Fantasy Sports at W88

Each year, the diversified W88 sportsbook offers the opportunity to create your own Premier League fantasy league team and compete for a share of over RM1,655,000. This is a guaranteed prize pool that will be paid out regardless of the number of teams entered.

UP TO RM 150

w88 fantasy sports

The prize pool features a huge number of cash prizes throughout the 20/21 season including a top prize of RM976,000 for the team that places first. In addition to its generous top prize, those finishing on the top 20 will all win at least RM12,200. However, that is just the start as there are a total of 5,659 prizes up for grabs over the course of the 33 week season.

The only thing you need to do is put your skills to the test by selecting your fantasy league team!

How to play Fantasy Sports at W88?

To play in the fantasy sports leagues at W88, there are a number of basic requirements. This first is you must build a fantasy league team by selecting from the list of players.
A total of 15 players is required and must consist of 3 forwards, 5 midfielders, 5 defenders, and 2 goalkeepers. In addition, you may only select a maximum of three Premier League team players.

Fantasy premier league

Each player has a specific value it will cost you should you opt for that particular player to be on your team. It is important to choose carefully as you only have a budget of 100 million to use while selecting your players.

During the first week of the season, you are welcome to make unlimited changes to your team of 15 players. However, thereafter you make only one change a week, and you will be required to nominate a weekly captain that if they score, will earn double points.
Lastly, each week a free transfer will be awarded, and there are two wild cards awarded, one for the first half of the season, one for the second. Wild cards can be used to make unlimited transfers.

Scoring Rules for Fantasy Sports at W88

In order to advance within the leagues, you are active within, you need to score points.
There are 16 different ways to earn points over the season, and there are always eights ways points can be deducted. The more points you earn, the higher you will place within the standings.
To earn points, the players you have chosen will award you a point based on any of the following:

  • Playing up to 60 minutes
  • Playing over 60 minutes
  • Attacker or Midfielder plays the full match
  • A goalkeeper scores
  • A defender scores
  • A midfielder scores
  • A forward scores
  • Goalkeeper gets a clean sheet
  • Defender gets a clean sheet
  • Midfielder gets a clean sheet
  • Goalkeeper makes a save
  • Goalkeeper stops a penalty kick
  • Assist or Fantasy Assist
  • Defender or goalkeeper concede two goals
  • Goalkeeper misses a penalty kick
  • Team wins period while player on the pitch

Point Deductions:

  • Player gets a score an own goal
  • Player gets a Yellow card
  • Player gets a Red card
  • Player is the result of a penalty
  • Team loses while player on the pitch
  • Player causes freekick

Different Fantasy Sports Leagues at W88

W88 is featuring a variety of different Fantasy Sports leagues you can select from. This includes leagues for European soccer, football, basketball, tennis, the ESL, hockey, cricket, the MMA and motorsports.

Fantasy sports

Each league offers you the ability to view live results, review and overview of your league standing and see a list of upcoming games for the leagues you are participating within.
In addition, the control panel allows you to view past results, and to help with strategizing for future games, a detailed history of all past games or matches.

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