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W88 Aztec Summer – Win your share of 760,000 MYR


 aztec summer - w88W88 is partnering with Pragmatic Play for its Aztec Summer promotion, one its most lucrative promotions in months. This promotional tournament is a fantastic offering as it features a prize pool worth a staggering 760,000 MYR. Taking place from the 29th to September 2nd, this tournament is available on a variety of exciting Pragmatic Play slots. Moreover, there are five weeks of competition, and that means a huge number of opportunities to win.

As this promotion features a weekly slot tournament and daily cash drops, players wishing to qualify will need to play Pragmatic Play slots during the following promotional dates:

• Tournament 1: July 29th to August 5th, 2021
• Tournament 2: August 5th to August 12th, 2021
• Tournament 3: August 12th to August 19th, 2021
• Tournament 4: August 19th to August 26th, 2021
• Tournament 5: August 26th to September 2nd, 2021

The minimum bet for qualify for the Aztec Summer slot tournaments is 1.5 MYR, and the same applies for eligibility for the daily cash drops. While members are free to wager as much as they like, the maximum bet for this promotion is 20 MYR. Bets succeeding this amount will be capped based on the max bet.

Each week, members participating in the weekly slot tournament will have the opportunity to win one of the following prizes. These are based on their position within the leaderboard:

• 1st: 4,000 MYR
• 2nd: 3,200 MYR
• 3rd: 2,000 MYR
• 4 – 5th: 1,200 MYR
• 6 – 10th: 720 MYR
• 11 – 30th: 400 MYR
• 31 – 50th: 240 MYR
• 51 – 100th: 160 MYR
• 101 – 500th: 40 MYR
• 501 – 1500th: 20 MYR

During the same promotional periods, every qualifying member has the chance at winning a random cash drop. As this promotion features daily cash drops, they will be disbursed based on the following prize table:

• 2 winners of 550,000 MYR
• 3 winners of 440,000 MYR
• 5 winners of 330,000 MYR
• 10 winners of 110,000 MYR
• 50 winners of 55,000 MYR
• 50 winners of 44,000 MYR
• 80 winners of 27,500 MYR
• 300 winners of 11,000 MYR
• 600 winners of 8,250 MYR
• 900 winners of 2,750 MYR

Slot Tournament Terms & Conditions

• General terms & conditions are in effect for the duration of this promotion.
• Tournament winners are determined based on the highest total bet amount.
• Leaderboards are viewable within each qualifying Pragmatic Slot.
• Winnings are immediately paid to members and available for withdrawal.
• W88 Casino can suspend, amend, or cancel this promotion without previously informing registered members.
• If two players achieve an identical score, the player achieving the result first will be deemed the winner.

Daily Cash Drops Multiplier Terms & Conditions

• Multipliers cash drops are randomly awarded.
• Cash drop prizes are based on the staked wager.
• The maximum win amount is capped at MYR 20,000.
• There is a maximum of 2000 weekly cash drops available per week.
• The maximum value of the weekly cash drops is 80,000 MYR.
• Cash drops are immediately added to member accounts.


Tournaments are the hidden speciality of W88 Casino. This brand is constantly offering its members exciting competitions like Pragmatic Play’s Aztec Summer. With so many opportunities to win at W88, the increase in promotions only exemplifies their commitment to player appreciation. Moreover, with welcome bonuses and frequent promotions for sports and other betting platforms, punters registering with W88 have a substantial array of opportunities they can avail.

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