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Play the Skywind Daily Cash Race – Win your share of RM 540,000



W88 Casino, one of the top-rated online casinos in Malaysia, and Skywind have come together to offer the opportunity to win your share in the Skywind Daily Cash Race with daily cash prizes totaling RM 540,000.
Taking part in this exciting opportunity is as simple as logging in to your W88 Casino account, playing and Skywind slot, and watching as you climb the leaderboard.


All players who participate have the opportunity to share in the RM 540,000 prize pool.
This consists of 350 cash prizes that will be awarded to the top 150-200 leaderboard positions.

The tournament offers two exciting races, each with their own cash prize rewards and dates for participation. The first is earning a position on the leaderboard, and the other is the chance to win one of 100 daily lucky draw cash prizes.

All you need to do is play to win!

Tournament Details


Tournament dates: September 24th through to the 23rd of October
Prize Pool: RM 12,500

Race 2 runs from the 24th, 25th, and 26th of September, and resumes on the 8th, 9th, 10th, 22nd, and 23rd of October. In order to earn a position on the leaderboard, there is a minimum required bet of RN 3.40. In addition, points will be awarded based on players’ bets and their wins over the course of the daily race. This includes earning one point for every RN 0.42 and one point for every RM 0.42 won.

Cash Prizes for Race 2:

1 RM 2085
2 RM 1250
3 RM 835
4-5 RM 420
6-10 RM 208
11-50 RM 85
51-100 RM 40
101-150 RM 20

Race 3

Tournament dates: October 1st through to the 17th of October
Prize Pool: RM 16,700

Race 3 runs from October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and resumes on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of October. The rules governing the race and the manner in which players earn points is identical to Race 2. However, there is a difference in the prize pool as it offers a total of RM 16,670 in cash prizes.

Cash Prizes for Race 3:

Total Prize Pool for Race 2: RM 16,700

1 RM 3335
2 RM 2500
3 RM 1670
4-5 RM 420
6-10 RM 165
11-50 RM 85
51-100 RM 40
101-150 RM 20

Terms and Conditions

• Each daily race tournament runs from 18:00 GMT to 17.59 GMT.
• If more than one players finish with the same score, the one who scored first will be awarded the higher cash prize.
• The maximum value of the daily lucky draw is
• All leaderboard results are in real-time
• Cash prizes will be awarded and credited within three business days after the closing of the promotion.
• The total value in the daily race lucky draw is RM 4170
• W88 retains the right to change, cancel or place this promotion on hold without notice.