5 Tips and Tricks to Help You Play Keno like a Pro


As the game of Keno is known for relying on random number generators, many consider it a “Risk for Reward” themed game that doesn’t offer any real strategic advantages that increase wins. However, there are tips & tricks one can use while playing W88 games like Keno to improve their experience and hopefully improve their overall win percentages.

Ultimately, the general guidelines we highlight below can benefit those new to playing Keno, and for those experienced with the game, it may be the tips you are looking to help improve your game and boost your winning average.

1. Choose 4 – 8 Numbers

Depending on the keno game being played, you can choose to bet on as many as 20 numbers. The question is how many numbers you should bet on and what is the right balance to improve your odds of winning. Taking this into consideration, your odds improve when betting on 4 to 8 numbers as the average payouts for 4 to 8 numbers increase dramatically, whereby betting on more than eight numbers reduces the odds dramatically.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Rules of Keno

Understanding the rules associated with online Keno is always a smart move, regardless of if you are familiar with most versions of the game. By familiarizing yourself with the rules, you will understand how each betting round works and understand how the game is played. Failure to familiarize yourself could result in a misplaced bet and potentially a less favourable ending. One way to avoid this is to play Keno for free at W88 as it allows you to plan ahead and make a significant difference towards the outcome of your bankroll down the road.

3. Start by Playing Small Stakes

Understanding the rules for online Keno doesn’t guarantee a profitable experience. The reality is that there are other factors to consider, like the betting limits. Whenever playing Keno, a wise strategy is to start by playing small stakes. This allows you to extend the value and time of your bankrolls, and once you have developed an effective betting strategy, you can then place higher wagers if your bankroll is sufficient that doing so is affordable.

4. Watch Friends Play Keno ay W88

While it is not common for friends to share their secrets while playing Keno online,, and if lucky, they may reveal a few tips & tricks or, at a minimum, have a few suggestions on how you can improve your time spent playing Keno. Ultimately, you could gain some insight that could significantly increase your bankroll, but as we previously said, online Keno is all about risk for reward, so budget accordingly.

5. Play with Trustworthy Brands like W88 Casino

If Keno is your game of choice, you have a wide range of online betting sites you can avail to play the game you lose. However, W88 Malaysia is rated among the most trusted betting sites online due to their diverse selection of Keno games. Moreover, promotions are regularly available for Keno and other games like slots and table games. If you are going to play Keno online, we recommend you play with trustworthy brands like W88.

Use Keno Promotions to Your Advantage

As previously mentioned, W88 Malaysia has a reputation for offering no end of exciting bonuses and promotions to their registered players. This includes an up to RM600 welcome bonus and a 0.4% instant cash rebate for Keno. By using either of the two promotions together, you will be able to increase your odds and extend your playing time. However, remember always to read the terms and conditions as all bonuses as W88 have will come with terms that relate to how bonuses are activated and which games the bonuses are applicable for use.


Ultimately, while we appreciate our tips and tricks for helping you play Keno like a pro are minimal, we know they work and will help you make better decisions. Remember, the point of playing Keno is not how you bet, it is having fun. Therefore, regardless of the tips and tricks, we have mentioned above, make sure to have fun, celebrate your wins and when you are up, take a moment to smile and put aside your winnings for a rainy day.