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How to Play Dragon Tiger at W88


The Malaysian iGaming Industry has grown exponentially within the last twenty years as numerous casinos have entered the marketplace. However, none have performed better than W88 Casino. This is because hundreds of gambling products have been incorporated into a single catalogue of games at W88, with Dragon Tiger being included. Additionally, registered members can interact with the W88 Sportsbook & W88 Live Casino. Therefore, never-ending entertainment is provided to the consumer.

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Despite the continuous entertainment value at W88 Malaysia, we are focusing this article on Dragon Tiger, as it’s become a prominent game throughout the region. This isn’t surprising when considering that Dragon Tiger originates from Cambodia, a neighbouring country to Malaysia.

However, what do newcomers need to know when playing this game? More than you’d expect, even though this game is considered straightforward & simplistic, there are still things that new players need to understand. For instance, how is Dragon Tiger accessed at W88 Casino? We will answer these questions and plenty more within this article. As such, interested readers should continue onwards.

Steps to Playing Dragon Tiger at W88 Malaysia

• Step One – Go to the W88 Casino to begin playing Dragon Tiger at W88 Malaysia. Here, registered members will notice an assortment of accessible games. Dragon Tiger can be located in the Games Category and Live Casino at W88 Casino.

• Step Two – Register & Login: After locating your preferred version of Dragon Tiger, players will be prompted to log in to their account. If you haven’t created an account, registering one is required. It’s specified by W88 Casino that depositing a minimum of RM30 is required to experience Dragon Tiger.

• Step Three – Select a Wager: Completing the registration & depositing requirements allow players to participate in Live Dragon Tiger. These individuals must select their preferred wager, with RM5 being the minimum bet. After you have placed your wager, gameplay rounds will begin.

Rules to Understand with Dragon Tiger

Understanding the rules & regulations associated with Dragon Tiger is essential to competing for payouts. Therefore, explanations have been provided below on the hands & payouts used within Dragon Tiger.

For instance, players have the main objective of predicting hands with the higher card value and then betting on those hands. If players have guessed correctly, they’ll trigger a payout. However, what winning hands are found in Dragon Tiger? And what’s the payout value? All that is answered below.

Dragon Tiger Hands

Straightforward & simplistic gameplay is offered through Dragon Tiger, as punters wager on the correct suit of carded hands. There’s a Dragon Suit and Tiger Suit associated with these cards, with players required to guess which suit will appear within the next hand. It’s possible that both the Dragon and Tiger Suits will appear collectively in one hand, which prompts a tied payout. As such, players can implement the following wagers in Dragon Tiger:

• Dragon
• Tiger
• Tie

W88 Dragon Tiger Bets & Payouts

Unfortunately, implementing these hands can become somewhat complicated when implementing the side wagers. We have mentioned the main bets you’ll implement throughout Dragon Tiger. However, additional bets can be implemented in the form of:

• Tiger
• Dragon
• Tiger Odd
• Tiger Even
• Dragon Odd
• Dragon Even

Dragon & Tiger Suits are listed by numbered cards. This is where the Even and Odd Bets come into effect, as punters must determine if the upcoming hand will have numbered positions in the Even or Odd classification. Either way, payouts distributed from these side bets are equal to the main bets. As Dragon Tiger will payout 1:1 on any winning hands., profit margins are frequent, even if less than other table games if your prediction are correct.

Six Dragon Tiger Tricks for 2022

Professional gamblers have compiled numerous suggestions for newcomers to implement in their betting adventures with Dragon Tiger. For instance, watching the dealer is essential to competing in Live Dragon Tiger. These individuals have mastered Dragon Tiger, and newcomers can learn critical details about the game while watching dealers.

It’s also suggested that recently registered members at W88 Casino keep track of the betting round results. This will allow them to locate unexpected patterns within the Dragon & Tiger Suits, meaning that players could better predict the outcome of upcoming hands.

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• Keep Track of the Budget

Dragon Tiger is ranked amongst the fastest-paced betting games. Therefore, managing your budget is required to ensure that bankrolls are managed appropriately, Therefore, it is recommended that new bettors stick to a reasonable budget and that they don’t divert from that budget under any circumstances. This will allow you to maintain control over upcoming betting rounds as financial pressures associated with betting are eliminated. We suggest a budget of RM500 when participating in Live Dragon Tiger.

• Dragon & Tigers Bets are Best

New players aren’t recommended to wager Side Bets when playing Dragon Tiger, as betting strategies aren’t required with this game. You cannot count cards & you cannot fool the dealer. This means punters must concern themselves exclusively with the 3.73% house edge at W88 Casino, and that’s where the Dragon or Tiger Hands are best. These wagers have the lowest house edge, meaning punters have an increased opportunity to trigger high-valued payouts.

• Betting Systems Don’t Work

As previously mentioned, betting strategies aren’t required for Live Dragon Tiger at W88 Malaysia. This game is straightforward & simplistic, with the betting mechanics focusing on a game of chance. As such, punters can exclusively make predictions based on previous betting rounds & good fortune. We recommend that readers avoid any websites making claims they have found the perfect betting system for Dragon Tiger. They are over-exaggerating.

• W88 50% Dragon Tiger Rescue Fund

Our suggestions end with the W88 50% Dragon Tiger Rescue Fund. This promotion is exclusively designed for Dragon Tiger, with members receiving 50% back of their losses. However, the terms & conditions associated with this promotion stipulate that punters are limited to RM50 back in losses. Regardless, this promotion is beneficial and can positively affect your bankroll.


Congratulations, You’ve learned about the standard requirement for Dragon Tiger. Readers now maintain the information needed to target this game with confidence. However, we recommend that players experience a demo-based version of Dragon Tiger to ensure they learn the gameplay mechanics without complication. Either way, we hope this article has been informative and educational.

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