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W88 Gameplay Interactive Slot Mania – Win your share of 40,000 MYR

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Enthusiasm at W88 is at an all-time high, and existing punters from Malaysia are in for a treat with the W88 Gameplay Interactive Slot Mania promotion. Thanks to W88’s partnership with Gameplay Interactive, members have the opportunity to participate in four weekly slot tournaments and win their share of its 40,000 MYR prize pool.

Each week, there are 30 cash prizes that can be won, ranging from 100 MYR to a top prize worth as much as 16,000 MYR. As this promotion runs over the course of four weeks, each tournament will feature different qualifying games and cash prizes. All that is needed to enter the tournaments is to login, deposit and play any of the qualifying games.

Tournament 1
Date: August 1st to August 8th, 2021

This is the first of the weekly Slot Mania tournaments. To enter, simply play Steampunk Bandits, Blossom Garden, or Lucky Bomber, and you will be eligible to win one of the following 50 weekly prizes:

• 1st Prize: 1,280.00 MYR
• 2nd Prize: 800.00 MYR
• 3rd Prize: 400MYR
• 4th Prize: 320 MYR
• 5th – 10th Prize: 200 MYR
• 11th – 30th Prize: 100 MYR

Tournament 2
Date: August 9tth to August 15th, 2021

The second tournament runs through to August 125th and includes Angry Bees, Double Greatness, and Sacred Class as its qualifying slots. Like the first tourney, it includes 50 cash prizes, which will pay based on the following leaderboard positions.

• 1st Prize: 1,280.00 MYR
• 2nd Prize: 800.00 MYR
• 3rd Prize: 400MYR
• 4th Prize: 320 MYR
• 5th – 10th Prize: 200 MYR
• 11th – 30th Prize: 100 MYR

Tournament 3
Date: August 16th to August 22nd, 2021

The qualifying video slots for the 3rd week of the Gameplay Interactive slot tournament include Alpha and the Red Hood, Blossom Garden, Double Greatness, Double Nations, Sacred Clash, and Steampunk. This tournament also features an attractive prize pool with the first winning a very respectable 16,000 MYR. As for the remaining prizes, they include:

• 1st Prize: 16,000 MYR
• 2nd Prize: 1,000 MYR
• 3rd Prize: 600 MYR
• 4th Prize: 342.86 MYR
• 5th – 10th Prize: 200 MYR
• 11th – 30th Prize: 800 MYR

Tournament 4
Date: August 23rd to August 31st, 2021

The final tournament also features a variety of qualifying Gameplay interactive slots. These include Angry Bees, Alpha the Red Hood, Double Nation, Sacred Clash, Steampunk Bandit, and Phantom Thief. As for the top 50 finishers, they will receive the following:

• 1st Prize: 2,352 MYR
• 2nd Prize: 1,152 MYR
• 3rd Prize: 752 MYR
• 4th Prize: 392 MYR
• 5th – 10th Prize: 280 MYR
• 11th – 30th Prize: 140 MYR

The Raffle Prize

As the conclusion of the weekly Slot Mani tournament, qualifying W88 Malaysia members will have the chance to participate in a raffle prize. In order to win a raffle ticket, you must have participated in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tournaments. Those who are eligible will be entered into the draw will win one of 50 raffle prizes worth 4,000 MYR in total.

Terms & Conditions

• Only real money wagers are accepted for this promotional tournament.
• Members wagering in MYR will receive 4 points for every $1 USD staked.
• Placement on the leaderboard is only possible after earning 50 or more points.
• Leaderboards display Rank, Username, and total points earned and are updated daily.
• Prize payouts are credited to member accounts within72 hours.
• W88 Casino can eliminate this tournament without previously notifying players.
• The generalized terms & conditions at W88 Casino apply to this tournament.


Gameplay Interactive is a superior software developer that’s flourished in Malaysia. They offer a fantastic collection of games that are sure to please Malaysians playing at W88. Moreover, they include unique promotions such as Slot Mania. Add that to the generous bonuses available at W88 Malaysia and you have a winning combination!

Register today, win today!

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