of their playthrough.

Explore W88 Rewards

Players cannot inquire about the W88 Rewards Club unless an account is registered. Fortunately, the requirements involved with creating an account aren’t complicated. After an account is established by interested players, exploring the W88 Rewards Club is allowed. Read below to find out how an account is created.

• Step One – Open an Account: Register an account with W88 Casino by providing valid information on your Name, Address, Number, Date of Birth, and Age.

• Step Two – Log in and Deposit: Players are required to deposit into their account after logging in for the first time. It’s recommended that players fund their accounts with a banking provider like Maybank.

• Step Three – Check out the Rewards Club: Click on the Rewards Club by looking at the horizontal menu on W88 Malaysia’s homepage. Players can locate the Rewards and VIP Levels by exploring the Rewards Club. Moreover, a catalogue of promotions are available to punters.

W88 Malaysia
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W88 Reward Club Levels

As previously mentioned, W88 Malaysia has VIP Levels within their Rewards Club. It’s required for punters to maximize their payouts for the acquisition of points. Depending on the points obtained, VIP Levels will be increased. There’s a total of five levels available with the W88 Rewards Club and an additional three levels with the W88 VIP Club. Look below to determine how many points are needed to advance yourself forward.

• Level 1 – 0% – No points required
• Level 2 – 2% – Earn 168 Points within 30 days
• Level 3 – 3% – Earn 388 Points within 30 days
• Level 4 – 4% – Earn 518 Points within 30 days
• Level 5 – 5% – Earn 688 Points within 30 days
• Level 6 – 10% – Advancement by Invitation only
• Level 7 – 15% – Advancement by Invitation only
• Level 8 – 18% – Advancement by Invitation only

Collect Points – Redeem Via the W88 Reward Catalogue

As previously mentioned, W88 Reward Club Points can be redeemed for an assortment of products & merchandise. Additionally, players can convert these points into free bets. Those free wagers can be turned into potential payouts for withdrawal. However, following various steps is needed to ensure that these points can be redeemed. Review the steps below to redeem your points.

• Step 1 – Visit the W88 Rewards Section

• Step 2 – Review the items offered within the Rewards section

• Step 3 – Select the preferred product or free bet you’d like to redeem

• Step 4 – Submit your claim to redeem the product or free bet

W88 Rewards Terms & Conditions for Prize Redemption

Registered players that interact with the W88 Rewards Program must comply with the Terms & Conditions. These generalized regulations must be followed. Otherwise, W88 Casino maintains the right to suspend or delete your account. It’s emphasized that refusing to follow these regulations will be seen as fraudulent activity, prompting the immediate involvement of W88 Malaysia. We recommend players abide by the following Terms & Conditions to ensure their reward points can be redeemed.

• Points will expire in 6 months for VIP Club Blue level members

• Points will expire in 12 months for VIP Club Gold level members

• No expiration dates for VIP Club Platinum & Diamond level members

• Reward redemption may take up to 48 hours

Players can review the points they have acquired by checking their account balance within the W88 Menu. We recommend that participants keep an active eye on this balance to ensure there aren’t any discrepancies. It’s emphasized that any discrepancies can be resolved by W88 Customer Support.


An exciting & enjoyable experience is provided to registered members that participate with the W88 Rewards Club. Can the cost associated with participating be expensive? Yes, it can, but that shouldn’t discourage readers from earning points as the free bets and merchandized products are incredible at W88 Malaysia. You will feel incentivized to complete your goals towards which merchandized product you want. Therefore, why not create an account at W88 Malaysia and get yourself an RM600 Welcome Bonus.

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