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Why should you choose W88 after M88 left Malaysia?


It is an undebatable fact that 2020 is one of the most different years in this century. Other than the big news we have been following every day in the newspaper, there was another big shut-down in the online gambling industry that deserves our attention.  M88 – one of the most popular operators in Asia – has withdrawn its service from Malaysia since May 2020


To all Malaysian online casino lovers, the news might have shocked them like a thunderbolt that made your world spun. But behind the cloud, we can see a silver lining: W88 is a more trustworthy gambling site to play at.
By putting the two big brands into a head-to-head comparison, we are going to see why.

What happened to M88 in Malaysia?

M88 Malaysia

M88 (Mansion88) has been a dominating online casino site in Asia for over a decade. Its service has extended to China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia.
However, the betting site dedicated most of its resources to the players from the first three markets, and eventually decided to leave Malaysia and Cambodia – the two markets that they had regarded as “small fish in the pond”. Being a responsible online betting operator, M88 announced the sad news in advance and had given sufficient time for players to withdraw their funds from wallets.

What makes W88 a better alternative?

Similar to W88, M88 is a Philippine-licensed online casino and Asian-facing.
What makes a real difference is that the big M has never really put a lot of effort, like W88 does, to serve the Malaysian players.

Better Payment Options for Malaysians

In the former M88 Malaysian site, players had a very limited option to make deposits that MYR players only had access to bank transfers. The withdrawal had been worse – Players had to withdraw in other currencies and converted back to MYR.
Malaysian players could access a little more payment options by using other currencies. But they would suffer a loss in currency conversion fee and rate loss.

In contrast, W88 offers a wide range of payment options for Malaysian players – from the classic bank transfer to the modern payment gateways like Quickpay and Wepay. The payment time is quick and MYR is accepted. Most importantly, no currency exchange fees are slipped into middlemen’s’ pockets.

Good Reputation in Malaysia

W88, despite being an active gambling site since 2013, has never gotten involved with illegal and scammy betting agents.
The brand has maintained a good reputation and positive image in the market through the means of ethical marketing campaigns and well-rounded services to Malaysian players, W88 has slowly risen to the top place in Malaysia and the surrounding regions.


Over the years, W88 has established a strong presence in Malaysia and the whole of Asia. Although there are still a number of rising stars in the online gambling market in Malaysia, W88 has remained the top brand not by luck, but its consistent effort of bettering its services and products while maintaining integrity.
If you happen to look for a change after the closure of M88 Malaysia or be a newbie to the online betting pool, then W88 is undoubtedly a better choice for you to pick up your old skills or kill the free time.

We hope you will find W88 as favorable as your odds.