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2020/21 Champions League Odds and Predictions – RB Leipzig vs Liverpool


RB Leipzig vs Liverpool

When: February 17, 2021
Stadium: Red Bull Arena, Liverpool

As the Champion League continues moving forward with the 2020/2021 season, RB Leipzig is hoping to continue its push forward and claim victory over Liverpool. With the league down to the final 16, every match counts, even more so when facing one of England’s top clubs.

In terms of pitting the two against each other, they are tied with three wins each out of the six played. The problem for Leipzig is Liverpool scores more goals, and therefore that puts them at a slight advantage. However, it is evidently clear that basing odds strictly on odds is not the way to go as both squads are skilled, capable and play a different game.

At the beginning of the year, things were looking good for Leipzig, and they were on the doorstep of topping the Bundesliga after accumulating 22 points in nine matches. Yet, during the same period, Liverpool climbed into the top four and are only two points out from third.

Since the two are closely matched with Liverpool being favoured, it is best to look at the two in greater detail, even if only to get a better sense of what to expect.

RB Leipzig

Few can argue that RB Leipzig has had a successful run in the Champions League this season. They have been successful in every stage and accumulated wins over Istanbul, PSG and Man United, and suffered only a single loss in a second match against PSG. Still, it was enough to see the German club make it to the final 16.

That may be good news for fans at home, but going up against Liverpool will require they play with the hunger they displayed against Tottenham and Man Utd in December. The reality is this is a capable squad that is not intimidated when squaring off against powerhouses like Liverpool and that could give them the edge they need to focus on the game and not let the antics detour them from the moving forward.

The bottom line, RB Leipzig is an attack-minded squad, and that has resulted in some superb matches, and that is the odds are not favouring Liverpool for a victory.

Last four Champion League results for RB Leipzig:

November 4th, 2020: RB Leipzig vs PSG – 2 – 1
November 24th, 2020: PSG 1 vs RP Leipzig – 1- 0
December 2nd, 2020: Istanbul vs RP Leipzig -3 – 4
December 28th, 2020: RP Leipzig vs Man Utd – 3 – 2


The name Liverpool has always been a top club and one that can strike fear in lesser opponents. However, the 2020/21 season has been in Liverpool’s favour so far, and while they advanced to the final 16, they are going into it with two victories, one loss and one tie. The problem for Liverpool is consistency, or should we say, the lack thereof. While their forward line is on point and getting the job done, the backline drops the proverbial ball and displays weakness.

There is no doubt that this is in the minds of RB Leipzig, and likely will give an added boost in their confidence. If Liverpool is to get the job done, they will need to come together and stay in control of the ball and keep RB Leipzig from gaining the upper hand.

Last five Champion League results for Liverpool:

November 4th, 2020: Atalanta vs Liverpool – 0 – 5
November 24th, 2020: Liverpool vs Atalanta – 0 – 2
December 2nd, 2020: Liverpool vs Ajax – 1 – 0
December 28th, 2020: Midtjylland vs Liverpool – 1 – 1

RB Leipzig vs Liverpool – Where to bet

With the Champions League heading into the final 16, both Leipzig and Liverpool have faced challenges that have impacted their performance. Unfortunately, for Liverpool, its problem with consistency is a factor that oddsmakers surprisingly do not seem bothered over. They remain the favoured over Leipzig due to their overall performance and jump in the Premier League standings.

However, while the fourth year in a row that Liverpool has advanced to the final 16, inconsistency remains a problem. Moreover, if factoring in this inconsistency, it begs to question whether Liverpool will again fail to go the distance in the Champion’s League. If recent performance is any indicator, that is the likely outcome this time around as well.

The good news for Leipzig, and punters wishing to wager action on the match, is they have seen their ranking increase to 14th, both in the world ranking, continental and nationally, it jumped to 12th, while in the Bundesliga, they sit in second with 35 points. Bearing that in mind, Leipzig at a minimum will give Liverpool a run for their money, and therefore correct score or both team to score are logical are both good value bets.

There are multiple factors that need evaluating when determining where to bet, the most logical is the posted odds. When it comes to choosing a sportsbook, for us the logical choice for the best odds is W88, and while they have yet to post odds in favour of Liverpool or Leipzig, it is reasonable to believe they will follow suit and favour Liverpool.

For punters, that puts them in the position that with some strategic betting based on Liverpool’s inconsistency could prove profitable.