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W88 Mid-Autumn Festival – Win your share of 40,000 MYR!

W88 Casino has remained an iconic brand throughout Malaysia since establishing its betting services in 2013. Over the last eight years, W88 has become infamous for offering promotions & tournaments that offer members an enhanced experience while playing their favourite games.

One such promotion that is sure to generate the competitive spirit amongst W88 Malaysia members is the Mid-Autumn Festive. Sponsored by GPI, it offers 4that opportunity to win cash prizes ranging from 100 MYR to as much as 16,000 MYR.

With over 40 000 MYR up for grams, signing up for this tournament is as easy as logging in via the desktop site, mobile site, or any of the mobile apps. If new to W88, it only takes two minutes to register a W88 account and even less to make a deposit.

As for the tournament structure, the Mid-autumn Festival features four tournaments. Each tournament offers between thirty and fifty cash prizes and features a different selection of qualifying games. Of course, as this is a real-money competition, there are some terms to follow. However, for now, let’s check out the prizes each tournament has up for grabs!

Tournament One
Date: September 1st to September 6th, 2021
Qualifying Games: Steampunk Bandits, Sacred Clash Captain Rabbit and Alpha and the Red Hood.

• 1st Prize: 1,280
• 2nd Prize: 800
• 3rd Prize: 400
• 4th Prize: 320
• 5th – 10th Prize: 200
• 11th – 30th Prize: 100

Tournament Two
Date: September 7th to September 13th, 2021
Qualifying Games: Moon Rabbit, Lunar legend, Wu Xia princess, Three beauties and Double greatness.

• 1st Prize: 1,280
• 2nd Prize: 800
• 3rd Prize: 400
• 4th Prize: 320
• 5th – 10th Prize: 200
• 11th – 30th Prize: 100

Tournament Three
Date: September 14th to September 19th, 2021
Qualifying Games: Nuwa and the five elements, Moon rabbit, Lunar legend, Magic Paper and Wu Xia princess.

• 1st Prize: 16,000
• 2nd Prize: 1,000
• 3rd Prize: 600
• 4th – 11th Prize: 342.86
• 11th – 20th Prize: 200
• 21st – 50th Prize: 800

Tournament Four
Date: September 14th to September 19th, 2021
Qualifying Games: All GPI slots

• 1st Prize: 3,252
• 2nd Prize: 2,352
• 3rd Prize: 1552
• 4th – 11th Prize: 507.43
• 11th – 20th Prize: 279.2
• 21st – 50th Prize: 140

Terms & Conditions

• The winners of each weekly tournament are based on their leaderboard rank.
• Mid-Autumn leaderboards are updated in real-time and include usernames and points.
• All prizes awarded during the Mid-Autumn tournament are credited within 72 hours.
• In order to earn a leaderboard position, players must accumulate 50 or more points.
• Points are awarded at a rate of one point per 4MYR staked.
• Standard terms & conditions made are applied to the W88 GPI Mid-Autumn Tournament.


There are numerous benefits awarded to those who enter and compete in the W88 Autumn Tournament. Along with creating memorable experiences and the convenience of betting using the MYR currency, players will have access to an incredible selection of highly interactive and enjoyable Gameplay Interactives video slots

So not jump straight into the action and register with W88 today. Not only will you be able to activate a welcome bonus, but you will be able to enter, compete and possibly win one of the many prizes offered in the Mid-Autumn Festival promotion.

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