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A New Player’s Guide to Playing Online Slots at W88 Casino


Online gambling in Southeast Asia has grown into an expansive industry, with billions being spent every year by consumers in Indonesia and Malaysia. This has prompted establishments like W88 Casino to provide an extensive catalogue of games to cater to the growing demand for high-quality online entertainment.

As such, hundreds of video slots & classic slots have been introduced by W88 Casino, and that leaves inexperienced punters overwhelmed by the numerous options available at W88 Malaysia. As a result, to help punters decide whether they should play a progressive W88 slot over a classic or video slot, we have created a new play6ers guide to playing online slots at W88 Casino.

Classic Slots

Online casinos thrived off the innovation of classic slots. Decades ago, these were considered the most popular game. The design maintained straightforward mechanics by having three corresponding symbols fall into position on the middle payline. The only variance to this type of slot is the use of wild symbols, which can double as a multiplier.

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Video Slots

Video slots are built off the original success of classic slot machines. However, improvements were made by making these games more accessible and introducing new features like free Spins and wild symbols to improve the overall entertainment value they produce. Even better, payout prizes are typically higher with a video slot than in a classic, which has seen video slots dominate its predecessor.

While playing a video slot guarantees players an immersive experience, it’s important to remember that video slots are far more complex than classic slots. This means that as a player, there is more to understand about how slot mechanics & what they include in so far as paylines, slot symbols, wild, scatter and bonus symbols. Together, we will walk through everything you need to know about video slots at W88.


Video slots are categorized by the payline structure, and in most circumstances, they offer between 9 and 25 paylines, although modern-day video slots tend to offer 246 to an unlimited number of ways to win.

Ideally, video slots with unlimited ways to win tend to produce an increased number of payouts and have the potential to have a dramatic impact on a player’s bankroll as the bet amounts are minimal for optimal reward potential.

How many paylines should you bet on?

Ultimately, the number of paylines you bet on is based on your personal preference and the amount you want to stake. If your preference is to bet less, betting on fewer paylines is suitable, but if you prefer to cover all payline possibilities, betting on every payline is the way to go. What you essentially need to factor into the equations is your budget, and what you are comfortable betting, once determined, the rest will fall into place.

Another determining factor to consider is the bonus features and how they relate to your personal betting strategy. Ultimately, by betting on fewer paylines, you are at risk of missing out wins on paylines that you haven’t activated. Considering these features are essential for the overall experience & acquisition of payouts, you should consider the benefits they offer before deciding how many paylines you want to activate.

Wild Symbols:

This feature is considered a standard for most video slots and will be designed differently based on the slot in question. However, the feature will always work the same and function as an identical symbol that those it matches on an activated payline.

Scatter Symbols:

This feature is awarded at random and does not need to connect on an active payline as scatter pays can appear anywhere. As a feature, it awards payouts based on the number of scatters appearing across the reels and can activate additional game features like free spins or bonus games.


Multipliers are almost as common as wild symbols and, simply put, multiple wins when appearing in a winning combination. Depending on the game, this can be a significant feature as multiples can join together to produce substantial wins.

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How to Place a Bet on a Video Slot at W88

As previously mentioned, wagering with an online slot at W88 Casino is dependent on the player & their selection over the paylines. But there are other factors to consider, like the variation of coin sizes, how much you can wager, and what is the minimum bet allowed? These are questions players must answer before placing a bet on a video slot at W88.

In most cases, punters can wager the minimum of MYR 0.5, but that amount can be increased to MYR500 or more. It all depends on the game you have chosen! The good news is that players typically have control over how much can be wagered before spinning the reels. Therefore, it is recommended that before wagering for the first time, bettors preview the different betting limits and select an amount that is based on the following considerations:

Hit Frequency

Most newcomers don’t know that video slots have a hit frequency. This frequency is based on the frequency the game payouts, with averages being dependent on the slot’s variance. What is most to remember is the hit frequency will fluctuate, and decisions should lean more towards a slots return to player payout.

Return to Player Payout

The RTP percentage is an essential component that should not be overlooked as it determines the amount returned to players based on the amounts they bet. In most circumstances, the average RTP for a modern-day online slot at W88 Malaysia is 94% or higher. This means the house advantage for video slots at W88 Casino is less than 10%, and that means that over time, a player will win back 94% of the amount bet.

Understanding the Basics

Now that you have learned the basics about playing online slots at W8, you will need to create an account in order to apply what you have learned. In doing so, you will unlock multiple welcome bonus opportunities that you can use to play low-to-medium variance slots before moving onwards onto the riskier high variance slots.