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9 Tips for Blackjack – Improve Your Odds at W88


W88 Malaysia launched in 2013 with unexpected success, as thousands of players throughout the region registered an account to experience the gameplay & promotions that are available with W88 Casino. Since then, hundreds of gambling products have been added to W88. It’s resulted in players having access to an expansive catalogue of games. Included in this catalogue is Live Blackjack from Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Gameplay Interactive, and other live dealer software providers.

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Each version of the Live Blackjack is unique, as table limits and betting requirements are changed to increase the difficulty of this game. Therefore, novice players can experience uncomplicated renditions of this game. While professional bettors can participate in challenging versions of Live Blackjack. This creates unique circumstances for registered members at W88 Malaysia, as punters can advance their skill sets to increase the level of competition. As you rank higher within the competition, payouts will be amplified.

Novice players could be confused by the gameplay requirements of Live Blackjack. As such, we have included nine fundamental tips for betting on Live Blackjack, and while these tips could improve your gameplay, new players will find the W88’s RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus another benefit worth exploring. These additional funds will provide the means needed to place higher wagers and potentially help result in increasing their bankroll and profitability.

1. Create a Budget & Gamble Responsibly

Betting within an online environment typically requires funds. As such, players need to deposit into their account through various payment providers like Maybank. There could be moments when punters feel compelled to deposit higher amounts than they can afford, but this isn’t recommended. Instead, creating a budget that accounts for monthly bills & costs is recommended. Players can experience their favourite games without breaking the bank. Moreover, there won’t be instances where the money isn’t available to pay various bills. It’s emphasized that W88 Casino will allow you to create an account budget by contacting the 24/7 Customer Support Team.

2. Doubling Down

Understanding the fundamentals of wagering in Live Blackjack is necessary to compete at the highest level. Therefore, players need to understand when doubling down is required on certain wagers. An example of doubling down would be wagering on a 10 of Spades Pair. However, it’s suggested that novice punters determine the probability of them winning before doubling down. As such, finesse is involved when using this wagering technique.

3. Splitting the Aces

Another wagering technique that players should know for Live Blackjack is “Ace Splitting”. This manoeuvre allows participants to potentially have two payouts won within a single betting round. How’s that possible? Aces are valued at 10 in Live Blackjack. Therefore, two tens being split & then double downed could result in two consecutive payouts. We suggest that novice players review the gameplay settings & rules before implementing this wagering technique, as some games don’t support ace splitting.

4. Hard Hands

Depending on the pairing received, players could be in the position to wager on a hard hand. It’s difficult to determine which pairings are suitable for hard hands. However, most punters agree that the 5-8 and 9-2 Pairings are perfect options to utilize the hard hand option. It’s noted that players wager against the dealer when using hard betting techniques, and for those punters who defeat the dealer, payouts could be enormous.

5. Soft Hands

An opposite approach is taken when having a soft hand, as players will have unsuitable cards when being in this position. Instead of wagering, punters are recommended to stand. This means an additional wager won’t be placed before another card is dealt. As such, losses are minimized if punters exceed the number 24. It’s noted that “Soft Hands” are paired cards that have reached a collective value of 17 to 21.

6. Review the Table Limits

Depending on the bankroll of players, table limits should be considered important. Some players cannot afford to compete against the high-rollers that are willing to spend 50 thousand MYR. As such, reviewing the table limits for each Live Blackjack game you play is essential. We recommend novice punters select tables with MYR20 to MYR500 limits, as this will provide enough variety within the betting options that will not have to much of an impact on their bankroll.

7. Avoid Blackjack Insurance

It’s suggested that players from Malayia don’t take blackjack insurance when it’s offered by the dealer. Yes, losses can be covered by acquiring this insurance. But the overall cost to selecting blackjack insurance is higher when competing over a long-term playthrough. Therefore, insurance is suitable only when competing for a short time.

8. Play Progressive Blackjack

After players have mastered the fundamentals of Live Blackjack, it’s recommended they compete within a Progressive Jackpot setting. The payouts can be substantially higher when betting against other players in this setting. However, strategic wagering is needed to compete at the highest level.

9. Free-to-Play Blackjack

Mastering the techniques needed to compete with Live Blackjack at the highest level doesn’t require players to spend a significant amount of money. Instead, free-to-play versions of blackjack are supported with W88 Malaysia. You can access these demo games to test out your wagering skillsets without spending any money. However, the competition becomes tenfold stronger when selecting Live Blackjack for the first time. Players shouldn’t solely rely on free-to-play blackjack for their training. Playing real-money games would also be beneficial.


We hope this article has been informative & helpful towards your development as a  live blackjack player. While our suggestions are beneficial, it is important to recognise that losses are inevitable. Obviously, you won’t experience a continuous winning streak, as this is impossible within any gambling setting.

However, despite that, the suggestions we have provided should assist in accelerating your capability to win, and that should result in profitable withdrawals over time. As such, register an account with W88 Malaysia to receive the RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus, as that bonus is a great starting point that will increase the likelihood of profitable withdrawals.

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