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W88 Guide to Playing Super Bull


Experience pristine gameplay & first class betting when registering an account at W88 Casino, an iGaming establishment that’s provided gambling products to the Malaysian region since first opening in 2013. These products include region-specific games like Xoc Dia and Bai Cao, with these titles being known for their obscurity.

However, there are games more obscure than Xoc Dia or Bai Cao, as players can experience titles like Super Bull from Gameplay Interactive. It’s an interesting game that maintains similarities to Texas Hold’em or Blackjack, meaning that most punters should understand the betting requirements as they’re explained throughout this upcoming guide.

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Players can access Super Bull from Android, Apple, or Windows Products. Meaning that smartphones and tablets are supported alongside desktops & laptops. It’s recommended that before players access Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull, they first register an account with W88 Casino. This will enable punters to acquire various promotions, including:

• 100% RM150 Welcome Bonus for W88 Live Casino.
• 100% RM600 Welcome Bonus for Slots.
• W88’s 20% RM600 Welcome Bonus

Additional information regarding the betting requirements and payout combinations in Super Bull are provided below. Interested players are recommended to continue reading.

Rules for Betting in Super Bull

As previously described, Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull is similar to Texas Hold’em or Blackjack and is found under the W88 Games tab. Therefore, understanding the betting requirements shouldn’t be difficult for familiar players. For instance, players compare their hands with the dealer to determine who has the highest cards. Whoever maintains the highest card will trigger a payout with a 1x to 3x multiplier. Additional information on the betting requirements is provided below.

• Five cards are distributed to players. These cards are split between the right and left hands.
• Right hands can maintain any value, while left hands are valued at multiples of ten.
• Cards are compared by the dealer and player. Whoever has the highest-ranking hand wins.

Understanding the ranking of hands requires additional knowledge on the payout combinations. Some players could be unfamiliar with the Bull 8-9 or Bull 1-7 payouts. It’s recommended that readers educate themselves on the payout combinations in Super Bull before wagering for the first time.

Payouts in Super Bull

10+ Payouts are supported in Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull. It isn’t difficult to understand these payout combinations, as there are similarities to Blackjack. Despite that, unfamiliar players could maintain a learning curve when educating themselves on the payout combinations in Super Bull. Therefore, explanations are outlined below for interested readers.

• Bull-Bull: Players must have a King, Queen, Joker, or Ten in their hand to trigger this winning combination. Bull-Bull is considered the highest-ranking hand in Super Bull. As such, payouts are worth 3x the valuation of wagers.

• Bull 8-9: Prizes are doubled when players trigger the Bull 8-9 Combination. It’s required that players have the eight or nine card’s appear to trigger this hand.

• Bull 1-7: Wagers are returned to players that activate the Bull 1-7 Combination. That’s because payouts are listed at x1 the value of wagers. It’s required that players have the one to seven cards in their hand to activate this payout.

Players want to avoid losing their bankroll when playing Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull. Unfortunately, sometimes these losses cannot be avoided as No Bull’s are activated. These are the equivalent of an immediate loss, as punters wouldn’t have any valuable cards in their hands compared to the dealer. Therefore, it’s recommended that players account for potential losses in their bankroll when first depositing into W88 Casino. This is considered safe & responsible gambling.

Card Ranking

Poker Cards in Super Bull are ranked from highest to lowest with the standard 52-Card Deck. This means the King is ranked highest, and Ace ranked lowest. The total rankings are as follows: King, Queen, Joker, Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, and Ace.

Players maintaining the same card number as dealers, or their fellow competitor are required to compare their hand to the suit. The suits are ranked by highest to lowest. Meaning Spade, Heart, Club, and Diamond.

Accessing Super Bull at W88

Players shouldn’t need longer than one minute to locate Super Bull at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. All that’s required is to select the W88 Homepage and click on P2P Games. From here, they’ll be able to locate Super Bull from Gameplay Interactive. It’s emphasized that real-money wagers cannot be placed on this game until players have registered an account at W88 Casino. Fortunately, demo modes are supported for temporary playthroughs.

Readers will locate a three-step guide to accessing Super Bull at W88 Casino. Follow this guide and the links we’ve provided to access Super Bull while also registering an account with W88 Casino & Sportsbook.

• Step 1: Visit W88 and Select Super Bull Under P2P Games
• Step 2: Select your Preferred Table at 1 Coin or 15 Coins.
• Step 3: Start Betting by selecting anyone from 1 Coin to 3 Coins per round.

As previously suggested, players are recommended to play Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull on their iPhone or Android Smartphone. This will allow consumers to maintain a superior experience, as the graphics appear better on smartphones. Punters could experience outdated graphics when using a 4K Monitor that’s 20+ Inches in Size. Either way, Super Bull guarantees exciting gameplay for it’s competitors.


The obscurity surrounding Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull is what makes the game so exciting, and even though it shares similarities with Blackjack and Poker, players should find that Super Bull is unique. We recommended that anyone interested in W88’s Super Bull register an account today and receive the RM600 20% Welcome Bonus.

You won’t be disappointed by the experience gained with Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull. Moreover, hundreds of additional games are provided at W88. So, why not experience endless hours of entertainment for yourself? Sign up today!

W88 Malaysia
100% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600