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5 Strategies For Casino War at W88


W88 Casino and Gameplay Interactive have partnered together to launch numerous gambling products, including Casino War. This isn’t surprising considering the demand for Casino War has skyrocketed in recent years, with nations like Indonesia and Malaysia adopting this game as their own. This prompted gambling institutions like W88 to collaborate with international developers, including Gameplay Interactive and Evolution Gaming.

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The popularity surrounding Casino War derives from the titles straightforward & simplistic gameplay, meaning most punters can experience this gambling product without concern of becoming confused. It’s recommended that punters form an innovative betting strategy that focuses on the acquisition of payouts in Casino War. For those looking to develop this betting strategy, five suggestions have been provided below. These suggestions should assist punters in their quest for payouts.

Creating an Account at W88 Casino

Payouts cannot be acquired without an account at W88 Casino. Therefore, withdrawing prizes isn’t possible without first registering. This means punters must highlight information regarding their citizenship in Malaysia. For instance, providing your name and address is required. Players must also select their preferred banking option with W88. We recommend selecting Maybank or CIMB, as these banking institutions are governed by financial authorities in Malaysia.

Five Suggestions for Playing Casino War at W88

We have provided our readers with five suggestions that are meant to accelerate their betting strategy and bankroll. It isn’t required that punters implement these suggestions into their strategies. But, payout margins can be substantially higher when prioritizing these suggestions. For instance, focusing on the aces while placing small wagers could result in unexpected payouts at exponential value. To acquire those payouts, follow these suggestions.

• Avoid the Side Bet – Limited opportunities exist for players triggering the side bet. As such, losses are regularly sustained when punters implement a side wager. These individuals are tempted by the 10:1 Odds, but the likelihood of winning this hand is limited. It’s estimated that punters have a 7.4% chance at triggering the side bet.

• Don’t Surrender – Players are provided two betting options in Casino War. Those options include Go to War and Surrender. We recommend punters avoid the option of surrendering, as the house maintains a superior chance at winning. That’s because the surrendering option maintains a 3.7% House Edge. However, punters compete against a 2.8% House Edge when selecting the Go to War option.

• Focus on Aces – The Ace is positioned as Casino War’s highest ranking card. Therefore, punters want to focus on collecting the Ace in their hand. This could result in immediate wins against other players and the dealer. However, it’s recommended that punters master their betting strategy before prioritizing the Ace, as this will allow players to maximize their payout potential when finally acquiring the Ace.

• Small Wagers – It’s recommended that untrained players wager smaller amounts to conserve their bankroll and avoid losses. Moreover, we suggest that players avoid going over budget when competing. Make sure to remain within the budget you’ve set for yourself, as financial discrepancies cannot be avoided otherwise.

• Walk Away – There are instances where punters are sustaining continued losses. Under that impression, we recommend players know when to walk away. It’s best to leave the table before your entire bankroll has been depleted. After you’ve regained yourself, returning to the table is possible. Sometimes, everyone needs a little break from playing. This is the best suggestion we could give our readers.

Promotions at W88 Casino & Sportsbook

Players aren’t limited to competing with the money they’ve deposited into W88 Casino, as promotions are available for veteran players & new members. We recommended that new players inquire about the RM600 20% Welcome Bonus, as this promotion applies to nearly every game at W88 Casino. You can prioritize the funds earned throughout this bonus to Gameplay Interactive’s Casino War. For additional information on these promotions, look below:

• RM600 100% Slots Welcome Bonus
• RM150 100% Live Casino Welcome Bonus
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Any W88 promotion acquired by players should be reviewed, meaning that punters should advise the Terms & Conditions to learn about any unsuitable regulations. In most cases, promotions at W88 Casino aren’t unreasonable. The regulations are reasonable and uncomplicated, which allows most punters to overcome the wagering requirements. Either way, we encourage our readers to read over the Terms & Conditions for their gaming safety.


Congratulations on completing our training guide into Gameplay Interactive’s Casino War. Our readers should maintain the knowledge needed to formulate their respective betting strategies for Casino War. However, additional training is supported with the free-play version of Casino War. Anyone requiring additional assistance with the development of their betting strategy are recommended to utilize the free-play version, as financial costs associated with learning this game are alleviated.

After you’ve mastered the betting requirements involved with Casino War, players are encouraged to register an account with W88 Malaysia. This betting establishment maintains hundreds of gambling products, including numerous video slots from prominent developers like Microgaming and Yggdrasil.

There’s also a W88 Online Sportsbook and Live Casino, meaning punters can play against like-minded players or real-life dealers. This makes for exciting gameplay opportunities that are shouldn’t be missed. So, what are you waiting for? Register an account today with W88 Casino and receive your 20% Welcome Bonus.

W88 Malaysia
20% Welcome Bonus UP TO RM 600